Best Match for a Taurus Woman – 7 Compatible Zodiacs

Taurus women are grounded and practical when it comes to romance. To find thebest match, look at her zodiac sign compatibility with other signs.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Best Match for a Taurus Woman – 7 Compatible Zodiacs

Taurus women are known for their calm and steady personalities, which can be great in some situations. However, they can also get bored easily if they don’t have enough excitement in their life. If you’re a Taurus woman looking for the perfect partner to fill that void, then read more to find out who your best matches are!

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Neon signs of Cancer

Cancer is a highly compatible zodiac sign for Taurus women because Cancer is one of the more emotional water signs. Cancers can help Taureans enjoy life more and feel emotions that they need to let out. On the other hand, Taurus women will be there for Cancer men when he needs someone to lean on during difficult times. 

When Cancers let go and allow themselves to be taken care of, they feel safe and secure in their relationship. This is where Taurus women come into the picture. Taurus women are great at making things happen, so when Cancers need help accomplishing something, the responsible Taurean is there to lend a hand.

The Cancer man also makes a great prospective life partner for Taurus women because they both value loyalty and family. The two of them can be a bit stubborn at times, but they usually find ways to work things out in the end because their relationship is based on trust and respect for each other.

The relationship between these two zodiac signs can feel like being in a fairy-tale because of how well they work together. They will find a lot of similarities in their outlook towards life, which gives them an excellent compatibility rating.


Virgo Zodiac Sign. Night sky background

As a fellow earth sign, Virgos understand Taurus women on a deep level. They balance one another out in the best way, as they both have different qualities that make up for their individual shortcomings. Virgo men are also very observant individuals who always look at things from different angles to find various ways of dealing with problems or challenges.

Another reason the Taurus woman is attracted to this sign is that Virgos are very giving and devoted people, who would do anything for their significant other. This sign is also very understanding, making them great listeners who would never judge others. Taurus women and Virgo men make a good match because they understand each other and the struggles they face on a daily basis.

In a romantic relationship with a Virgo, Taurus women are also able to enjoy their solitude and cherish their independence since these men would never cling or suffocate them. Besides the traits they have in common, this sign is also very compatible because both signs work hard, which is crucial as their career is very important to their sense of self-worth.

You can expect this match to result in a long-term romantic relationship, as the two earth signs approach life with a practical and realistic attitude. They enjoy the simple things of life that bring them happiness, rather than putting themselves out there on wild adventures which is what makes this relationship so stable and long-lasting.


Libras get along easily with almost everyone they meet, but there are some who compliment them better than others. Like most air signs, Libras share great chemistry with Taurus women because of their easy-going approach towards life, which balances out the Taurean’s innate stubbornness. 

The Libra man is also great at putting people before themselves, which makes them an ideal match for Taurus women who can sometimes be possessive of their loved ones. This couple will be able to rely on each other during times of stress and know that they have someone who is there for them no matter what.

The sexual compatibility between Libras and Taureans is off the charts. The two are keen to explore all manners of physical sensations together, and are both selfless lovers. This lays the foundation for a long-lasting relationship that is filled with love and passion.

Meanwhile, Taurus women are known as one of the most patient signs, which goes a long way for this match. Libra men are known for being indecisive, but this will not be a problem with Taurus women because they are flexible. As long as they have a partner who is passionate and willing to go the extra mile, they will be able to make this relationship work.

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The magnetic qualities of Pisces are so strong that they will prove to be extremely hard to resist by any woman born under the sun sign of Taurus. Both zodiac signs share similar values and appreciate the beauty of life in all forms, making them an ideal match. They also both value comfort, security, and stability which makes it easy for them to understand each other.

Taurus women are very good at comforting others when they’re in distress, so it’s no surprise that Pisceans get along with Taurus ladies rather well. Both the signs have a tendency to withdraw from people for self-preservation purposes which gives them time together to bond through deeper communication, something that is essential for a lasting and healthy relationship.

Pisces men and Taurus women also make a good match because of the natural balance they have. The Taurus woman can help calm down her impulsive Piscean partner while providing him with something he lacks, stability and firmness.

The two are also compatible because their sex lives are very fulfilling without being demanding or self-centered. This is an important quality in a relationship that needs to be kept alive.

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Blue illuminated Gemini zodiac sign with colorful smoke on background

Taurus women are extremely grounded and focused on being practical with their time and energy which is why they have a tendency to be drawn towards signs that aren’t as easy-going or carefree as others might be.

In this regard, the Gemini man is likely to be the best match for the Taurus woman. Since both of these signs are ruled by Mercury, they understand each other’s thought process easily which makes it easier for them not only to communicate with one another but also build a strong emotional bond.

Gemini is also the only star sign that has identical personalities to Taurus women, making them two peas in a pod almost all of the time. They both have a similar attitude about life, and are both interested in intellectual pursuits and love being surrounded by people who have similar passions for learning about new things. 

As an earth sign, Taurus women also appreciate a life partner who is able to keep them on their toes while maintaining a strong emotional bond. Geminis are a perfect relationship match in this regard, as they are great at bringing romance to married life while keeping things exciting.


Taurus women are very sentimental people, always trying to hold onto those memories of the past as much as possible. This is why Capricorns appeal so strongly to them because they both value their traditions and roots deeply. These zodiac signs are also both practical and down-to-earth, which means they will always be up for planning out their future together.

While Capricorns and Taurus women share plenty of similarities, they also have the potential to be extremely different as well. While Taureans prefer to approach things in a level-headed fashion, Capricorns are a bit more on the passionate side. However, this difference is easily resolved by their mutual desire to build an easygoing union.

This match is also very likely to result in an enduring relationship that only gets better with time, as both signs are committed and loyal by nature. Capricorn men will do their best to make their Taurus woman feel like the most special person in the world, while Taurus women will make their Capricorn man feel like more of a success than he already is. 

They may stumble along the way, but this couple will ultimately end up succeeding in ways that amaze even them. Though this relationship might not be as passionate or exciting as some of the other ones on this list, it will certainly last a long time and make both partners very happy because they value many similar aspects of life.


Leo Zodiac Sign. Astrology women night sky background

Taurus women are drawn towards signs like Leo because they know how to show off their strengths while still maintaining a gentle demeanor. This sign has an innate ability to make people feel comfortable in any situation, which is always a plus for Taurus women. When these two get together, it becomes evident why opposites attract so strongly.

Since both need to feel cherished and love, they make a great match because they know how to make each other feel special. Leo men are a bit more passionate than Taurus women, but the level-headed Taurean knows how to meet the needs of her partner better than anyone, so she should have no problem making this relationship last.

Both the Taurus woman and Leo man are determined when it comes to achieving their life goals, which makes them a powerful pair because together they can go very far in life. They also both possess great self-control, which allows them to stay focused on their goals of achieving material and financial success.

While these two are deeply attracted to each other, they have very different lifestyles which could come between them if they don’t communicate about this upfront. Leo prefers being the center of attention while Taurus is more reserved, so she needs to feel comfortable expressing herself for this relationship to work out.


woman looking up with a taurus sign

Taurus women are known for their beauty and charm as well as being highly sensual creatures who crave romance and love. They appreciate partners who are kind and honest but also know how to make them feel special. This makes them compatible with signs such as Cancer, Virgos Pisces, Leo, Capricorns, Libras, and Geminis.

Taurus women love spending quality time together, so try taking her out for a fun day of shopping or to see an exciting movie. She will appreciate the effort you put in to make her feel good and will return your affection tenfold.

Above all, being with a Taurus woman will be an exciting and rewarding experience. She can be a bit stubborn at times, but this is part of her charm. As long as you are understanding towards her needs for security and stability, she will love you forever!

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