Taurus Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship & Traits

A helpful guide to walk you through all the important points of a Taurus Womanand her personality so you can determine if she’s a good match for you.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Taurus Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship & Traits

Taurean Women fall under the Earth element when you compare them to the four elements of Earth, water, fire, and air. This means that the Taurus Woman is a grounded individual who is firm on her beliefs, fiercely loyal to those that they love and deeply care about, and are stable and “grounded”.

She has tons of common sense and knows what she wants from life, stopping at nothing to achieve her goals. She can become a little too focused at times and other times, she can be stubborn enough to try the most patient of people but she has her pros as well. Let’s get into it.

Taurus Woman: Good Traits, Bad Traits, Love, and Sex

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The Taurus Woman is not someone who can be easily defined or fitted into one label. She displays different personality traits depending on the company she is keeping, who is around her, and what social settings she is currently in. Some will say that the Taurus Woman is the most stubborn and hardheaded person on this side of town whereas others will say they can’t imagine not having her in their life.

Her lovers will say that they never experienced such affection, such passion, and such eagerness during intimate times but those that actually have a relationship with her will say that she can be hard to handle.

It’s all about the connection she has with people in her sex life; that is the deciding factor of what side of the Taurus Woman born under the sign of the bull you will meet. Keep reading, we aren’t done yet and we have more to delve into.

Taurus Woman Personality Traits

When it comes to a Taurus Woman, some of her true personality traits are due to who she is as a person, how she was raised, and how she perceives the world as a whole but some of her traits could definitely be harkened back to her astrological sign and the stars under which she was born. A quick summary of the most common personality traits found in the Taurus Woman would include:

  • Stubborn and strong-headed (the Bull)
  • Passionate and tactile
  • Loyal and devoted
  • Patience and stoic
  • Don’t enjoy or relish changes in life, routines, etc.
  • Reliable and stable
  • Possessive
  • Distant
  • Straight to the point when it comes to debates, conversation, and opinions

Now let’s break these down into all the excellent traits that can be found in the Taurus Woman.

Taurus Woman Bad Traits

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily bad traits per se when it comes to someone’s personality but instead, it’s a matter of not having the socially acceptable personality traits.

Hates with a Passion

The Taurus Woman likes and dislikes things passionately, and has certain traits that can come across as cold and standoffish, but this is her way of protecting herself against negative energies and people she feels would be a waste of time to have in her life.

The Taurus Woman is very particular about who she lets into her life and for what purpose, meaning that some people are not going to like her because of who she is.


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The Taurus Woman can be extremely stubborn and set in her ways with a fiery temper, making it hard for her to adapt to other people and their methods. She has her methods of completing a task, she has her routine to get ready for a particular outing, and she has a system in her workplace that suits her needs and wants, and the most important thing to remember is that she doesn’t like change.

She will fight you on change and she will also deliberate until she has the final word when it comes to a debate. This is one area that people, both potential lovers/partners and friends (as well as family), can get easily irritated with. She doesn’t listen well to reason unless it jives with her theories so she has to actively work on that when entering into a new relationship of any sort.


The Taurus Woman is quite possessive when it comes to her loved ones and while that feeds into her loyal nature, sometimes she can take it a little bit too far.

Taurus Woman Good Character Traits

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When you find yourself with a Taurus Woman in your life, you find yourself someone willing to go above and beyond for you. They will gladly give you the shirt off their backs, they will defend and protect you even if you are in the wrong, and they are the best ones to go to straight-forwarded advice that doesn’t have an ounce of sugar coating on it. They will never be the ones to tell you what you want to hear but they are the perfect person to tell you what you need to know.

Grounded & Stable

She is grounded and stable in most aspects of life, thanks to her Earth affinity and energies, and she is willing to stand her ground on any issue thanks to her bull tendencies. She is the one who is braced for the storm and will nurture you in your time of need. This is where her fiery temper comes in handy because she’ll stand against the storm.


Loyal to a fault, devoted to the core – her family and friends, as well as her romantic partner, is the basis for all she does. She takes care of herself first, no doubt, but her circle is right behind. She keeps that balance in life and you can be sure, if a Taurean woman is your friend, she’s a friend for life.

Good in Bed

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The Taurus Woman is a beast in bed with a passionate nature that is always brimming under the surface, however, only the lucky ones see that come out to play. She isn’t the one to rush out for a one-night stand because she enjoys having a connection of some sort with the ones she chooses to sleep with.


Being one of the most hardworking signs, she’s financially focused and willing to do whatever it takes to complete her goals; she won’t just toss out money on a whim and pointless expenditures.

However, once her bills are paid and there is some money added to her future retirement accounts? Watch out because she loves to indulge in the finer things in life. Determined women like her set goals and go after them, even in fun.

The best part about those indulgent moments would have to be how she takes along her best friend, her family members, and/or her romantic partner for the adventure.

Taurus Woman in Love

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Being a grounded Earth element means the Taurus Woman isn’t about to jump in and out of a committed relationship and she certainly doesn’t believe in the old trope “love at first sight”. She wants to take her time and find the right romantic partner for her and even then, it can take a while before she completely opens up.

Needs More Time 

This female needs time. She wants to be comfortable in the presence of the person so don’t be surprised if she tries to keep things in the friendzone until she feels as if she knows you better. She’ll need a bit of time.

Once the Taurus Woman is interested in pursuing things further than friendship, she could back off for a bit because she is going to let her practical nature outweigh her passionate one for a moment.

Has to Weigh Things

She wants to go through the pros and cons of having a relationship with a particular person and truly debate the changes that it will bring to her life (she is resistant to change unless it thoroughly benefits her – her selfish nature at play).

After this Earth sign falls in love and moves forward with a person – they can expect to be swept off their feet. She is constantly looking out for them and treating them in little ways to show how much she cares. Her fierce loyalty will shine.

You’ll come home to your favorite meal cooked, your favorite television show loaded up and ready to hit play, and she is going to send you little texts throughout the day of how much she misses you.

Social Aspects

While she isn’t exactly a social butterfly, she isn’t a hermit either. She does enjoy nights out with her partner, but she would much rather if it was just to the two of them at home, cuddling on the couch or back patio, just soaking in each other’s presence. She wants someone to provide her with a stable and secure home to be herself in.

She doesn’t want a relationship that is flighty and prone to arguments at the slightest turn, she wants stability and maturity. She might not seem as if she has a temper but don’t play games or try to pull a fast one on her – she will not only see through that, she will unleash her legendary temper that has the markings of the Bull all over it.

Taurus Woman in Sex

Boy oh boy, this Earthy lady and sex tend to go hand in hand when you discover who this woman truly is. Contrary to what most believe, she’s a feminine sign and is a sensual woman, she is passionate, and she is the type of person who will never shy away from adventure in the bedroom. Foreplay is the best way to get her primed but if you want her to truly unleash the fiery side of her in the bedroom – you want to indulge in foreplay that lasts longer than half an hour.

Craves Touch

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You want to start by catering to her tactile nature which means lots of touching, lingering kisses, and mutual reciprocation. This appeals to her sensual nature and allows her to fully prepare for the night ahead.


Don’t ever think that the Taurus Woman will be a selfish lover either, as she is all about equal give and take in the sheets. She will gladly swap out one of her fantasies becoming reality for one of her partners and there isn’t a lot she wouldn’t try in the bedroom (and if it fails; she is always willing to try again).

Not Shy

Those that are nervous or shy will find the Taurus Woman overbearing and a lot to handle when it comes to sex. She doesn’t really enjoy having to coax her partner out of their shell but if the relationship has major potential, and she can see the passion brimming under the surface, then she will joyfully step into a guiding role.

If she thinks that it will take too much of her time and she is only interested in a fling? Then you aren’t going to be the lucky one to discover what the Taurus Woman is all about in the bedroom.

Dating a Taurus Woman

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So you are dating an independent lady like a Taurus and you aren’t sure how to navigate these new waters – well, the first thing to remember is that the Taurus Woman is sensual, she is a passionate woman, and she is loyal.

Wants Fairness

She will expect her romantic partners to treat her the same way she treats them, and she doesn’t have time for games or manipulation. This woman will melt at your feet when you show her displays of affection that don’t necessarily have an endgame to them such as a massage, brushing your hand down her arms as you walk past her, and cheek/neck kisses when out in public.

She wants and thrives on affection so if that isn’t something you are interested in? Then she isn’t going to maintain her interest in you.

Learn to Read Her

Remember as well that the Taurus Woman can come across as disinterested and distant, even folded, when she is trying to make up her mind about you as a romantic partner.

She doesn’t have time for flings unless they are on her terms which means if the Taurus Woman you’ve been speaking with suddenly goes a little bit MIA – she is debating on embarking on something deeper and more meaningful with you.

Not a Partyer

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She is looking for a partner that can enjoy and appreciate nights together in the quiet of her own home. She doesn’t need nor want to be out the clubs every single weekend, socializing and whatnot; she wants to be home, curled up with you as you watch your favorite movies, cook each other dinner, and then indulge in some old-fashioned fun (and some new tricks as well) in the sheets.

Bonus points if you start the foreplay early with her, light touches, little kisses, and essentially stroking the fire to a scorching point.

Finer Things in Life

Allow her to indulge in the finer things in life. She has a deep appreciation and zest for new experiences, fine dining, and the fanciest of material objects. She won’t expect you to purchase them for her as she is an independent woman who makes her own money.

But if you try to talk her out of spending that much on something, you might discover you’ve just talked yourself out of a relationship. She isn’t the type to be controlled and she isn’t going to want to be at the hottest clubs until the wee hours of the morning.

Love and Security

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She wants security, she wants stability, she wants affection and desire, and she wants a lustful and passionate lover. That is dating the Taurus Woman in a nutshell. It might be a wild ride at times, dating the Taurus Woman but you’ll never be bored.

In Conclusion

Loving and having the Taurus Woman in your life isn’t always a smooth and easy ride, especially when her stubborn and distant nature can rear its uglier head, but if you are one of the chosen ones that she wants in her life, then you can guarantee yourself that you have that one friend/lover that will always be in your corner.

She will defend and protect you against anything, she will be the rock in the storm from which you draw strength, and she is also the one that will take you on adventures beyond your wildest dreams.

Do you have any questions when it comes to the Taurus Woman? Do you know facts or tidbits that we didn’t cover? Then please comment below because we love to interact with our readers!

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