7 Best Sex Positions For A Taurus Man

Learn all about the 7 best sexual positions for a Taurus man so you can improveyour love life.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
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Social stability, stubbornness, and consistency. These characteristics describe almost every Taurus man out there. But many have no idea what a Taurus man is like behind closed doors… or underneath the sheets!

Taurus is one of the most intimate signs, so satisfying them in bed is a piece of cake. Read on to learn about the 7 best sex positions for a Taurus man, both classic and new!

3 Hot & Heavy Sex Positions Any Taurus Will Enjoy

Taurus men are carnal and sensual lovers. They know how to please and be pleased. Are there any sex positions they haven’t tried? Try these three hot and heavy sex positions that any Taurus will enjoy.

The Glowing Juniper

In this position, Partner 1 faces Partner 2 while stretching out their legs. The penetrated partner or Partner 2 lies down on their back with the distance between their legs. Partner 1 can use a pillow or lean on the wall.

The Glowing position is a relaxing position for both partners, especially the one being penetrated. Partner 1 can even lift Partner 2’s hips for more enjoyment.

You’ll notice in the next few positions that the Taurus man is a sensual man who loves sensual positions! The Glowing Juniper and other positions allow for caressing and kissing!

The Zen Pause

Another romantic position that your Taurus man hasn’t probably tried yet is the Zen Pause. Think of it as a “break” or “rest” from the tiring positions you’ve tried. There’s no need to rush a Taurus. In fact, he wants to take his time.

In the Zen Pause, both individuals face one another on their sides. Their legs are locked together, while their chests are touching. Partner 1 continues penetrating Partner 2 all throughout. They can kiss and touch to go back to climax.

The Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse sounds like a unique position, but it’s just like the typical Cowgirl form but typical. To do this, Partner 1 extends their legs while sitting down, and the other wraps their legs around the torso of the first partner. This will require Partner 2 to lower themselves a little.

During the Rocking Horse position, both partners share romance and support by embracing each other’s back. Partner 1 has to match the tempo asserted by Partner 2.

Eye contact makes the Bull weak, and the Rocking Horse is the perfect position for it. They can even touch each other in various ways while performing this. We don’t mean hardcore touching, just passionate caressing of the hair, neck, chest, and face which Taurus men love.

4 Sex Positions Taurus Men Can’t Get Enough Of

A person’s zodiac tells a lot about their personality and preferences in sex. The Taurus man, with his feminine energy, wants it carnal, sensual, and sweet! Even though they want to try new positions, they also like sticking to the classics!

Check out these sex positions Taurus men can’t get enough of.


Missionary position

We’ve already established that Taurus men are intimate in bed, so it’s no wonder they enjoy Missionary, one of the classic positions. It lets them form a connection with you and feel you with their full body.

The traditional Missionary position is simply where Partner 1 penetrates on top of Partner 2. It’s an amazing position that isn’t exhausting. It also does not require too much effort and flexibility. You can spice it up a little by wrapping your legs around his neck or back.

Despite craving intimacy, Taurus men love feeling strong and manly during sex.


Taurus men love to maximize your time together. Even if they’re too lazy or tired, they still enjoy the exciting moments. This is why spooning during sex is one of their favorite positions. This “lazy” or “drunk” arrangement requires them to lie behind you as close as possible while penetrating you.

As they hold and touch you, they can kiss you conveniently! After finishing off, it’s automatically cuddling time for both of you. You can stay in the somewhat half fetal position or turn around to face them and fall asleep.

Face-to-Face Tantric

Another erotic position to get used to with a Taurus is the Face-to-Face Tantric. It’s suitable for partners who are comfortable together and already committed. You have to face each other as you pull his back closer with your legs. His legs must also be behind you.

The Face-to-Face Tantric position makes everything sexier because of your face-to-face contact! It’s probably the most sensual out of all the positions. You can also take advantage of this time to kiss his neck gently.


Cowgirl sex position

Almost every man loves a good Cowgirl position! Despite the Taurus’ spicy performance in bed, he also wants to be comfortable and stable at times. Stay on top of him and he might be satisfied right away. You can face him or not as you control the tempo.

Remember, Taurus men are bulls who love to be ridden. So, saddle up and enjoy the ride.

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman in Bed – Mutual Respect

The relationship of a Taurus man and a Gemini woman is typically difficult because he loves structured and well-planned routines, while she finds bliss in spontaneity and flexibility. Both partners need to respect and accept one another to have an amazing sex life and relationship.

Both Taurus man and Gemini woman are kinky and flirty, but their methods and attitudes just don’t complement each other. It will take time for them to make lovemaking more fun and creative.

The key is to fulfill each other’s needs in bed. The Gemini woman is aggressive and adventurous. She likes sensual games and new things. The Taurus male is conservative and sensual. He finds it hard to try new things.

Erogenous Zones and Sex Positions

Taurus men get turned on when you play with their ears and neck, while Gemini women want their fingers sucked and their arms kissed up to their shoulders.

Some positions for the Taurus man and Gemini woman to try include:

  • Missionary (traditional position)
  • One-legged sex style
  • Spooning
  • Any standing position

Taurus Man and Aries Woman in Bed – Passionate & Fulfilling

The Taurus Man and Aries Woman are also complete opposites in bed. However, they are somehow more compatible than the Taurus and Gemini pairing. While the Taurus guy is easy to please with the usual positions and erogenous zones, the Aries woman wants to have multiple orgasms.

The Aries woman always makes sure to deliver! But she, too, wants to reach climax. And the Taurus man may help her by trying new toys and positions. He must also let her be in control so that she doesn’t get bored.

By experimenting and being more confident, Taurus and Aries will have the most passionate and fulfilling sex of their lives.

Erogenous Zones and Sex Positions

The Aries woman gets turned on when the Taurus partner strokes her hair! Meanwhile, the Taurus man would like to be nuzzled and nibbled in his ears.

Some positions for the Taurus man and Aries woman to try include:

  • Missionary
  • Spoon-side
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Doggy style

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Taurus

If you want to further explore your intimacy, desires, and liberation with the Taurus man, consider the following Kamasutra positions for him.


69 sex position

Taurus men love oral sex and masturbation. But they only do this with women they are comfortable with. If you have reached that level of intimacy already, try the 69 position. Yes, it’s not exactly a traditional position, but Taurean men love it. Here, the man lays down and the woman is on top facing his genital as they masturbate or take part in oral sex.

Expect him to touch your genitals, legs, back, and butt with their fingers and mouth. In return, you massage their testicles.

The Mold

The Mold is just like a Spooning position. Lie on your side and let your Taurus boyfriend lie behind you with your legs together. Let him hug you as they penetrate you for the ultimate intimacy. Let him touch your neck and hair while whispering the most erotic things in your ear! This satisfies his deep need for physical contact.

The Tight End

Doggy Style may be the perfect way to end the sex. This common yet powerful position requires Partner 2 to arch their back while being penetrated by Partner 1 from behind. For the Tight End, try pressing your legs between the Taurus man’s knees. This will make the climax more intense and exciting! For a bonus, ask him to be touchier with your body.


How Compatible is a Taurus Man and Gemini Woman in the Bedroom?

No matter how much Taurus and Gemini love sex, their interests differ! Gemini women enjoy threesomes, sex toys, and daring positions, while Taurus men want romance and traditional positions. But they can work on their differences through mutual respect and communication.

How Compatible are Taurus Man and Aries Woman in Bed?

In terms of compatible signs, a Taurus man and Aries woman can be good in bed after a few practices. They are not naturally compatible but attending to each other’s needs will help them be satisfied in the sheets.

What is Taurus like in bed?

couple in bed

These earthy signs are sensual, intimate, and romantic in bed. Their practicality makes them stick to the “classic” ways, making them easy to satisfy! Taurus love outdoor sex and props like whipped cream. They seem playful, but they also love routine.

Bull-Riding Has Never Been this Fun!

Taurus men are a sensual, carnal, and hot zodiac sign. They crave that deep, physical contact. As bulls, they are one of the best zodiac signs in bed so you’re lucky to have a full-body experience with them. You’ll know they’re into you if they play along with your non-conventional positions. Tell us your sexual experience with a Taurus man and share this with a friend who will find it helpful!