Mars in Sagittarius Man – Know Their Honest Nature

Check out this guide to everything you need to know about Mars in Sagittarius asit applies to his love life.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Mars in Sagittarius Man – Know Their Honest Nature

One’s Mars sign determines their raw, sexual energy and how they put themselves forward. A Mars in Sagittarius man, for example, is a bold person who falls in love easily. And if you get a feeling that he likes you, you’re probably right.

Continue reading to find out the honest nature of Mars in Sagittarius man. You’ll also learn how to tell if this guy likes you and if he’s got the personality of a good potential partner.

How to Tell if a Mars in Sagittarius Man or Woman is Into You

What are his common personality traits in this regard? Whether a man or a woman, Mars in Sagittarius is known for being arrogant. Especially when it comes to relationships. But when they truly like someone, they turn into this excited and cheerful person who always has a soft spot and desire for you. Here are some telltale signs that they’re into you.

They are Assertive

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This sun sign will be assertive but not in a selfish manner. A man may insist on inviting you to their adventure or offer to give you a ride home, while a woman always makes sure you spend enough time together. This is how they build rapport and attraction.

They assert themselves not as a colleague or friend, but as a date. They initiate small talks to get to know you better, but they also engage in challenging debates with you. These brave beings are not afraid to ask you out.

Because Mars in Sagittarius is assertive, they will freely share any ideas, thoughts, and opinions they have with you, then ask for your insights.

They Feel Comfortable on the First Date

The first date with Mars in Sagittarius will be fun and lively if they are head over heels for you with desire. He may introduce you to his friends at a party while she might take you to a concert. This sign can also invite you to a gallery or try exotic foods with you. They are always game for new and unusual date ideas as long as they are spent meaningfully with you.

If they notice that you’re feeling shy or awkward, they will try their best to make you feel comfortable by striking a conversation. They will ask what you think about the food, music, or party in an attempt to build a mental connection with you.

In a few minutes, you’ll find yourself talking about your life with them. While it feels flattering that they are curious about you, the Mars in Sagittarius may just be assessing if you are truly a potential partner whom they would love to explore the world with.

One way to know if they like you during the first date is if they comment on how smart you are. This sign is attracted to wit and intelligence.

They Invite You to Adventure


You can tell this sign likes you if Mars in Sagittarius immediately invites you to their adventures after the first date. It’s their simple way of trying to spend time with you. SO, be prepared to do lots of physical activities.

A Mars in Sagittarius man will take you outdoors to camp, bike, walk the dog, or watch the sunset. A Mars in Sagittarius woman will take you on a beach vacation, shopping, or food tasting. Whatever their interests are, they will make sure you enjoy it too. 

This sign also likes spontaneous activities. Expect them to show up at your door out of nowhere just to watch a movie or have dinner together. Or, to take you to a big event, as they tend to be party animals sometimes. 

They are Casual

These people have extremely casual energy, which is why many people have a hard time finding out whether Mars in Sagittarius likes them or not. It’s almost as if they don’t get butterflies around you!

Remember that they are more likely to have feelings for you if they are comfortable around you in day-to-day life. A Sagittarius Mars who never relaxes around you means they do not enjoy your vibe or they only like you as a friend.

As sociable as they are, these people do not like being vulnerable to those they don’t have feelings for. They don’t share stories, ask questions, and engage in heart-to-heart discussions with anyone they do not like.

So if a Mars in Sagittarius just casually puts his arm on your shoulders and blurts out any joke that comes to mind, then they like you! They have a great sense of humor that they love to work into their romantic relationships. 

They are Open to Sex Play

Sex Play

What’s their approach to sex? Mars in Sagittarius men and women not only have a lust for adventures, but they also enjoy having a good time in their sex life. They like laughing during sex as they tease and wrestle with you. But they can also act strong, dominant, and fiery with their sexual desires.

This zodiac sign needs an outlet for their energy, so don’t be surprised if they invite you to have sex with them during the first date. Don’t worry, though. They will make you feel comfortable and will give you a lot of pleasure.

However, sex doesn’t always mean that they like you on an emotional level. For them, it’s just a physical act that satisfies two people without meaning anything. This can turn off sensitive people who are looking for emotional security.

The Mars in Sagittarius Man: Get to Know Him Better

The Mars in Sagittarius zodiac is a spontaneous explorer that enjoys challenges. He is honest, brave, and always changing in his goals in life. Get to know him more with these qualities and see if there’s sign compatibility between you both.


A Mars in Sagittarius guy is a daring adventurer who isn’t satisfied until he tries anything in life at least once. These adventures also fulfill his need for constant change and focus. As soon as a new idea pops into his head, he will take action. He will do anything for as long as his heart desires while on his quest for fulfillment in life. 

He wants an outgoing woman to match this part of his life. Regardless of horoscope & zodiac signs, if you have a thirst for adventure, then he’ll like you on some level. 

As an explorer, the energetic zodiac will always be searching for purpose in a life lesson. He likes trying different careers, whether it’s all about business, art, teaching, or finance. He also enjoys meeting new people who will give meaning to his life.

Despite their willingness to look for a purpose, the mutable Mars sign never has a clear goal. He just enjoys living in the moment and jumping into something more interesting later on.

Life-Long Learner

This creative sign is intelligent and philosophical, oozing masculine energies. He’s always on an intellectual quest to achieve his highest self and share his knowledge with other people. His smart nature makes him very honest to the point of bluntness. They are confident about the words they speak.

This zodiac man has firm beliefs but his curiosity makes him open to everyone’s opinions. He knows how to respect other people’s views while listening without bias. This kind of attentiveness is also part of his adventurous personality because he likes welcoming different ideas and experiences.

Hates Commitment

As you already know, any mutable Mars sign can’t be fixed in a certain place for too long. The Mars in Sagittarius guy is very dynamic that he finds it hard to commit to people, work, and hobbies. This lust for life makes for irresistible energy.

This is the main reason he’s often branded as the adventurer. He grabs every opportunity that comes his way just to have new experiences. The dark side of it all is his fear of commitment. Money, for example, never lasts long in his bank account. Instead of saving up for something that matters, he spends it for short-term pleasure.

It’s also difficult for him to commit romantically. Any person with this zodiac sign is afraid of losing their freedom to a possessive partner. This means nothing stops him from talking to multiple women. Oftentimes, he only does this for fun and not to search for the one.


The Mars in Sagittarius is always cheerful and optimistic. He hates mean-spirited or unfair people. In a room full of people talking, he makes sure he’s the center of attention without making anyone feel out of place. Whenever arguments and problems occur, he just laughs them off and tries to lighten the mood with a joke.

Trying to fight this man is hard. He won’t respond aggressively yet he won’t be intimidated. Instead, they will try to be calm and collected with the wittiest comeback ever. He may even try to make you laugh!


Sagittarius Mars is a masculine zodiac sign who feels more powerful when he does manly things like lift weights, play sports, be a survivalist, and talk about trade. Sometimes, he feels pressured to conform to society’s unnatural macho expectations because deep down, he’s a clumsy and naïve man who uses his heart to make decisions.

But this makes his masculinity healthy because he is still capable of experiencing a full range of feelings. With time and effort, he can also learn to be emotionally available and caring. He wants a consistent partner who understands this side of him. 


What does Mars in Sagittarius like in bed?

Mars in Sagittarius wants a combination of anything casual and daring in bed. Expect this zodiac sign to try different positions and places to make love with his sex partners. 

What does Mars in Sagittarius like?

Mars ins Sagittarius likes going on adventures and seeking knowledge.

What does it mean to have Mars in Sagittarius?

Mars’s meaning in your birth cart explains your sexuality and energy. Being born with Mars in the Sagittarius sign means you are stimulated by eye-opening experiences.

Who is Sagittarius Mars compatible with?

Mars in Sagittarius is compatible with Venus in Sagittarius and Venus in Gemini.

In Conclusion

A Mars in Sagittarius man is a lover of adventure, knowledge, and change. He has strong views in life but is still tolerant of opposing ideas. Dating this zodiac sign can be a rollercoaster experience because even though he’s nice and charming, he also has commitment issues.

Has this article helped you get to know your Mars in Sagittarius man more? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions. And for more tips on dating by astrology, check out our guide to a Sagittarius man and Virgo woman.

A Mars in Sagittarius man who has feelings for you is assertive and comfortable around you. Let this zodiac sign fall for you even more by being an affectionate and independent woman.

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