How Taurus Men Will Test You & What You Need to Do

Learn how to deal with a Taurus man who wants to test you before getting tooserious.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
How Taurus Men Will Test You & What You Need to Do

The Taurus Man is one of the most loyal partners you could ask for, a sensual and giving lover, and the type of man to stand up for, and by you, when the chips come down. However, in saying that, the Taurus Man can sometimes be a hard nut to crack as he has built up walls, rarely let’s people in, and has enough stubbornness to make any person roll their eyes. He will test his romantic partners, both consciously and subconsciously, as he is gauging their compatibility in their life.

The Taurus Man wants a relationship that will go the distance and thinks in long-term plans – which is why today we are taking a look at how the Taurus man will test you and what you need to do for a pass or fail.

Why is My Taurus Man Quiet?

There can be a multitude of reasons why the Taurus Man in your life suddenly went radio silent on you.

He could be silent because:

  • He is busy with work and can’t focus on more than two things at a time.
  • He is contemplating the relationship between you both and he needs to step back to gain perspective. If he maintains the silent treatment for a prolonged period? He is ready to be done with the relationship.
  • He is hurt, angry, mad, or upset with you for some reason – it takes a lot to bring out the Taurus Man’s temper so he will instead remove himself mentally and verbally from the source of his displeasure.
  • He is tired or he doesn’t have time to converse due to pressures from social circles, work, and more.

The thing to remember is that the stubborn Taurus Man will not speak to you if you continue to question why he is acting this way, but he is listening to you. Tell him how you don’t appreciate this behaviour and if you aren’t the source? Then he will give you a few sentences as to why he is quiet.

Do Taurus Men Play Mind Games?

Taurus Men can play mind games without even realizing he is doing so at times. As a man who personally hates mind games being played with his emotions, he will do his best not to repeat that behaviour to potential partners.

That being stated, it’s a good thing to note that the Taurus Man is definitely testing you in other ways to determine if a relationship with you is worth pursuing which leads us to the next section: how the Taurus Man is testing you without telling you he is.

1. He will observe whether you offer to pay for something or not.

happy couple with wallet and wine glasses paying bill at restaurant

#1 can be a tricky one.

The Taurus Man is known for being extremely financially frugal with just as extremely expensive tastes. He is the type to ensure that all his financial obligations are met each week or month, including a deposit into his savings account, but with the money that is left over? He is going to treat himself and do so in the right manner! Enjoying the finer things in life is a big part of the Taurus Man’s personality and he loves finding beauty in the unexpected – whether that is a restaurant, a retreat, or an addition to his humble abode. This man also loves to bring those he cares about along for the ride so he is the first one to offer to pay for someone who otherwise would not be able to attend or just to be a nice guy. But he can get tired of this if he thinks someone is taking advantage.

He wants to know if you are compatible in that sense, so he is watching to see if you blow through your money without a second thought and if you are willing to treat those around you while spending. Without clear boundaries on whether or not you are a date can make this one tricky so best thing to do? Always offer to pay and the Taurus Man will sometimes accept (but most likely not).

2. He will test your support level

#2 is indicative of the future.

One of the things that the Taurus Man definitely prides himself on, and pats himself on the back for, is his ability to offer all levels of support to those in his life. It doesn’t matter if the person in need is someone that is a work colleague, a lover, a friend, or a family member – when they need support, they are going to get it in spades from the Taurus Man.

Being this way, he is going to ensure that his potential romantic partner has those same characteristics in their personality. While he is used to being the supportive one; he also wants to be treated with the same respect. He pours his entire being (heart and soul) into his romantic relationship while being the best version of home and security for his partner that he can be.

If he is serious about letting you into his life; he might start by gauging your support level by telling you of a hardship that he encountered at work or on the commute back and forth to the office. If you dismiss him and his concerns as trivial, then he won’t see you as a supportive person – which he wants and needs in his romantic partnership.

3. He will test you if you have good character

#3 might seem like an inquisition.

The Taurus Man is the type of man to go all-in or not bother at all with any factor in his life. He wants a genuine, personable lover in his life, someone who is willing to support and love him at both his best and his worst. One of the most attractive things to the Taurus Man is the amount of character his potential lover has, provided that the character showing is good and pure. When we say pure, we don’t mean innocent and wide-eyed but someone who genuinely wants to help and support the ones they love.

He could broach the topic of your character and how you react to various types of people in your life by posing questions such as “why did your last relationship end?”, “how did you react to the breakup?”, or questions like “do you think that so and so is the best person to have in your life?”. While it might seem inquisitive and somewhat unnerving; he is genuinely trying to figure you out as a person and gauge if you are a good fit for his life. If you are the type to play games or always be the sole victim instead of taking responsibility for your own actions; or you are the type to allow a toxic person (or not stand up for your friends) to stay in your life – then he is going to see red flags. The Taurus Man doesn’t like to waste his time and he can be a long-time letting walls down unless he can sense that you are not playing games but truly that good of a person.

4. He will test your honesty

Emotional upset couple sitting on couch

#4 is another character test.

Honesty is a big thing to the Taurus Man, and he lives his life in the embodiment of honesty is the best policy. This man will tell someone exactly what they don’t want to hear as he practices his “tough love” approach. If he doesn’t agree? Then you’ll know even if he doesn’t come right out and say the words. His body language will definitely give away that he is not pleased with something and it harkens back to the paragraph earlier in the post of questioning why the Taurus Man has gone quiet.

He also is quite wary of anyone who doesn’t seem to have his best intentions at heart; which is why he could test your honesty in subtle ways that you aren’t even aware of. He might ask questions regarding your day that he already knows the answer too – he just wants to see if you will give the same answer. He will talk to his friends about their initial impressions of you as a person as he trusts their opinions explicitly (even if he doesn’t heed them because he is, well, stubborn to the core).

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to the Taurus Man so if you aren’t the type to be upfront? Then don’t even waste your time (and his) with pursuing a relationship.

5. He will watch how you handle your life situations

#5 is a good indicator of your future together.

The Taurus Man is the type to slow down and ease his way into an intimate relationship. He doesn’t want to rush or jump the gun as he hides his heart, wants, and needs perfectly deep inside. While this man is quite the sensual and passionate lover – these characteristics tend to only come out when he is with someone that he is truly comfortable with. This comfort level comes from spending time together, not trying to change him as a person, being compatible in all areas of life together, and having an emotional connection.

The Taurus Man is also not a fan of drama or high-energy situations. He would prefer to deal with crises and changes in plans in his own way which is to retreat into himself, allowing himself the time to gauge and react in the best possible manner. A woman who is prone to hysterics or tends to blow things out of proportion will not mesh well with the Taurus Man, so don’t be surprised if you get the sense that he is judging and watching how you handle life’s situations. When life throws you a curve-ball and you take the time to reflect, reassess, and determine the next course of action without completely falling apart? Well then, he is definitely intrigued and will want to pursue things further.


Enjoyment is the feeling we want you to have after reading through this list of how the Taurus Man will test you and how you need to react to soothe him while maintaining your own independence (and standards!).

Verbal conversation is the best way to approach issues with the Taurus Man, so definitely work on those communication skills. The best part? These in-depth conversations will definitely grow the bond between you both which corresponds to a long-lasting relationship (or amicable split).

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