What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear From A Woman?

If you’re a woman dating by astrological signs, this in-depth guide will walkyou through everything a Taurus man wants to hear from you.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear From A Woman?

Are you wondering what to say to a Taurus man to make him like you? Taurus is an earth sign who is humble, logical, and looks for consistency in a relationship.

Catching his attention and initiating a discussion with him is not difficult! If you want to attract a Taurus man, keep reading to learn what he wants to hear from a woman!

What a Taurus Man Wants to Hear

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What does a Taurus sign want to hear in his romantic life that will make him fall in love with a woman? Here are some of them.

1.Your Intentions

A Taurus man wants to know that you are just as committed as him in your relationship in your romantic life. They are used to being the center of attention and can be very jealous and insecure, so be clear about your intentions and what you want from them. A fellow Earth sign will understand this. 

He wants to hear that you prioritize him in your life. Tell him he’s your number one, he’s irreplaceable, and you want a future with him. Any sincere words of assurance will make him feel secure.

2.Intelligent Discussions

Intelligence is sexy for a Taurus man. He would want to hear about your life achievements and the things that make you proud of yourself. Don’t go for small talk. This man longs for discussions that will stimulate his mind and get him to think deeply. He enjoys it when women make him curious.

Aside from wanting to hear about your thoughts on love, life, and your hopes, a Taurus man will also want to share his own aspirations. Make sure there is two-way communication between each other!

3.The Truth

Taurus men want you to be honest. They take trust seriously when they are in a relationship, so you need to tell the truth all the time.

But this is not just about being truthful in words. You also need to be true in your actions. Stop pretending to be someone you’re not because it may only turn him off.

4.Anything Flirty

If you’re already comfortable around each other, start adding flirtiness to your conversations from time to time. Tell him his hair is sexy or how he looks handsome in the picture he posted on Facebook.

But don’t go overboard with flirting. Taurus men want to be in control in these situations. And they are not always comfortable with dirty talk. If you’re a fellow Earth sign then you’ll understand. 

What a Taurus Man Wants in Bed

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The Taurus man becomes sexually aware early. He enjoys lovemaking, so here are some things that a Taurus man wants from you beneath the sheets.

1.He wants to please you

Because a Taurus man likes to take the lead, he will do everything to satisfy you! Unlike other men, he is sensual and feminine in bed. He believes this is the best method to please women. Taurus thinks that good sex is key to a healthy relationship, so he is willing to bring pleasure anytime. He is not selfish and will even ask about your needs in bed.

The only thing he wants from you is to get comfortable every time you do it. Don’t be self-conscious when communicating your sexual desires.

2.He wants variation

A Taurus man is curious in bed. He is also excited and spontaneous, so he will change things up during sex. Variations in sex are ideal for a couple’s sex life to keep things passionate and allow each other to set expectations.

But he doesn’t want to make you feel anxious or scared of experimenting. He is experimenting in bed to make sure that your desires are met.

3.He wants you to fulfill his needs

Given that your Taurus partner exerts too much effort on giving you pleasure, it should follow that his sexual needs are also met. He won’t necessarily demand attention, but it’ll be expected. Start by asking him which particular positions he likes and what his erogenous zones are.

Because he is passionate, he craves emotional security in bed. Sex should be constant throughout the relationship. Those feelings of attraction need to be reciprocated. 

What Not to Say to a Taurus Man

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Unless you want to turn off your Taurus man, avoid saying these lines in front of them! If he’s being distant, it’s an obvious sign that maybe you’ve said the wrong thing. 

1.“I don’t think you’re trustworthy.”

Trust is an important part of a relationship for a Taurus man. He believes you can’t fully love a person if you do not trust them. This is why he takes his time knowing your personality.

So being unsure of whether to trust him or not is offensive, especially when he constantly proves himself to you. Never question a Taurus man’s trustworthiness unless he has done something to ruin it.

2.“Why are you so indecisive?”

No matter how impulsive a Taurus guy can get, he will never rush to a decision that may change his life. He will process the whole situation and analyze the consequences of every possible choice.

If you give him an ultimatum, he’ll only take longer trying to make a decision. Some Taurus men get turned off when their partners give them a time restriction. And don’t assume he’s just too lazy to face certain things. Chances are, he stays up all night thinking about the right choice to make. 

3.“You are too Spoiled.”

Never question a Taurean’s love for luxury, especially if his purchases come from his hard-earned money. They never want to settle with what’s okay. They want a comfortable home, a well-planned nature trip, and good food!

Don’t worry, though. If he truly likes you, he will share all these extravagant things and experiences with you.

You also don’t want to ask why it’s always Taurus’ way. They can’t admit that they are nice to people as long as they agree with everything he says. Confrontation will only lead to an argument.

4.“Give me some space.”

Taurus men do not want to feel alone when they are in a relationship. Even if he is independent and autonomous, he tends to be possessive because he thinks his partner is his responsibility. Expect him to be protective, especially if there’s someone who’s been trying to approach you.

So, don’t ask for space because it makes him feel like you want to escape from loving him back. After all, he still lets you express your autonomy despite their clinginess.

What to Say to a Taurus Man

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Here are a few useful things you can say to a Taurus man whom you adore!

1.Give him lots of compliments.

Taurean men try their best to look good, excel at work, and be persevering. It helps to give them compliments from time to time! A simple compliment about his hair, his amazing work-life balance, or his outgoing personality will motivate him all day.

He will be so flattered that he will think about it all the time. But you have to be authentic when complimenting a Taurus man. He can easily detect if you’re lying just to get something from him.

2.“I love being out in nature.”

Taurus men are born to have a strong connection with nature because they are an earth sign. They truly appreciate the natural beauty of the world, so you will find them fishing in lakes, hiking in the wild, and probably playing golf in an open field.

Letting him know that you have the same interest will make him more fond of you! Tell him about your outdoor adventures to pique his interest. Who knows, he might invite you on his next trip to the safari!

3.Show him your appreciation

Taurus will love it if you appreciate his small acts of kindness toward you. The hardworking and career-oriented man deserves to be hyped up, especially if he celebrates every small win with you.

Preparing some delicious food, planning a night out, buying him a personal present. These are all things you can do. 

Taurus is also generous and caring to the people they love, so make sure he hears a sincere “thank you” every time he exerts effort to create a better relationship between the two of you.  His face will instantly light up!

4.He’s your one and only

This zodiac sign does not like playing games even if they like chasing a little. Give him constant reassurance that he’s the only person you like so he won’t get jealous of other guys who are hitting you up. Making your feelings of attraction evident is a good idea.

Taurus men are not needy, but they don’t want to feel like they are a second option. Be straightforward to him about how much you like him! Your bravery might even turn him on.

5.Your dreams and goals

If a Taurus man likes you, he will want to know you on a deeper level. So, surprise him with your independence. Start a conversation and talk to him about your job, your goals, and your approach to life.

He will be fascinated by the fact that you are a mature and responsible woman who matches his career-oriented personality. Share the bold decisions you’ve made, the investments you have, and your future plans to settle.

But don’t do it boastfully! Stay down to earth and nice as you let him know that you are an empowered woman.

6.Anything that stimulates his mind

Show your intelligence to this zodiac sign and he will be all ears. This will let him know that you are more than just a pretty face; you’re a good match. Your intellectual topics will not scare him off but they will get him more engaged in the conversation.

If you know which subject matter your Taurus man is interested in, do research, and share some facts and opinions with him! He’ll admire how he can have deep talks with you which he probably won’t be able to experience with other women.

7.“Yes, let’s go!”

Taurus men are spontaneous and random. They can go from being too focused on their work to suddenly wanting to book a vacation. When in love, Taurus can impulsively invite you to go mountain-climbing, sunset-watching, and other nature-related activities.

And the quickest way to make their heart skip a beat is by saying yes to his suggestions. This doesn’t mean you have to agree even when you feel uncomfortable. You just have to go with the flow to make him happy!

8.“I’d love to cook for you”

Everyone loves being cooked a hearty meal, but no one appreciates the gesture more than a food-loving Taurus man! A way to a Taurus man’s heart is indeed through his stomach. His love for food stems from his ruler, Venus, who makes him see that food is a form of luxury and pleasure. It gives him comfort and satisfaction.

Make sure to prepare not just an ordinary meal, but their favorite fancy dish. It will make him feel spoiled and special.

The Bottom Line

Did you enjoy reading our list of things to tell a Taurus guy? Saying what he wants to hear will make him pay attention to you. Soon, the Taurus guy will start to develop feelings for you!

Comment your thoughts and experiences on attracting a Taurus sign in your life! And make sure to share this with a friend who needs it. For more helpful astrology and dating tips, check out our guide to how to turn on a Taurus man!

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