Description of Mars in Taurus for Men

A guide to dating a Taurus man in Mars and everything you should know before therelationship goes further.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Description of Mars in Taurus for Men

People don’t tend to think about the planets and their alignments when it comes to astrology but depending on how the stars are in rotation – this could play a major part in how the strongest traits of our astrological signs come out in our personalities (or how they help us revert back into our own shells).

The Taurus Man is someone who is steadfast, dependable, and trustworthy but when Mars is in orbit; he can become moody and possessive. Let’s get a little bit deeper into this.

Mars and Horoscope

Mars zodiac horoscope symbol

When you hear the term Mars, the first thing that comes to mind is the planet and outer space. This is true but when it comes to Mars in your horoscope? Suddenly the planet takes on a new meaning and can showcase or indicate some important aspects of our personality. When it comes to males, Mars can indicate how they will act towards the woman he loves. When it comes to females? Mars can indicate what characteristics they look for in a man as their potential partner.

Mars is deemed the planet of passion, anger, war, assertion, and separation. Mars can symbolize a wide range of reactions to certain aspects of your life and its severity depends on what position it was in when you made your entrance into the world (your birth chart). Telltale signs of its position is how you pursue your goals, celebrate achievements, defend yourself (fight or flight), and how passionate your sex life is.

Mars in Taurus Man Profile



Zodiac Sign


Positive Trait

Passionate and intuitive

Negative Trait

Lazy and impatient

Compatible Soul Mate

Refined and devoted


The Taurus Man is dependable, patient, stoic, and 100% both reliable and trustworthy. It takes a lot to bring him out of his shell but once you have his trust? He will show you loyalty that you didn’t realize you were missing your life.

So how does Mars in a Taurus Man change up these key aspects of their personalities? Well there is a combination of things that indicate Mars was in a strong or weak position when they were born and they are both positives and potential challenges in a relationship with him.


Group of friendly businesspeople with male leader in front

Some of the positive aspects of their personality traits include:

  • Possess a high degree of passion and stamina in the bedroom, making sure that their partners’ pleasure comes before their own. Think lots of foreplay, buildup, and complete attention on you when it comes time to do the deed.
  • A strong urge to secure their future financially and achieve their financial goals in a set time frame. While this is admirable and a good trait to have, it can be a challenge if it gets too intense (see below).
  • Drawn to the good things in life – sex, food, culture, love, and more.
  • Easy-going and even-tempered with their friendships, relationships, family, and career.
  • Being an Earth sign, the Taurus Man is strong and a great support to lean on in hard times.


Challenges of Mars in your Taurus Man would include:

  • The strong urge to secure a steady financial future could manifest itself into the Taurus Man becoming materialistic.
  • Pursues their goals slowly and deliberately. While this is a challenge when it comes to a relationship because the woman might mistake it for disinterest; this could also be a positive when this persuasion is focused on their home life and career.
  • Can overreact to a threat in their life (their career, relationships, etc.) with an uncharacteristic show of temper. This can be considered the basis for the statement “don’t provoke the bull unless you want to get its horns”.
  • Extremely stubborn and set in their beliefs. If they think it’s right? Then no amount of talking or fighting will convince them that they are wrong.


How do you attract a Taurus Man with Mars in his orbit? With love and loyalty. Treat them to a night out on your dime instead of assuming they will foot the bill or even go halves. Reward their loyalty with your loyalty. He doesn’t enjoy games or tactics when it comes to their significant other so be open and honest about your feelings.

Affection is a big deal when it comes to the Taurus Man, so spend that extra bit of time snuggling in the mornings, bring them coffee with a smile and kiss while they are working late hours for that career promotion, and hold their hand even when shopping for groceries.

They celebrate and love the female form so instead of being strong all the time, let them take care of you (even if it’s in a mundane way).

Love and Romance

couple man and woman kissing in the park.

Love and romance are a major area of the Taurus Man’s life; after all, all that passion has to be released somewhere. When the Taurus Man in your life makes the plunge into an actual relationship? Expect nothing but the best in terms of affection, sex, and companionship.

Nights spent at home in comfy lounging clothes binging on a movie series is his ideal night, but he is also proud to bring you out on the town and have you on his arm.

Loyal and dependable, you will never have to worry about games with this man as he will be there to support you as you are for him.


Loving young couple using smartphone in kitchen

Friendship with the Taurus Man can share similar characteristics of his romantic relationships without the passionate rendezvous in the bedroom. The dependability and loyalty are strong for his friends and he will be their rock when they need to borrow some strength.

It will take a while to develop a meaningful friendship with the Taurus Man but once it organically materializes you truly have a friend for life.


Mars in Taurus Men brings out their earthy side to a higher degree – think long hikes outside, consistent workouts, and taking pride in their body. They are masculine and strong, enjoying the feeling of their body working in sync with their minds to achieve their goals.

Fighting Style

Man and woman in conflict

The fighting style of the Taurus Man is a lot like the man himself – slow, deliberate, and once completely provoked? A temper you didn’t think he was capable of could erupt. You don’t need to fear your Taurus Man but when it comes to fighting with him? You could find that his stubborn streak and stoic nature is the thing that irritates you the most. Don’t play games with him though because once that temper is provoked? He will not be able to look at you quite the same way again.

Notable Mars in Taurus Men

  • Michael Jackson
  • Kanye West
  • Tom Cruise
  • John Kennedy
  • Mick Jagger
  • Bruce Willis


Zodiac sign taurus

Feel as if you know your Mars in Taurus Man a little better now? Do you think that you can overcome his stubborn streak to maintain a lasting connection? He is one of the most dependable romantic partners in the astrological chart so as with anyone, you need to take the good with the bad. Be open with him, explain things to him, and allow him his space when needed.

Do you have any more tips that weren’t mentioned here or insights into the Mars in Taurus Man? Shout it out in the comments below! And as always, please feel free to share this post with your family and friends.

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