How To Make A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

Check out this guide to navigating a Sagittarius man and learn how to make himobsessed with you
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 9, 2023
How To Make A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

Dating a Sagittarius man is a huge challenge. As a fire sign symbolized by the archer and ruled by Jupiter, he is a free spirit who hates routine and commitment.

Has a Sagittarius been on your mind lately? Do you want to cross his mind as well?

We’ll help you achieve that through this list of tips on how to make a Sagittarius guy totally obsessed with you! You’ll also learn how to text him and how to make him commit to you.

What is Sagittarius Obsessed With?

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A Sagittarius male is obsessed with life adventures and challenges. Because of this personality, he wants a loving woman who makes a great companion. He gets thrilled with women who stimulate his mind, like trying new things, and have their own adventures in life.

The obsessive Sagittarius values freedom and independence over anything. He doesn’t want anyone to make decisions for him, so an easy-going lady who is just as carefree as him is important.

If you have the traits that a Sagittarius male looks for in a woman, expect him to make you his obsession. You’ll become his dream woman in no time. He will chase you like you no matter how long it takes. He may even get stubborn because he’s not the type to quit.

What Does Sagittarius Man Do When He Likes You?

It’s hard to know whether a Sagittarius man likes you or not because he likes everyone. He wants to get to know people and listen to their stories. But if he romantically likes you, he will tell his goals to you. He talks about long-term plans about life with you. Rather than engaging in small talk, he will ask you about philosophy, art, and other meaningful topics.

A Sagittarius man who wants you will want to take you everywhere he goes. If he finds a newly opened picnic spot, he’ll make sure to invite you. Other ideas he has include long drives, seeing the sunset, fancy dates, and the planetarium.

Some Sagittarius men can’t hide their feelings for you. They already act like you’re already a couple through hugging you, driving you, and giving you cute nicknames.

How to Make a Sagittarius Man Commit to You

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Being attracted is different from being committed. While it may be easy to attract a Sagittarius man, he has commitment issues because of his dire need for freedom.

To make him commit to you, always respect his personal space. You already know he likes you, so there’s no need to force him to be closer to you. Don’t rush into asking him to move in with you. Stop commanding them to reply within five minutes. And quit blocking gurls from his Instagram account.

The key to making a Sagittarius man to commit is to go along with the natural flow of things. Don’t be too rigid with routines and relationship rules. In fact, you have to do the opposite of what you usually do when you are in a relationship.

A light and casual relationship will make him realize that he won’t lose his independence when he stays committed to you.

Signs a Sagittarius Man has Feelings for You?

A Sagittarius man has feelings for you when the conversation gets deeper and intimate. He loves to talk to everyone, but he doesn’t share his personal life and goals with anyone except their closest friends and the person they like.

This friendly sign is the life of the party. But you know he has feelings for you when he would rather dance with you in a sea of people! He won’t just compliment you for your physical beauty or great outfit, but also your intelligence, creativity, and strength.

Here’s a list of signs to tell if a Sagittarius dude is into you:

  • He invites you to his adventures
  • He messages you when he’s away
  • He makes excuses to be able to see you
  • He feels more confident around you.

Some men get nervous around the women they like. But a Sagittarius male feels more manly and flirtatious with the right person!

How to Make a Sagittarius Man Jealous

If you’re one of those women who like to make men feel jealous so that they realize what they might lose, the secret is to focus on your adventures.

Focusing on yourself is a healthy way to get a Sagittarius man to realize that he misses you or wants to be with you. If he sees you living his best life, you will immediately catch his attention and not want to let you go anymore.

Don’t talk to other boys or play mind games to make him jealous because he will find it off-putting. Just be independent and show him that you have a lot on your plate. Be successful in your work then plan a weekend trip with your friends. He will wonder how you’re able to have fun without him!

How to Make a Sagittarius Man Regret Losing You

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As a fire sign, the Sagittarius man gets extremely mad when he sees he has done something wrong… like letting you go!

If you want him to passionately beg for you to take him back, show him that you are still the person he fell in love with whether or not you are together.

He wants an adventurous, independent, and intelligent woman. Be like that even when he’s not around. Be that mysterious woman who plans vacations, gets and has a solid work-life balance. creative,

Show him that you’re booked and busy enough to hold grudges. You’ll get that text message from him in no time.

How to Text a Sagittarius Guy

A Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, would like to be asked about his recent adventures. Jupiter is the planet of travel and luck, so you can get him interested by texting him about trips and vacations. You can also ask him for advice on where to go camping for beginners, or the best swimming gear to try.

Because he likes to try new things, don’t be shy to send a text message inviting him to a newly opened restaurant. Even if he’s not into Italian food, he will still thank you for the time and experience.

When inviting him, it’s important to ask him when he’s free and what he likes to do. Don’t be demanding or he won’t reply! We’ll go over some of his key personality traits in this article so you can learn just how to make him obsessed with you.

How to Make a Sagittarius Guy to Be Totally Obsessed with You

1. Look Your Best at all Times

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Look presentable and neat every day! You don’t have to completely change your style because a Sagittarius guy doesn’t care about fashion trends. He also doesn’t want you to change your style for him.

Wear what makes you comfy and let your energy and comfort attract him. Don’t be afraid to break trends, mix fabrics, and accessorize. Any outfit that reflects your personality will make a Sagittarian completely obsessed with you.

2. Share Your Creative Pursuits

Art helps Sagittarius people express their feelings when they can’t articulate them. Even if he feels pain, he romanticizes it and turns it into artwork. Talk about art, make art, and see art with a Sagittarius man.

Write poetry for him, ask him about his creative pursuits, or go to an art museum together so you can have deeper conversations with him.

3. Go on Adventures with Him

Adventures are Sagittarian’s favorite thing! A Sagittarius male won’t expect you to have traveled around the world. But he expects you to be open to new adventures and outdoor activities! If you’re extroverted, this wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Take him somewhere he hasn’t been to before, like a new restaurant that sells exotic food or to a wakeboarding park. Or surprise him with a sky diving outing!

4. Be Mysterious

Be a little mysterious with your personality so that he enthusiastically uncovers every layer you have! Don’t overshare with him. Allow him to ask questions about your life and be honest in your answers. He’ll run at the first sign of distrust.

Don’t be available all the time. Have your hobbies, friends, and interests so that he’ll want to get to know you more. Give him plenty of space. He doesn’t like a clingy woman.

Remember that being mysterious doesn’t mean being secretive. Because they are ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians like puzzles that can be solved!

5. Be Smart

Smart Woman

Sagittarius men are an independent sign and are attracted to a philosophical, intelligent, and independent woman. They like engaging in intellectual discourse and debates. Even if your beliefs are not parallel, he will enjoy talking to you about these topics.

If you’re bold enough, you can even talk to him about politics. He will listen to your opinions as he shares his own.

6. Be Adaptable

Because he wants you to be adventurous, then he also wants you to be open to change. Aside from your spontaneous explorations with him, a Sagittarius who wants to be free and independent will require you to be adaptable.

Don’t fence him in or create a routine in his life. He also doesn’t want an uptight relationship. If you’re relaxed and able to go with the flow, he will surely fall for you even more!

7. Be His Best Friend

A Sagittarius male looks for honest partners and wants someone who can make them laugh at the small things. He looks for compatible signs that are fun, outgoing, and perky like a best friend.

Even though he also likes romance, this zodiac sign also wants casual dates and activities that will make him feel like he has a lover and best friend.

Join him in his hikes and camping trips. Meet his friends and introduce your friends to him!

8. Play a Bit Hard to Get

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As mentioned, be a solvable puzzle. A Sagittarius zodiac sign is a natural problem-solver and hunter who enjoys challenges and mysteries. Flirt with him for a bit and leave him wanting more! Show him that you are interested and worth pursuing without always making the first move.

One way to play hard to get is by giving him space to miss you. Make plans for the weekend without him. Let him go out with his friends. This will make him chase you and get psyched to see you.

9. Be Casual

Don’t scare a Sagittarius away by being overly romantic when you just met each other. Keep the conversations, hangouts, and gifts light. Enjoy his company and gradually build things up. Accept that you’re only friends at first and just let your personality and energy do all the magic to attract him.

10. Give Him Gifts

Give Sagittarius people something that will complement their adventurous attitude. This can be a travel journal, backpack, or book about traveling. Give him something that he will bring to his vacations and nature trips! This will make him remember you wherever he is.

11. Have a Good Sense of Humor

sense of humor

Witty comebacks make this zodiac sign like you. He doesn’t want tiny giggles. He wants jokes that will make his belly and mouth hurt!

Keep things fun and positive every time you are with him. If problems occur, try to lighten up his mood with banter. Solve issues without losing your cheerful approach to life.

12. Don’t Obsess Over the Small Things

Sweating the small stuff is an instant turn-off for Sagittarian guys. Quit moaning over small problems like how you have a bad hair day or why he didn’t text you back after a few minutes. They don’t like a pessimistic woman.

At first, he will find your obsession over trivialities fine. But he will drift off if you continue doing this all the time.

Shrug off the little inconvenience and he will overlook your tiny mistakes as well.

Be a Bold Lover to a Sagittarius Man!

Did you enjoy our article? We hope it helps you win a Sagittarius man!

Sagittarius men don’t rush to commit. They want a real woman who matches their personality. Our tips on being casual, adventurous, and becoming his best friend will slowly make him fall for you. It will make him realize that you value his freedom even if you get in a serious relationship.

Which tips have you tried to make this zodiac sign really obsessed with you? We’d love to get your input in the comments.

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