15 Tips on How to Get a Taurus Man to Commit

Check out these 15 tips on how to get a Taurus man to commit to a relationship.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
15 Tips on How to Get a Taurus Man to Commit

The Taurus Man has some pretty distinctive personality aspects that manifest in a greater sense when he is in a romantic relationship but it’s getting him to that point that can sometimes be the biggest challenge. This man is stubborn and steadfast, with his feet firmly planted on the ground and his goals he wants to achieve firmly planted in his mind. Even when he is interested in someone, he will feign a disinterest to protect his own heart.

That is why we are going to look at 15 tips on how to get a Taurus Man to commit and how to keep a Taurus Man interested so you know that your relationship is in it for the long-haul.

How Are Taurus Men In A Relationship?

When it comes to a relationship, the Taurus Man is one of the most loyal partners you can find. This man brings the same level of passion and commitment to his relationships that he brings to his career and both family and social connections. He will become his romantic partner’s home and safe place, always there to stand by their side and offer his strength when they are feeling down.

Sensual couple in love

He is a tactile man who loves the little acts of affection that you can offer. Running your fingers through his hair, holding his hand while walking across the parking lot, and leaving his favorite snack in his lunch bag with a sweet note is a great way to bring yourself closer to the Taurus Man’s heart,

He is a passionate lover that loves to engage in foreplay before the act itself and brace yourself, because he loves to engage in flirtatious foreplay whenever you two are together – even in public.

He is a homebody at heart and would love for his romantic partner to share that same love of spending nights curled up together on the couch with a movie and snacks. But don’t worry, when he is in the mood to head out on the town or take a vacation? Nothing but the best for him because he is actively seeking out the finer things in life. Smart with his money and goals – he is the ideal partner provided his stubborn ways don’t harm things between him and his lady from the beginning.

How To Get A Taurus Man To Commit? – Top Tips

1. Stimulate His Senses

Happy young woman with closed eyes near cheerful boyfriend

#1 might sound naughty but it’s not.

He is quite tactile as previously mentioned but he is also extremely sensual and passionate – allowing him to thrive on sensory experiences. To keep him guessing and falling for you over and over, allow that self-confidence to shine. Showcase your womanhood, wear those high heels, put on that makeup, and remember to spray his favorite scent in his favorite places to truly drive him wild.

The benefits from this one is not just one-sided either, as he won’t be able to keep his hands and eyes off you.

2. Show Your Independence

#2 makes him proud of you and in turn, makes you proud of him.

Never give up your independence when it comes to a relationship because you deserve someone who loves you just as you. That is one quality that truly makes him the Taurus Man proud of you in your relationship – while he loves being needed and wanted, he also wants a partner that can stand on her own two feet.

Let your ideas and suggestions fly, work together to make a pleasant outcome to any conflict, but never let anyone walk over you. This will bring forth feelings of proudness for not only him but yourself.

3. Give Him Time

#3 is one key thing that you shouldn’t do.

He doesn’t enjoy being rushed when it comes to doing anything in his life – from his career to his social activities to his relationships; he wants to be able to do things on his own pace without interference or badgering.

He is the type of man who is extremely set in his ways which means that rushing him to make a commitment will cause him to dig his heels in and instead back away rather than moving things forward in your relationship.

4. Up Your Culinary Skills

Loving young couple using smartphone in kitchen

#4 can be a fun bonding activity.

The phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” 100% applies to the Taurus Man. A lover of all the fine things in life, he is always down for a rich and enjoyable dining experience. When it comes to him and how he loves to be a homebody, you can use this to impress him further by preparing him a well-cooked meal to be enjoyed in the comfort of his own home.

Ask him to join you in the kitchen for the prep work and make it a fun bonding activity between you both. Bonus points if you allow the passion between you both come into play at the same time.

5. Attract Him By Being Your Most Beautiful Self

#5 brings him into your orbit while staying true to yourself.

The Taurus Man is attracted to confidence and a love of life. He won’t take a second look at a woman who is obviously manipulating her personality to suit those around her. Instead, if you are confident in your own skin, able to stand on your own two feet, and fight for what you believe in? Then you will have him in your orbit without a second thought.

Don’t forget – he may feign disinterest in you as a romantic partner at first but this is his way of dealing with his emotions and weighing the pros/cons of a romantic relationship – because once this Taurus Man commits? Then he is committed so he doesn’t want to waste time.

6. Give Him Space

#6 is closely associated with not rushing him.

Just like the Taurus Man doesn’t want to be rushed and pushed into anything unless it’s on his own terms; the Taurus Man doesn’t want to be crowded and badgered into commitment until he is ready to do so on his own terms. He has a set ideas of goals and mannerisms that work for him so crowding his personal space (mentally or physically) while he is trying to make a decision will definitely make it for him – in a negative way.

Let him come to terms with his attraction on his own time and keep doing what you do in the meanwhile, showcasing that confident nature previously mentioned.

7. Be His Strength

Happy young couple talking to each other at home

#7 goes both ways

As much as the Taurus Man prides himself on being strong and true to his nature, he also loves it when his romantic partner is just as fiercely loyal to him as he is to her. There is nothing sexier to him than seeing his romantic partner defending him and becoming his safe place to vent, rant, and cry or whatever he needs at the time.

He has his feet firmly planted on the ground but sometimes this Taurus Man needs a strong shoulder to lean on to keep his wits about him.

8. Make Your Home His Haven

#8 shows him the depth of your feelings.

Open your home to him and watch as he opens his heart. He is all about stability and security so when you open the doors of your home and encourages him to make himself comfortable, he truly does see how much you care about him. He doesn’t take intrusions lightly himself and if you show him that he is not only welcomed but wanted in your home? Then he is going to fall faster than he expected, thanks to your genuine emotions.

9. Be Straight Forwarded And Avoid Playing Games

#9 is a one-way ticket to disaster if you choose to go this route.

If you think that playing games with the Taurus Man and trying to manipulate him into a decision will end well? Then you would be 150% wrong. If there is anything that the Taurus Man hates, it’s people who play games to gain favours or points with others.

The Taurus Man is true to himself, regardless if others don’t like that, so he wouldn’t want to engage in a relationship with a woman who can so easily turn her emotions on and off. Playing games to him is extremely disrespectful so if he thinks that you are doing that? Then all bets are off for a relationship.

10. Never Break His Trust

Beautiful young couple with glasses of red wine in luxury restaurant

#10 is one of the foundation building blocks in your relationship.

To keep him in your life and show him that you are ready for a serious commitment – never abuse his trust. This man doesn’t trust easily and he has a hard time letting others into his life, being a very private person who would prefer to keep things to himself if he feels he doesn’t have anyone to trust.

If the Taurus Man lets you into his heart and soul? And trusts you completely? Then never abuse this trust.

11. Create And Set Goals For Yourself

#11 shows your independence.

When he sees that you are a determined individual who is focused on furthering herself in all areas of her life? He will definitely be intrigued and want to learn more. Create goals for your work, social, and home life – then do what it takes to meet these goals. The Taurus Man is a deeply committed individual and will focus on his own goals with laser vision; so when he meets a woman capable and willing to do the same thing? You might as well realize he is looking at her with interest and doe eyes because he will want to know more.

12. Reward His Actions

#12 can be elaborate or small.

The Taurus Man, while a solitary creature of habit to most, is quite moved when someone that is the closest to him compliments on his achievements. He sets these goals for himself and will do what it takes to make them come to fruition but when his romantic partner turns around to praise and reward him for them? Puddle of goo and completely melted.

The rewards don’t have to be big or crazy or elaborate; just a simple heartfelt gesture like having his favorite meal prepared when he arrives home from work is more than enough to show the Taurus Man how proud you are of him.

13. Keep Your Relationship Fun And Light

Side view of happy man in sunglasses embracing girlfriend with coffee cup outdoors

#13 is great for both of you.

One thing that the Taurus Man is definitely not about is drama, conflict, or strife. He doesn’t handle stress well and he doesn’t like it when those around him bring stress to his life unnecessarily. That is why it is so important to keep the relationship fun and light, especially at the beginning. Once the bond has been developed and deepened, then you can start having more serious conversations with him about your relationship but in the meantime? Live and let live, spend your time going on adventures, and instead just revel in the moments that you two can spend together. You would be surprised with how much it can boost your own confidence and spirits as well!

14. Make Him Curious About You

#14 the Taurus Man loves a challenge.

He thrives on challenges that he has to decode, decipher, and figure out so make yourself a challenge to him in the sense that you aren’t an open book. This will bring forth his sense of adventure and passion as he makes you his newest goal in terms of finding out more about you.

Those who are always dramatic or emotional don’t appeal to the Taurus Man but a woman who is independent, aloof to small degree, and clearly has her own stories to tell (but she doesn’t) will draw him like a moth to a flame.

15. Be Patient

# 15 is the biggest indicator of the Taurus Man’s personality.

The Taurus Man doesn’t like to be rushed to make a decision, wants a woman who can stand on her own two feet, and he wants a partner that is supportive over his achievements but one that isn’t clingy or overly dramatic. Until he figures out if he wants to pursue a relationship with you? He is going to be distant and show more of a disinterest. This is partially due to his solitary nature but also partly because he is making sure that you aren’t playing games with his heart or his time.

If you truly like the Taurus Man and you want to try a relationship with him? Be patient and if it’s meant to happen? He will make it happen.

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