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Say goodbye to any uncertainty about the meaning of your birth chart... Our beautiful chart shows you the exact positions of the planets at the moment of your birth, and our AI Astrologer will tell you exactly what it all means (you can ask it anything you want).

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Every detail of your natal chart is a piece of the cosmic puzzle, uniquely defining you. Let's unearth these astral secrets!
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Planet Positions

Each of us is like a unique song, with individual notes and melodies influenced by the planets' positions when we were born. These positions are not just celestial coordinates—they're the keys to understanding your deepest desires, fears, talents, and even your life's purpose. By decoding the significance of these positions, you're not only discovering the 'why' behind your quirks and passions but also unlocking a powerful tool to live with intention, aligning your choices with the universe's melody for you.

Planet Positions
Planet Aspects

Planet Aspects

Ever felt like certain areas of life just seem to 'click' while others pose recurring challenges? This isn't mere coincidence—it's written in the stars. Planet aspects offer a map to your interpersonal dynamics, talents, blockages, and even hidden strengths. By understanding these celestial interactions, you're equipped to tackle underlying issues, enhance relationships, and harness latent potentials. It's like having an insider’s guide to life's complex tapestry.

Chart Shapes

Every birth chart is a cosmic tapestry, and its unique patterns—known as chart shapes—are the broader themes that define your life's journey. These shapes aren't mere designs; they're symbolic representations of the energies that drive your ambitions, shape your challenges, and carve out your path. Recognizing and understanding these intricate patterns is akin to having a map of your life's terrain. It enables you to anticipate life's high peaks and valleys, offering a strategic advantage in navigating your destiny. Embrace the cosmic guidance and steer your life with enlightened purpose and clarity.

Chart Shapes

Planets in Retrograde

The dance of the planets isn't always straightforward; sometimes, they appear to move backward in a phenomenon known as retrograde. These periods aren't mere astronomical quirks; they hold profound significance in the language of the cosmos. When a planet retrogrades, it beckons you to turn inward, urging introspection and re-evaluation. By understanding the planets in retrograde at the time of your birth, you grasp the specific life areas where you're called to reconsider, refine, and reinvigorate. It's a chance to transform apparent setbacks into powerful leaps forward, steering your life's course with deeper wisdom and intention.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

In the grand theatre of the cosmos, three stars play the lead roles in your personal narrative: your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Your Sun sign is the essence of who you are, illuminating your core desires, strengths, and life path. The Moon sign, ever-shifting and mysterious, dives deep into your inner world, governing your emotions, intuition, and subconscious patterns. Meanwhile, your Rising sign—or the mask you wear—reveals how you project yourself to the world, influencing first impressions and your outer demeanor. By fully embracing and integrating these three facets, you unlock a life of deeper alignment, balance, and purpose. It's a journey of self-discovery, leading to a more authentic, empowered, and enriched existence.

Choosing Different House Systems

The astrological house system is a pivotal element in chart interpretation, acting as the framework through which the planets' influences are read in relation to the Earth. Various systems offer unique perspectives:

  • Placidus: known for its time-based divisions;
  • Whole Sign: which assigns equal houses to each zodiac sign;
  • Koch: emphasizing the importance of birth latitude;
  • Equal House: aligning house cusps with the Ascendant;
  • Morinus: for those seeking precision without reliance on the geographic location;
  • Porphyrius: blending time and space in its calculations;
  • Regiomontanus: favored for its mathematical approach to midheaven;
  • Campanus: using prime vertical divisions.

Each system can shed light on different facets of your life and personality, allowing you to explore a multitude of astrological insights. Choosing the right system can deepen your understanding of your chart and enhance the accuracy of readings, making it a personal journey into the cosmic influence on your life.

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