Taurus Man in Bed: What to Expect and Tips to Turning Him On

Dating a Taurus man requires a guide to navigating the ins and outs of keepinghim happy in bed.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Taurus Man in Bed: What to Expect and Tips to Turning Him On

We all know that the Taurus Man is a stubborn, dependable, trustworthy, and all-around great guy to have in your life; regardless of whether it’s a friendship or romantic relationship. But what is he like in bed? Is he stubborn and only cares about his own pleasure? Or is he the type to put his lover on a pedestal, making her pleasure the top priority? Is the stoic Taurus Man hiding a passionate sex drive?

Let’s find out together as we break down the Taurus Man in bed – what to expect and tips to turn him on.

Taurus Man Sexuality Traits

The Taurus Man hides a lot of telling sexuality traits underneath that stubborn and steadfast exterior that he presents to the rest of the world at large. He tends to shy away from strangers and don’t let them into his life on a whim but instead will spend the time nurturing, growing and connecting with those who capture his interest. He can seem detached and distant at first, leading his lady love to assume he isn’t interested when in reality? This man is firing on all cylinders at top speed and raring to go.

The Taurus Man is one of the most passionate and sensual signs out there in terms of sexual intimacy. He is the type to spend hours teasing and priming his partner until they are ready to scream before he consummates the final act. No time of day or night is the wrong time to have a rendezvous with his partner and his libido is always primed to start the show.

What to Expect

1. They are NOT in a hurry

Young attractive happy couple having romantic time in bed

#1 is the most telling sign of the Taurus Man in bed

With the Taurus Man, you won’t find the typical quickie experience that most men (at least those who are not experienced in the ways of mutual pleasure) seem to enjoy – you want to prepare for a long session of mutual pleasure. He is concerned with his partner’s pleasure, almost more than his own! Think lots of foreplay, mutual discovery, and a lot of naked fun when you romp with the Taurus Man.

2. Don’t expect him to be too imaginative in bed

#2 can be both a blessing and a curse.

He might be an extremely sensual man and one that is passionate to the core but he doesn’t always think outside the box when it comes to physical dalliances in the bedroom. You are going to be the one to bring him out of his shell and show him different ways to have a mutually pleasurable experience. Lead him slowly and watch as his world opens in new ways – that he will love to try with you.

3. They like control and overview

#3 can be a fun way to make the Taurus Man squirm.

Dominant and controlling in a good way – that’s exactly how the Taurus Man will be in the bedroom (pretty close to how he is in all areas of his life). He is used to being in control and having all the final say, even when you two are busy getting busy with each other. This can be amazing and freeing for the woman in this equation but to really turn the Taurus Man on his head? Flip the control around to you once you both have established a solid connection in romance and physicality.

4. The Taurus Man’s five senses are almost always turned up to eleven

Top view of of attractive girlfriend and handsome boyfriend laying in bed

#4 makes things interesting when in bed with the Taurus Man.

With all five senses firing on maximum at all times, it’s no surprise that he brings this energy to the bedroom. When his passionate nature overtakes his senses? Well, that is when the fun comes out of his sexual prowess. This man will introduce things to the bedroom that you never even considered to be sexual, whether it’s art or food related. He will make sure that your pleasure is top priority while pushing your buttons on the journey.

5. He likes to have sex often and regularly

#5 is a great quality to have in a lover.

Couple in bed

This man is not a one-and-done type of lover but instead the type that will want to re-experience all those pleasurable moments with you – over and over. He will want to feel that physical connection in conjunction with the emotional one and bring you both to new heights of pleasure. Expect to be worshiped both in and out of the bedroom in frequent and regular intervals (which honestly and really? Who would complain about that?).

6. He likes to feel secure

#6 is a sightline into his heart.

The Taurus Man wants to feel secure and at home with his romantic partner, and this feeling is not only in the bedroom. Once the Taurus Man bonds with you? He is bonded for life as he doesn’t take entanglements lightly. He will allow his full sensual side of his personality out to play when he feels secure with his partner. Those who haven’t reached this level with the Taurus Man will most likely not find themselves naked with him.

How to Turn on the Taurus Man

7. The woman’s femininity gives him wild ideas

Man and woman cuddling on the couch

#7 brings out his imagination in the bedroom.

This man loves to feel as if he is the protector and defender of his lady love so let him use that to bring a spark into the bedroom. Ask him his advice, show him physical affection when out in public such as playing with his hair or holding his hand while running your thumb over his knuckles, and then when he gets you home? Watch him pounce on you within minutes of entering the door. He is a tactile creature and one that loves to witness your femininity in action.

8. Invest in nice sheets

#8 is how the little signs let him know you care.

Investing in nice sheets for a bedroom romp with your Taurus Man seems like it is almost too easy right? Wrong! It’s the little things like wearing nice lingerie or investing in a set of satin sheets that appeal to this man’s passionate and sensual side. These little things show that you are as invested in this partnership as he is and shows him that he made the right choice to embark on a pleasurable journey with you. And he is all about luxury in his life!

9. Display your sexiness in a more low-key way

#9 bring the heat without being obnoxious about it.

He doesn’t do anything to draw attention to himself in any situation so he wouldn’t be appreciative of his romantic partner doing the same thing. If you go out wearing something that would be more suited to the pool or the bedroom? He won’t feel turned on but instead, he will be uncomfortable. The Taurus Man is going to go for women that showcase their sexiness in subtle ways, such as a winking diamond anklet paired with a set of killer heels that show their killer legs. A dash of perfume at the hollow of your throat so he can get a whiff when he leans in for a conversation – those are the types of things that make the Taurus Man go wild.

10. Give his neck some attention

couple in bed

#10 is a surefire way to turn this man on beyond comprehension

Remember how it was mentioned about the Taurus Man being a tactile creature? Well, use that to your advantage before and during your bedroom games. While out in public with the Taurus Man, gently run your fingers over the nape of his neck, play with his hair, and get his attention with a light touch where his neck meets his shoulders. Once he’s riled up and he has you where he wants you? Then start bringing the big game with caresses and kisses on his favorite spot.

11. He wants to see that you are comfortable with yourself

#11 brings you confidence.

The Taurus Man is someone who is extremely confident in his abilities and his goals. Does he want something? Then he will do whatever it takes to get it. This applies to his sexual partners as well because he is attracted to confidence. Be confident in yourself as a woman and know that you have the power in any situation – once he sees this? Then he will be all over you. Even if you aren’t the most confident person, he will bring these qualities out in you as he worships your body, mind, and soul.

12. Satiate his appetite – you know, the one for food

#12 can help bring the bedroom outside.

This man’s appetite for all things in life is huge and he loves to surround himself with luxurious beauty once his obligations have been met. Bring him out to a romantic dinner to a new restaurant that neither person has been to before and allow him to satisfy his palette with rich dishes from all nationalities. Then once he is sated in that manner? Allow him to see how much you are enjoying the food as well and he will be all too eager to recreate those satisfactions between the sheets.

13. Whisper some sweet-nothings as you kiss him

Amorous couple on romantic date or celebrating together at restaurant

#13 brings out the passion in both the Taurus Man and his lover.

The Taurus Man loves to be praised and worshiped just as much as he loves praising and worshiping his lovers. Next time you crazy kids are engaging in some tonsil hockey or even just sharing chaste pecks, whisper your favorite qualities to him to turn him on. Compliment him on his attire, tell him how happy he has made you, and share with him how much you loved the thing he did to you last night. Bonus points for whispering all of this into his ear while playing with his neck.

14. Go slow and steady

#14 is beneficial to both parties.

One thing that the Taurus Man is not is impulsive and this extends to his sexual activities as well. He is definitely not the type to jump in bed with a woman upon their first meeting. If he does engage in a one-night stand? It’s very out of ordinary for him as he prefers to go slow and steady before consummating the relationship in a physical sense. This doesn’t mean that he won’t engage in any sexual activities but he enjoys the slow pace and learning about each other on all levels. This is beneficial to the woman as well as she gets to enjoy being wooed and chased.

15. The basics work best

#15 takes the pressure off.

The Taurus Man is going to stick to the basics when it comes to the bedroom and for good reason – there is a reason that the starting point for all sexual activities are mutually shared pleasures that come from kissing, touching, and holding each other. This is how the Taurus Man will show you that he is interested in you sexually by being obvious and straightforward – a lot like he is in all areas of your life. If the physical attention has increased? Then he is planning to take your relationship to the next level.

16. Wear some nice-smelling perfume

#16 brings it back to his senses on high-alert at all time.

Young couple embracing with bouquet of flowers

We previously mentioned that the Taurus Man is walking around with all his senses on high alert at all times which includes his sense of smell. One of the best ways to turn on the Taurus Man and bring his attention to you is to wear a nice-smelling perfume in the typical spots. But of course, you can also spice up the routine and surprise him with touches of your chosen scent in areas that are unexpected. For example, the back of your knees, the arches of your feet, etc. Tell him to go on a road trip and find all the places that his favorite scent is placed.


As we’ve discovered through this journey of the Taurus Man in bed and how to seduce a Taurus Man – he is an extremely passionate and giving lover. Someone who loves to both receive and give pleasure. The Taurus Man knows how to play the chords of his lover like a fine-tuned instrument and now that you are armed with even more tips to turn him on? You’ll definitely both reap the benefits of this romantic and physical partnership!

Know another way(s) to turn on the Taurus Man or what the Taurus Man truly wants in bed? then share your guidance in the comment section below and also hit that share button to let your social circle know the best way to discover the Taurus Man in bed.

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