How To Attract A Sagittarius Man

Learn all about how to attract a Sagittarius man with these 15 easy tips and besure you’re a match made in heaven.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
How To Attract A Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man is notorious for playing with ladies’ feelings. As a free-spirited man born between November 22 and December 21, he likes meeting new people and having petty flings. Above all, he values his independence and freedom.

But it’s easy to attract a Sagittarius man and get them to be serious in a relationship! You just have to be as fun, spontaneous, and adventurous as him.

How do you make a Sagittarius male drool over you? Here are 15 tips on how to attract a Sagittarius Man.

1. Be Clear with Your Intentions

Surprised Man

Sagittarius men are not a fan of chasing women. So, if you want to make them pursue you, don’t make it too challenging! Tell him straight up that you are interested in a monogamous relationship but you want to take it slow. But on the other end, if you’re not ready for a committed relationship, be clear if you are only flirting or looking for something serious.

Candor and bravery attract them rather than playing hard to get. They prefer intellectual stimulation. Trying to be unpredictable and subtle doesn’t do the trick with these men because they don’t always recognize what you want from them!

Once you tell your Sagi man how you feel about a long-term or committed relationship, you’ll find him surprised and blushing. Even if you’ve been talking and seeing each other for months already, he’ll be over the moon finding out that you like him!

Prepare for his honest and respectful response about how he feels about you!

2. Communicate What You Want from Him

Because you’ve mentioned your intentions with him, you also need to communicate what you want from your Sagittarius lover in terms of a healthy relationship and the social life you wish to share. Don’t push him away simply because he has no idea about your plans together.

The truth is this zodiac sign does not know anything about planning a future in a long-term relationship. It’s not because he’s not interested, or he doesn’t love you. He’s just not that kind of man! Establish your terms, including what you need in a relationship and what you’re looking forward to.

You also need to be clear about your boundaries. Instead of being possessive and jealous when a situation occurs, tell him right from the start that you don’t want him seeing other women anymore.

Once you communicate with them, he will be comfortable sharing his terms. Accept his relationship boundaries and deal breakers the way he respects yours and you’ll have an enjoyable relationship.

3. Be the Most Cheerful Girl for Him

Be positive when talking to a Sagittarius man about relationship topics. Talk to him about the great things in life! Cheer him up when he’s feeling down, and he’ll remember it forever. If he had a rough day at work, or he feels devastated that his surfboard broke, put a smile on his face by taking a positive spin on the topic. Tell him that his hard work will pay off or you’ll get him a new surfboard this weekend!

Talk to your partner about his success. Congratulate him and let him talk more about his success. Ask about how he has achieved all of this at a young age. If you’re not a fan of words, you can congratulate your Sagittarius partner by taking him shopping or bringing over a home-cooked meal.

You can also practice cheerfulness by inviting him on an adventure when he’s feeling down. It doesn’t have to be high-priced or far away. In fact, an indoor treasure hunt will already make their adventurous heart happy! He has a lust for life and loves to show off his fierce personality by tapping into that adventurous spirit.

4. Wear Comfy Clothes on Your Date

Clothes on a hanger

So, you finally confessed to him and he asked you to go on an official date. What should you wear? A Sagittarius man prefers comfortable clothing, so we recommend matching his laid-back, free-spirited style. They also tend to love the color blue, so come up with an excellent color combo for your outfit.

There is a great likelihood that he will take you to brunch, a park, or the pub at night. Anything casual is fine with him, so dress based on the occasion. Look natural with simple makeup that enhances your facial features instead of covering your whole face.

Don’t forget to spray some perfume! Try a light yet fresh scent to match your casual outfit.

You don’t have to dress extravagantly when you’re going out with a Sagittarius. He is more interested in your beautiful eyes, humor, and jolly personality.

5. Give Your Sagittarius Man a Functional Gift

The Sagittarius male is the type of person who is intrepid yet practical. Give him a tool he can use for his adventures or philosophical explorations. He will appreciate a high-tech sports watch or new mags for his bike. But he won’t like a cute pillow or expensive sneakers he doesn’t need. He has an adventurous nature and a fun spirit, but he’s also very practical. Keep it functional, intellectually reasonable, and well-researched.

Another gift to give your Sagittarius man is food! Don’t just give him any ordinary food. They’re known to be adventurous people when it comes to food. Cook up or order something that will enhance your romance levels, like fondue, oysters, and chocolate-based desserts. A bottle of wine with various types of cheese can also excite him!

6. Compliment Him

The Sagittarius male is slow. He may seem strong and bold, but he’s too naïve to know whether you like him or not. So if you plan on making him a life mate, you need to slow your roll, too. If you think blue looks good on him, tell him. If his homemade pasta is the best pasta you’ve ever tasted, pay him a compliment. Tell him how interesting his sport is or how much you appreciate his perseverance at the gym. He’ll always be on the chase for the truth and will appreciate your candor in any situation. 

He might be too caught up in his world of adventure that he forgets how much he needs positive statements from people he values. So, don’t let the fear of rejection keep you from complimenting him.

7. Kiss Him

couple man and woman kissing in the park.

As daring as he may be, this zodiac sign is also afraid of being rejected. No matter how much he adores you, he is intimidated and shy around a person he likes. Make the first move by kissing him! Do it so casually that you’ll impress him and make him head over heels for you. Walk up to him, plant a short kiss, smile, and go back to doing your thing.

Kissing him out of nowhere is also a great opportunity for you to show that you are adventurous and trying to level up whatever is going on between you two. It will encourage him to take action too! His self-esteem goes up and his adventurousness is unleashed. Soon enough, he’ll be fun and playful every time you spend time together.

8. Give Him Sexy Time

Because Sagittarius men are adventurous with a fiery personality in bed, the sex has to be thrilling! Keep your Sagi man psyched by doing it in different locations. Try the kitchen or your living room. Do it during a romantic sunset in a hotel! Have sex at a place where you can laugh for a good memory. Anytime and anywhere is the perfect time and place.

You don’t have to wear an expensive lingerie set for him. Physical details do not matter. Rather, give him intensity, pleasure, and strength. The romantic chase is all he needs. 

If the Sagittarius guy doesn’t get stimulated enough, they may end up bored and never want to have sex with you again. This might make them leave and look for another woman to satisfy their sexual needs.

But don’t assume that they are shallow! Your mind and intellect are just as important as the physical delights you offer.

9. Be Flexible

You have to be flexible and adaptable when you’re dating a Sagittarius man. The Sagittarius is a mutable sign that accepts endings and sees them as a sign for new beginnings. A mutable sign refers to a sign that is born at the end of the season, which explains why he can easily move on and thrive in a new phase of his life.

Stop being rigid with a man who wants to be free and spontaneous. Instead of fencing him in, establishing routines, and creating a structure in his life, don’t be afraid to try new things with him. Cater to his needs and interests so that both of you don’t feel trapped in the relationship.

When a change of plan occurs, don’t get shaken up. Be excited and easy-going to attract him.

10. Go On an Outdoor Adventure

Adventure sign on the road

While a casual brunch or walk in the park is a Sagittarius male’s ideal first date, you’ll learn later on that they love the outdoors and are natural thrill seekers. They would rather hike, kayak, and camp than watch a movie or book a hotel. If you don’t like getting sweaty and soaked under the sun, you might turn him off. Show him how thrilled you are when you talk about mountain climbing or biking.

You don’t have to be part of every outdoor adventure he goes to. Remember that he enjoys being alone from time to time. Wait for him to come home and ask how it went.

11. Philosophize with Your Sagittarius Lover

Aside from exploring the great outdoors, the Sagittarius also loves exploring the world’s mysteries. He is inquisitive about the nature of life and existence because he is ruled by Jupiter. Talk to him about your opinions on life and social issues.

Don’t be afraid of political discourse! It will make you look attractive and smart to him!
If you’re brave, you can ask him about controversial issues in society and politics. Tell him about your personal approach to life, make eye contact, and show him your own personality traits. We’re warning you, though! Don’t be sensitive because the Sagi man will make fearless but astute points.

He can get offensive with his opinions, but don’t take them to heart. He just wants a deep conversation where he can explore different ideas.

Learn from each other! Listen to his views and allow him to correct you. In return, he’ll listen to yours and allow you to educate him.

12. Use Social Media

Social media on mobile phone and laptop

Even though the Sagittarius man enjoys meaningful connections, they see nothing wrong with flexing on social media. You can even attract him by posting pictures together in different locations.

Take as many photos as you want during your outdoor adventures. Photograph the scenery and food. Snap pictures of him and you together. He’s a sucker for candid photos too! A Sagittarius man believes that you can seize the moment while being on your phone for pictures.

Don’t hesitate to post him on social media. He likes being shown off in public! And when he posts pictures of him on Facebook, leave a “love” reaction and comment that will make him smile, laugh, or blush.

If you’re not lovers yet, a simple chat or poke on Facebook can get him interested. Take the online flirting slowly and make sure to find a way to see him in person!

13. Introduce Him to Your Friends

Officially together? You can attract your Sagittarius man even more by introducing him to your friends. This means more friends for him and therefore more adventures!

He will thank you for letting him in your circle. Watch him get to know your friends, create conversations, and bring something new to the table. In return, he may introduce your group to new gimmicks and activities.

Introduce your lover to your friends at a party so you can show him your social side and attract him. You can organize the party at home. Invite some friends over via Facebook and plan the food and drinks with your Sagittarius guy. 

a group of Friends

Even though a Sagittarius man loves a party atmosphere, he can get shy when he becomes the center of attention. Let him socialize at his own pace. Praise him, give him admiring looks, dress to impress, and compliment him during the celebration.

If you are an introvert, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone! Meet his friends instead. Be close to them without making him jealous.

14. Give Your Man Some Space

No matter how much a Sagittarius male enjoys your company, he will always value his independence and freedom. Let him travel on his own, stay at his place for the weekend, play XBOX instead of watching Netflix together, or have dinner with his friends.

This does not make him love you any less. It’s in a Sagittarius man’s nature to need time apart. The bright side here is, he doesn’t ask you to cater to all of his needs. He understands that his freedom also means he has to prepare his own food, solve his own problems, and pay his own bills. All you have to do is be supportive no matter what!

You also have space to spend time on your own interests and friendships. He wouldn’t mind if you have your own adventures that don’t include him. As long as you tell him everything and give him a little gift once you come home, then he’s already grateful.  

15. Have Fun with Your Sagittarius Man

happy couple with wallet and wine glasses paying bill at restaurant

This might be the most important rule of all. Whether you were on a 2-hour phone call with your Sagittarius man or you just got home from a carnival date with him, you NEED to let him know that you had a great time. Tell him which part of the date you enjoyed the most and why. Thank him for spending time with you.

Sagittarius men value their freedom and alone time. They see relationships and friendships as unnecessary. So, if they make an effort to spend time with you and express their affection, make sure to have fun and let them know about it. Don’t be afraid to dance with him at a party or have the ride of your life at Disney World!

Boldness attracts a Sagittarius. Let loose, keep his youth, and watch him fall in love with you even more!

The Sagittarius Man is Easy to Please!

You don’t have to look the hottest or spend the most money when you’re trying to catch a Sagittarius man’s attention. Just reveal your inner positivity and venturesome personality and he will surely want to date you.

Which tips have you tried to attract a Sagittarius guy? We’d love to hear your experiences and questions! Feel free to comment down below.

If a Sagittarius man falls for you, congrats! This means that your boldness in life stole his heart.

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