Will A Taurus Man Come Back After No Contact? Or Will He Disappear Forever

Tips for dealing with a breakup from a Taurus man and answers to whether he’llcome back or not.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Will A Taurus Man Come Back After No Contact? Or Will He Disappear Forever

Has a Taurus man tried breaking up with you? If yes, then you’re probably experiencing the worst breakup ever. This stubborn sign won’t show any signs that he wants you back.

Even though romantic breakups with a Taurus can make you emotional and desperate, you should practice the No-Contact Rule to get him to miss you.

Will a Taurus man come back after no contact? Or, will he be gone for good? We offer quick tips on how to lure a Taurus man back to you, or how to deal with a breakup.

How Does a Taurus Break Up with His Lover?

Selective focus of angry man gesturing and looking at woman while sitting at home

Bulls are unpredictably fierce and aggressive and not exactly a relationship expert. They fight when other animals or humans try to harm them, which may lead to serious injuries. However, in the face of an actual negative event, they are gentle. This is how the Taurus breaks up with his partner in an actual relationship.

You might expect him to be angry and harsh at you, but he’s most likely to announce it carefully over lunch or dinner. He’ll start with a line saying, “Are you happy in this relationship?”. Then, he will tell you that things have changed from his perspective, and he’s having a hard time fixing things these issues you have. Taurus will finally tell you that you’re better off as friends.

His Goal

His goal is to break it off to you gently. He wants the whole process—including the post-breakup—to be easy for you. He thinks there is a nice way for you to talk about it and drift apart.

While it seems nice that he’s at least trying, it just shows how nonchalant he is or how insensitive he is to your feeling. You can always expect a breakup with finesse from a Taurus man.

Are You a Clingy Person?

If you ever express your emotions to him for any period of time, he might gaslight you into thinking you’re making things too complicated or dramatic. He won’t try listening to what you’re saying because he believes his decision is the right one.

Don’t be a clingy woman! If ever you try begging him not to break up with you, Taurus will remain firm with his decision. He made a hard choice and he genuinely thinks you should live separate lives again. Being a needy woman will only solidify his choice.

Will Taurus Come Back After a Breakup?

A Taurus man will only come back to you after a breakup period if he has already weighed the pros and cons. Just as he gently broke up with you, he will try getting back with you very carefully. And only if there are still feelings of attraction.

It will most likely be due to personal reasons, such as him missing the quality time he got from you, or the mood-boosting private messages you used to send. If you’re a strong woman whom he had a good time with, then he just might come back.

Here are some logical reasons where a Taurus man might come back to pursue a romantic life with you.

If You Had Great Memories

Your memories together have a huge impact on how much Taurus had loved you. He will think about your adventures together, the problems you were able to fix, your sexual chemistry, and the mundane moments you had throughout the months or years.

If most of those memories were good, he is likely to test you in ways and try to win you back. He will realize that he made a mistake letting you go.

If You Broke Up with Him First

Taurus men don’t rush their decisions. If they broke up with you, they are likely to have had sleepless nights trying to make that choice. But if you broke up with him first, it would hurt him deeply and make him ask what prompted you to do so.

If you were the one who suggested the breakup, it makes sense that you’re the one who had a reason to end it. He may not bother asking you, but he’ll always wonder why.

When Will Taurus Not Come Back?

How do you know if the Taurus man is never coming back? He won’t come back if the reason for your breakup is grave. If you cheated, lied, or abused him, his choice to end things is permanent.

If you’ve only been together for months and he thought you don’t have emotional and sexual compatibility, there’s a huge chance he won’t come back.

When to Use The No Contact Rule

Here are some situations when you have to use the No-Contact Rule;

If He Ignores You

Sad young man with woman ignoring on bed

If your Taurus ex suddenly ghosts you, then there’s no point in trying to text him or go to his house. You need to act like you can ignore him too because, as a jealous man, he’ll surely lose the game.

Taurus will wonder why you haven’t been asking for another chance. He’ll make scenarios in his head that you’re trying to move on with a new guy. He might even search you up on social media to check what you’re up to.

But don’t talk to other guys if you’re trying to get the No-Contact Rule to work. You just want him to think about you and miss you while you’re inaccessible. Let him be interested in you again! It will make him question whether his decision to break up with you was right.

If You Want to Win Him Over

The No-Contact rule works if Taurus’ reason for breaking up with you was your neediness and sensitivity. If you ignore him as he ignores you, he’ll think you’ve already changed for the better. The clingy and dependent woman is gone!

Because he knows you won’t make the first move anymore, Taurus will try to make contact with you. He will tell you that his feelings for you haven’t changed and will initiate the comeback.

How Does a Taurus Handle a Breakup?

Taurus stays low-key about his feelings after a breakup. He goes on with his life as if nothing happened but deep down, he’s in pain. He thinks that having the same routine before he met you will help him cope. So, he goes back to preparing his own breakfast, going to work, then coming home with a few cans of beer.

No matter how much a relationship has changed him, and no matter how much he misses you, he is unlikely to message you. But some Taurus men who had great memories with their ex tend to come back. They also try to win them back if they see their ex doing good without them.

What to Expect When Your Taurus Dumps You

You’ll expect Taurus to be stubborn the moment he dumps you. As an Earth sign, he is grounded and cemented in a decision that he doesn’t want the relationship anymore. It’s going to be hard making him change his mind.

He probably spent nights contemplating your separation. He guarantees that his final decision won’t be a mistake, so it will be hard to convince Taurus that he shouldn’t have broken up with you.

You should also stop being too hopeful when you perform the No-Contact rule. Even though you take a lot of time and effort to ignore him, the principle doesn’t always work like a miracle, especially when you’re doing it on a Taurus. 

Does Taurus Miss You?

Texting guy sitting at table

The answer depends. Taurus might miss you if you ended on good terms. His last moment with you was a bittersweet conversation of why it’s best to move on, so he’ll probably think about it a lot. Especially if there are still feelings of attraction.

A Taurus man might also miss you if you’re doing the No-Contact Rule. He’ll try to check if you’re doing well without him because he’s not used to being ignored by you.

But Taurus won’t miss you if you were clingy, sensitive, needy, and overly attached during the whole relationship. He also won’t miss you if the reason for your breakup was you cheating or lying to him.

How to Know When Taurus Is Done With You

It really depends on the type of breakup you had. A simple trick to know if a Taurus is done with you is if the last conversation you had was bad. If you were mad and extremely emotional during the breakup, then he won’t bother trying to win you back or even be friends with you.

Other signs that Taurus is done with you include no response to your text messages, blocking you on social media, hanging out with a new girl.

How to Get a Taurus Man Back After a Breakup

Aside from practicing the No-Contact rule, here are some easy tips to get a Taurus man back after a breakup.

Improve Your Habits

What’s the breakup status? Have you changed since it happened? It’s normal to develop low self-esteem after someone dumps you. But you have to get up and improve yourself.

Don’t just do this to make Taurus want you back. Work on yourself for yourself! Get rid of your bad habits that turn men off. Do your makeup instead of crying in bed. Try a new sport.

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Take a beautiful selfie and your Taurus ex will surely drop his jaw. Though a new hairstyle is an indication that you’re starting fresh, you might expect him to hit you up once he sees the picture.

Wait Before Replying

In the case a Taurus texts you, you should show him that he isn’t a priority anymore. Don’t respond right away or he will think that he’s still important to you, or that you don’t have other options.

The slower your replies are, the more Taurus will think that you’re already talking to other men. But remember not to chat with other men in real life! Wait for him to miss you.

Make Your Taurus Man Miss You!

A Taurus man’s decision to break up with you wasn’t done overnight. He thought about it carefully so he probably won’t change his mind. But that doesn’t mean he won’t miss you!

If you have more questions about Taurus breakups, leave them in the comments and we’ll be happy to help. And for more awesome dating tips, check out our guide to attracting a Taurus man!

Make a Taurus man win you back through these tips:

  • Don’t get too emotional in front of him during and after the break-up.
  • Show him you’ve moved on without entertaining new men.
  • Practice the No-Contact Rule.

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