What Zodiac Sign Cheats The Most?

Check out this guide to all the different zodiac signs and see which are mostlikely to cheat on you.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on March 13, 2024
What Zodiac Sign Cheats The Most?

While many of us would like to think that certain zodiac signs are destined to be together, grow old together, and would never dream of hurting each other; sadly, this is just not realistic. Cheating does occur in relationships, on both sides, and it could be an emotional (or mental) affair, or it could be a physical affair with major repercussions all around.

Some people find that it is easier to just proceed with infidelity than trying to separate a family, household, and two lives that have been intertwined for a significant amount of time. Looking at the infidelity rates in America surely showcases this rationale (or excuse) for having an affair.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Infidelity Demographics in America

Demographic United States map illustration.

America is one of the most populous countries in the world and this increasing population also holds one of the highest seats in terms of global power. Settled centuries ago, America continues to grow and expand even as this article is being written with numerous races, religions, ethnicities, and more making up the population.

With all these people, it is no wonder that the infidelity rates in America are rising more and more each day.


According to recent trends, the male in the relationship has a greater chance of cheating than the female of the same relationship. This could be because women tend to be more practical and emotional, equating sex with intimacy and a shared bond. Males on the other hand, find sex a more physical act so they don’t associate it as closely with the emotional side of things.

With all that information being shared, females will cheat as well for numerous reasons – they could be looking for an emotional connection, confidence boosting, and they could be searching for things in the affair that aren’t present in the relationship.


Race doesn’t tend to play a part in cheating statistics as all races tend to cheat when they want to venture down that road. While some societies will exploit the cheating to a greater extent, depending on other factors such as social group, work circles, etc., most of the time – cheating is swept under the rug and kept hush-hush.


A person’s age could influence whether they engage in an affair with another person that isn’t their serious and committed partner. The majority of those who do engage in the affair tend to be either very young (like first serious relationship young) that don’t recognize or understand the consequences of cheating or those who are entering midlife and starting to realize that their life didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to – so they try to recapture their youth and glory with a passionate, exciting, and ultimately, heartbreaking affair with another partner.

Younger age groups tend to be more social butterflies and, therefore, are exposed to potential matches. Regardless if they’re in a current relationship already. 

And don’t forget that emotional infidelity can be just as damaging to your relationship, no matter your age, as physical infidelity. 


It is harder to pinpoint if income plays into affairs and those who tend to cheat on their partners, and this could be because those with a significantly higher income tend to be in the media more (think CEOs and celebrities); so they are willing and eager to spend money to cover up the affair from the world.

Family Background (Divorced/Non-Divorced Parents)

Some psychologists would argue that a person’s family background does play a part in whether someone will engage in cheating behaviour. Those who come from divorced households (especially if one party left due to cheating) can tend to play a part in how children view relationships as they get older.

Sad boy while parents quarreling

The animosity that could rise when the portents were dealing with the fallout from being divorced could also play a part in whether the child(ren) grows up to have happy, healthy, relationships.

How Does Infidelity Affect Divorce Rates?

Cheating is one the most common reasons listed for a divorce in America (and globally) and it’s generally filed using the pseudonym “irreconcilable differences”.

Does Your Zodiac Sign Matter?

Like the divorced background regarding infidelity, some people believe that your zodiac sign does play a part in whether you will cheat (or be cheated on). Others believe that if you are going to cheat, then it doesn’t matter anything about your zodiac sign or background or income.

Granted, there are some personality characteristics that are associated closely and deeply with your zodiac sign that could offer reasons or rationale into why you choose to cheat on your partner.

A sun sign, for example, is known to be dual nature in personality and can sometimes be untrustworthy. Other signs need to be the centre of attention and will do whatever it takes to get those eyes on them. Sometimes, that might include cheating. 

But don’t take these relationship tips to heart. Each personal is different, no matter their sexual chemistry with others or their astrological signs. 

12 Zodiacs are Most Likely to Cheat chart

1. Leo

With a rate of 36% when it comes to cheating partners, you might be wondering what about the Leo zodiac sign that brings about cheating to that extent. Well, for starters, the Leo signs tend to crave attention and they are hopeless romantics. They dream of a relationship that is like a Hollywood movie, full of grand gestures and ravishing romantic connotations with a dash of adventure. When reality hits Leo, and they realize that that is not how a relationship works – they start to look elsewhere for that attention and affection.

2. Aries

The fiery Aries has all the ingredients for a whirlwind romance – adventure-seeking, loves to have a good time, exciting, and unpredictable. With all that going on though, it is no wonder that this astrological sign falls right behind Leo in terms of cheating partners (34%).

These qualities in the Aries person make for a great friend or quick fling but they can make long-term relationships harder unless you are both on the same page. They aren’t the type to settle into a homebody life which can lead to cheating when they seek out new adventures.

3. Gemini

A bit unorthodox, a bit flirty, and a lot of adventurous spirit is the composition of the Gemini. This astrological sign will cheat because they don’t tend to think in long-term plans but they live completely in the moment. Even if they are in a committed relationship, they won’t turn down an adventure or good time which makes it hard to have a deep commitment with the Gemini.

Not all Gemini’s will cheat but they do tend to engage in flirty behaviour with people that are not their partner as this is just their personality, but their short attention span already has them on the lookout for the next great thing.

4. Sagittarius

Coming in at 23% is the Sagittarius astrological sign. Those born under this timeframe will be filled with excess energy and wanderlust, making them always ready for an adventure. They do tend to settle down eventually with the right person but trying to force them into a commitment before they have burnt through their excess energy. Until they are ready to make that commitment? The Sagittarius is happier being single and living life on their own terms.

They tend to cheat for thrills and freedom in terms of their emotions, sexual desires, and being caught up in the moment.

5. Taurus

The Taurus has a smaller chance of cheating but that could be because they tend to be resistant to change and they hate drama, conflict, and confrontation. They want things to continue as they were as they are quite set in their ways. Tauruses are homebodies at heart, and while they appreciate the beauty in things and will seek out the finer things in life, they want to do with those they trust and appreciate (and from home if possible).

So, what would convince the Taurus to cheat? Their sensual and passionate nature, courtesy of Venus, is often hidden behind serious and stoic demeanors.

6. Pisces

A deeply intuitive person, the Pisces is so attuned with the world that they tend to forget that their actions can have consequences and hurt those around them in their quest for enlightenment. Cheating to them would be another experience for the memory books and not something that they would engage in for the sake of being with another person.

When they meet the right partner, cheating wouldn’t even be on their mind but if they are in a relationship that doesn’t bring them constant joy? Then they are likely to seek out that joy and fulfillment.

7. Capricorn

The Capricorn is someone who relishes and thrives off their station in life, making cheating something that those of lower constitution engage in. They want the perfect life with the perfect partner, children, home, job, and friends. While this is where they are at their most comfortable, it can be exhausting for the Capricorn to maintain appearances.

When they cheat – it’s almost always because they are crumbling under the pressure to be “perfect” and their partner in cheating will always be the exact opposite of clean-cut and socially acceptable. Think a tattooed rocker compared to the clean-cut banker.

8. Aquarius

Laid back and easy-going, the Aquarius is extremely fixed in their ways, and they don’t like to ruin the status quo for anything. If the relationship is struggling, they will putter along and try to fix it before heading out the door to spend time with another.

It should be noted that the Aquarius is deeply intellectual and would be more likely to have an emotional or mental affair than full-on be with someone else in the physical sense. If they do? Then they are lacking in their committed relationship and looking for a physical release of endorphins.

9. Scorpio

The Scorpio wouldn’t cheat unless it was for good reason, highly emotional and clingy in a romantic relationship, they can’t comprehend damaging it or ruining things by having an affair (or even one-night stand). They want a partner that is on the same emotional wavelength as them and someone who is by their side throughout the best and worst times.

If the Scorpio is cheating? They don’t think you are the best partner for them, or you’ve hurt them deeply, so their venomous and vengeful side is coming out to play. And if they are going to cheat? They are going to make it hurt which means it wouldn’t be unlikely for them to hook up with a single mutual friend of you both.

10. Libra

If you want a hopeless romantic at your side – then you want to engage in a serious relationship with the Libra. These romantic creatures are the type to put their romantic partner on a pedestal and worship the ground that they walk on. True love isn’t just a theory to them, it’s a lifestyle and the way that they feel about their romantic partner.

Cheating comes into play when the Libra doesn’t feel as if the relationship is an endgame or that is its true love at the core. They will also experience depression upon this realization, so they will destroy things around them (including relationships) in self-pity and self-destruction – hence the cheating.

11. Virgo

Highly civilized, always put together, and scared to step out of line; the deeply intellectual Virgos tend to avoid cheating as it is not “acceptable” behavior in their circles. Engrained with good manners, perfectionist tendencies, and the urge to always be the best at whatever they tackle – the Virgo is not as likely to cheat but if they do? It’s because they are relaxing and blowing off steam.

This includes in the bedroom where they will engage in acts with their “other” partner that they would never ask their significant other to do. It’s when they divulge themselves of all reason and they allow lust to take over their head, making decisions for them.

12. Cancer

Coming in at the bottom of the list with only a 1% of cheating partners, those who are born under the Cancer astrological sign. These people tend to be deeply emotional and possess a hidden conscience that stops them from engaging in harmful behaviour.

This doesn’t mean they wont cheat, however, and when they do? It can be hard to catch them in the act as they are so in-tune with their own emotions (and those around them) that they can be a bit manipulative; allowing them to turn the situation around to their liking.


Granted, it’s not the most pleasant topic but we do hope that reading this post gives you something to think about and consider when it comes to making a serious commitment to your partner. Make sure that you are both on the same page and that is truly what you both want so you don’t end up another infidelity statistic (and part of the rising infidelity rates in America).

Always remember that it is better to end a relationship, even a long-term one, than proceed with an affair that has seriously devastating consequences for all those involved.

Do you have something that could be added to this information? We want to hear from you in the comment section below! Also, please help the site and hit the share button while there as well (we would really appreciate that!).

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