What Does A Sagittarius Man Do When He Likes You

Read and learn all about what a Sagittarius man does when he likes you so youcan pick up the signs and never miss a connection.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
What Does A Sagittarius Man Do When He Likes You

Do you have a crush on a Sagittarius guy? Sagittarius men are not relationship enthusiasts. They are fun-loving and energetic, but having a significant other is not a priority. It’s rare to find a woman dating a Sagittarius man!

But there are ways to turn this archer’s mindset around and make him fall for you. Find out what attracts a Sagittarius man and some signs that he’s starting to like you.

How Can You Tell if a Sagittarius Man Likes You?

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It’s not easy to tell whether a Sagittarius man likes you or not. Some signs show that they like you through their words. They give sweet affirmations and confess right away about how attractive you are. Other signs make it obvious through their actions. They will be nervous around you or they will make an effort to be with you. With the Sagittarius, it’s really hard to tell.

The archer is hard to read. We know they are adventurous and sociable, so they treat everyone the same way. Another trait of the Sagittarius man that makes him difficult to predict is his independence. No matter how much he likes you, you won’t be his priority because he keeps himself busy with work and personal interests.

You won’t realize that a Sagittarius man likes you immediately. But if he spends time with you, compliments your smartness, and invites you to his adventures, then he is most likely into you. As a fire sign, the Sagittarius won’t be able to hide his feelings for a long time. He’ll act like you’re a couple and confess to you when he can’t fight the feeling anymore.

What is a Sagittarius Man Attracted to?

Sun signs like a Sagittarius man wants a positive and adventurous woman like him. Here are four characteristics that a Sagittarius man looks for in a woman.


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Sagittarius men are travelers or explorers. Their wanderlust makes them want an adventurous partner who will accompany them anywhere, whether it’s trying exotic foods or mountain climbing. They want to hold someone’s hand as they see new places.

But you don’t have to be together every time he plans an adventure. Because he is independent, he enjoys spending time with himself. So, while he’s on the other side of the world, you have to go on your own adventure, so you have stories to tell him later on.

Here are Some Ideas to Do with Your Partner in Crime

  • Horseback riding
  • mountain biking
  • a fun social gathering


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Sagittarius men crave an independent woman in their lives. While he is loyal to the person he loves, he still wants his own space and freedom. Clinginess is a deal-breaker for them and is a strong indicator, so the right balance of quality time together and alone time is important.

As the Sagittarius man goes on adventures on his own, it’s important for you to make the most out of your alone time instead of waiting for a reply or nagging him. Let him have his night out or camping. Allow him to go on a solo trip.

In return, your Sagittarius lover will respect your personal time and support you on your own aspirations. Just be happy doing your own thing!


A Sagittarius man values his freedom, but he expects you to be by his side in everything he does. This does not mean you have to solve all of his problems. You just have to be there for him and lift him up no matter the situation.

As someone with high energy levels, he can get overwhelmed with his workload or family problems. He doesn’t say no to anyone because he’s afraid to miss out on opportunities. So, he gets stressed out and relies on you to keep him strong.

Don’t worry! A Sagittarius man will make sure to pay back all the help you’ve offered him.


Even though the Sagittarius has high energy levels, they also want to be laid-back from time to time. They want a relationship that is easy-going, relaxed, and carefree. He loves to have deep conversations with the right person. A brilliant conversation can be the perfect sign that he’s into you.

You don’t have to be on an adventure 24/7. You can lounge all day in front of the television, order Chinese food, and just be bored together.

Being easy-going also means you shouldn’t be too rigid and uptight. Sagittarius men do not want routines or a structured life and prefer a casual relationship. Go with the flow with them! This does not mean they don’t want an ambitious woman with goals in life. He just hates it when you force things on him or constantly dragging him into social issues.

How Do You Know if a Sagittarius Man Misses You?

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There are a few undeniable signs to look for. Sagittarius doesn’t like clingy and needy. But you’ll know that they really like you if they start missing you. He won’t send you endless texts and calls. They are patient and calm, so they will wait until the right moment or a special occasion comes for them to talk to you.

But if a Sagittarius man gets serious with you, he will text you out of the blue. Sometimes, it’s a blunt “missing you” text, which is an obvious sign. Other times, they will just ask you to hang out with them. Give your Sagittarius man the space they need to be on his own and enjoy other people’s company. Let him go out with his friends, choose boys’ night over date night, and play with his PS5 at home then come over to your house.

He won’t take you for granted if you let him have his own adventure. It will only take a while before he hits you up with an “I miss you!” message.

If you’ve had an argument with a Sagittarius man, give him space to think about his feelings. Don’t rush him into fixing things. Otherwise, he might leave you alone. Eventually, he will come to your door with some flowers and your favorite food so you can make up.

Do Sagittarius Fall in Love Quickly?

No. The Sagittarius man is one of the most independent and adventurous signs. He does not need a lasting relationship to be happy because he has friends, booked vacations, money, and hobbies to get busy with.

He falls in love slowly, but not as slow as the Capricorn and Aquarius. It’s not because the Sagittarius man wants to take his time when it comes to romantic relationships. It’s just really not his priority.

He likes to have fun. He would rather meet new friends at a party than being stuck with one woman at home. But if he finds someone who’s just as carefree and daring as he is, he might change his mind. He’ll start liking you if he sees that you are willing to explore everywhere with him and join his personal life.

How to Know if a Sagittarius Man is Playing You

Sagittarius men are known for being two-timers with women they don’t truly like. He might hide his true feelings and put you through some bad experiences before letting you know. So how do you know if a Sagittarius man is playing you? Here are some tell-tale signs that he’s not into you.

  • He seems distant and avoids talking to you.
  • He ghosts you even after a fun date.
  • He does not want to meet your friends and family.
  • His attitude is difficult to deal with.

These are the signs that your Sagittarius man does not genuinely like you. Remember when we said that this sign is highly sociable? It would be really suspicious if he doesn’t want to meet your parents or best friends!

Man ignoring the woman beside him by keeping his attention to other thing.

Some women wonder why a Sagittarius man would waste his time on them when he isn’t really interested. Chances are, he is using you for his own good. You know he’s trying to take advantage of you when he asks a lot from you but refuses to meet in public places or hold hands with you. He’s indifferent toward your feelings and will only respond to your texts when he needs you.

Most of the time, they use you for casual sex. He doesn’t want any romantic and emotional connection with you. Here are other signs that a Sagittarius man only wants to get in your pants.

  • Doesn’t respond to your calls
  • Short communications
  • Difficult to deal with
  • Avoids conversations that are non-sexual
  • Gets bored when you’re not having sex.

Sagittarius men are notorious players, but they’re not one to lie. In fact, he is straightforward about his intentions with you. Even though your relationship is on the rocks, he is still blunt about his feelings for you. He’ll tell you straight up what he doesn’t like in your relationship and what needs to be changed.

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So, if you catch a Sagittarius man lying to you, it’s a definite sign that he doesn’t like or love you anymore.

A Sagittarius man easily moves on. And once he does, he will do the following to cope with his loss:

  • Lie to his friends about what happened to the both of you
  • Avoid making eye contact or talking to you
  • Make excuses just to keep his distance
  • Avoids fixing things with you.

It’s usually not worth it to regain the attention of a Sagittarius man when he dislikes you. But if you really want to, just be compassionate and understanding. Don’t try to nag or control him because he’ll only lose interest even more.

Let him know that you will not stop his freedom. Make sure that he appreciates you for allowing him to choose his friends and personal hobbies over you.

What Does a Sagittarius Man Do When He Likes You?

A Sagittarius man acts differently when he likes someone. However, the actions are very subtle and gentle. To help you, here’s a list of signs that a Sagittarius man is falling for you!

1. He Compliments Your Smartness

Sagittarius men adore wit and intelligence in their potential partners. Even though they like adventures and physical connection, engaging in intellectual conversations also impresses them.

Aside from complimenting your smartness, he also carries on with the conversation. The Sagittarius man is a talker, but he turns to an attentive listener when you give small lectures and discussions. He takes his time to admire your beauty and wisdom.

2. He Spends Time with You

And he doesn’t just say it. The Sagittarius man makes it happen. He finds a way to be with you even though you haven’t been on an official date yet. For example, if you tell him that you enjoy reading books, he might casually ask you to go with him to the bookstore. If you say you like Tex-Mex food, he’ll take you to a food chain that has burritos. It’s simple romantic gestures like that.

If you guys work together, he won’t mind asking you about work stuff he already knows. Later on, you’ll find yourself talking about your personal lives. The Sagittarius man will also take this time to get to know you.

However, don’t be too impatient about them asking you on a date. He may not be there yet. He’ll want to assess you and gather all the courage before he confesses and asks you out on a date.

3. He Likes Leaving You Notes and Messages

Sagittarius men love chatting. But when time and other constraints hinder you from sitting down and having a nice talk, he’ll leave you caring notes and text messages instead.

You might arrive at your office with sticky notes on your desk saying, “good morning”, or leave the party with a “get home safe” message. It’s their simple way of telling you that they care about you or they are thinking about you!

Sometimes, they even add a little gift. They give you a book with a little note saying, “Saw this book and thought of you.”

4. He Acts Like You’re Already a Couple

Some Sagittarians cannot hide their affection for you anymore. Even though they are too afraid to ask you out on a date, he already does the job of a boyfriend. It can be as simple as giving you a nickname and asking you about your day. Or it can be as obvious as picking you up to go to work and having movie nights together.

In short, a Sagittarius man acts on his impulses when it comes to romance. It won’t take long for him to finally confess to you.

5. He Shares About His Life

The Sagittarius man loves talking and meeting new people. He enjoys casual conversations, but he’ll take it a step higher when chit-chatting with you.

He’ll make sure you laugh at his funny stories. He has this unique way to entertain you with his adventures in life. Even though you are not a fan of baseball, you’ll listen to his never-ending narrations simply because he’s a good storyteller.

The Sagi man is also comfortable sharing embarrassing stories with you just to make you laugh. The more you chuckle at his stories, the more inspired he is to share ridiculous stories.

Be Fun and Free with a Sagittarius Man!

A man born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign is attracted to an adventurous, independent, and helpful woman. You’ll know he’s interested when he starts complimenting your smartness, invites you to his gimmicks and trips, and shares many stories about his life.

Got more questions about dating a Sagittarius man? Leave a comment now!

Attracting a Sagittarius man can be challenging because he is all about fun and freedom. Support him in his adventures and he’ll definitely fall in love with you!

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