Taurus Man: A Guide to Traits, Love, Dating, and More

A lengthy and helpful guide to all you should know about dating a Taurus man andmore.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Taurus Man: A Guide to Traits, Love, Dating, and More

Astrology and aligning the signs for an individual has been in practice for centuries and there has definitely been an insurgence of people who are starting to believe that the signs are truly are all there when it comes to how their astrological sign influences who they are as people, how they interact with others, and more.

The Taurus Man is someone who was born between the dates of April 20th to May 20th and is represented by the bull under an earth sign. So, what are Taurus men like? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out.

Taurus Man Guide

Zodiac sign taurus

Taurus Man Profile


April 20 – May 20

Glyph Meaning

The circle is the face, the protrusions from the circle represent bull horns.




Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces


Patient, Consistent

Key Phrase

I have

Anatomical Rulership

Throat, including the neck, thyroid gland, and vocal tract





Primary Color


Primary Need

Security, Comfort


John Cena, Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum, Ethan Wacker


When it comes to the Taurus Man, there are some key traits to remember and to look out for. For example, this man moves slowly in every area of his life because of them. It has to be done right or he won’t do it at all. This personality trait will be present in his social relationships, sexual relationships, and even in his familial relationships.


Honesty is a big factor in all of the relationships a Taurus Man will have and can tend to cut out those who bring dishonesty to the table. They are straightforward, sometimes brutally so, and will tend to shy away from lying because they just aren’t that good at it. However, Taurus is one of the most loyal signs and will always have a person’s back when the chips are down.

He is extremely loyal and stable when it comes to all areas of their life – family, friends, career, romantic relationships, etc. Once they are in your life and you are loyal to them? They will never turn their back on you.


A Taurus Man will fear making mistakes in their life which is where some people can misinterpret their lack of motivation as disinterest. They are also quite stubborn and will dig their feet in when it comes to something that means a lot to them, both personally and professionally.

His passive-aggressiveness can cause frustration for those that know him well but if and when he does get angry? Their tempers can last a while (again, this is where the stubbornness comes out full force).

Love and Sex Life

Because the Taurus Man is obsessed, both consciously and subconsciously, with getting things correct on the first try; they can come across to potential partners as uninterested or not attracted. They tend to shy away from those they are most attracted to because of these fears of failure.

couple man and woman kissing in the park.

You might have to (and most likely will) have to pursue him but once you get him, that patience and slow speed will work in your favor. Sex is a time of bonding for the Taurus Man and their partner, so they want to slow down, enjoy the moment, and truly nourish that connection. Prowess in the bedroom is a sign of a strong Taurus Man in touch with his inner wants and desires. The earth element astrological signs tend to value physical sensations and real-world displays of affection. Think a lot of sensual touches to your bedroom forays – candles, silk sheets, foreplay for hours, and more.

They love a feminine woman, someone who is in touch with their softer side and will show greater signs of attraction in a partner that allows this side of their womanhood to come out full force.

He longs for stability and security which can manifest itself as jealousy in terms of romantic relationships. Not in the sense of maliciousness but they will need reassurance from their romantic partner that this is for the long-haul and the real deal for you as well.

Home and Family

Loving young couple using smartphone in kitchen

Home life and family life is extremely important to him as he can flourish in these bonds. It is with his family that you will see the charming side of his personality and they can come to life in a safe setting. He enjoys being a protector by nature and this protection stems to his family.

Home life with a Taurus Man is easy, comfortable, and open. They will tell you what is bothering them and are just as excited for a night on the couch watching movies as they are going out for an expensive meal.


The friendship of a Taurus Man is easy for the most part, but he will tell you if he doesn’t agree with a statement or decision. The honesty trait of their personality comes out even in friendship-bonds.

The kind hearted Taurus Man will put his friends first, along with their family members, and do whatever is in their power to make life easier for those he loves and cares about.

Career and Money

He values their chosen career, and they choose a career that caters to their strengths rather than a career where they have to pretend. They are extremely hardworking individuals and will build a reputation of being dependable as well as practical.

Goal driven, the stubborn Taurus will not shy away from the hard tasks in their career and work harder than most to get the job done right. Their formidable work ethic makes them a must for any group or team project in the workplace.

Money is important but not overly so as they enjoy treating themselves and their loved ones to nights out. They can be self-indulgent though which can harm their financial state if they are not investing in savings. Luckily, their practical side will win out and they pay their bills before indulging in a treat.


Man exercising in gym

Physical and mental health is important to him, partially due to their traits of having to have everything right the first time. They will take care of themselves, dress nice, look nice, smell nice, etc. They want to showcase their physicality and will enjoy exercise routines that are both traditional and non-traditional. For example, a day in the gym can be matched in terms of exercise by an outdoor hike through a woodland trail! Being an earth element? This is where they are really in their, well, element.

Stress can be a problem with him due to their stubborn streak which can wreak havoc on their mental and physical health. Navigating this can be tricky for family, friends, and partners as they tend to overreact to criticism. You want to disguise your concern by treating them to a relaxing weekend at an outdoor retreat so they can unwind and let go of their stressors.

Gift Guides

Wondering what to purchase for a special occasion for the Taurus Man in your life? Well, you definitely want a gift that will cater to their personality in terms of practical, kind, and indulgent.

Here are some examples of what you could get for any occasion for your Taurus Man:

  • Outdoor clothing – think handmade socks, gloves, flannel shirts.
  • Practical but chosen with him in mind items – a series of novels that cater to his interests, an album from his favorite band (bonus points for a limited-edition release), or a new hiking kit
  • An expensive dinner out on the town – this will show how much you love and adore him while allowing him to indulge.
  •  Electronics – electronics that can make his life easier by completing specific tasks are a major hit with the Taurus Man. Think about a security system, a programmable coffee maker, or Bluetooth Speakers that are both weather and waterproof.


Do you feel more prepared to engage with and attract the Taurus Man in your life? Perhaps you want this information for dealing with a friend, family member, or other member of your social circle. Whatever the reason you need advice or information on dealing with him in your life, hopefully this article offered insight on their personality.

Please feel free to share this article amongst your social circle and tell us in the comments below if you noticed something that was missed or if there is something that you definitely agree with! We want to hear from you!

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