Fish Spirit Animal – Guide To Symbolism And Meaning

Check out this guide to fish spirit animals to learn all about its meaning and symbolism.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on March 26, 2024
Fish Spirit Animal – Guide To Symbolism And Meaning

It’s always joked about that a particular animal is a person’s “spirit” animal or kindred soul, but the reality is – there are those out there that share a deep connection with a particular animal. These animals are deemed their spirit animal; an animal counterpart to the human soul that inhabits a person. Popular in most Native American cultures.

These spirit animals are there to guide you through hardships in life, lift your spirits when necessary, and they sometimes act as the messengers from the higher powers when there are messages waiting for you regarding your journey in life.

A Closer Look

Today we are going to take a look at the prophetic meaning of fish – the symbolism, the meaning, and why these gatekeepers of the ocean can mean good vibes or trouble on the horizon for those who feel the fish are their spirit animal.

What Does the Fish Symbolize?

When it comes to the fish-whether it’s skeleton catfish or coy fish-and its correlation to the spirit world, this marine creature tends to symbolize a sense of mystery and change. The water, in which the fish lives, is ever-changing with the moons and the tides. There are secrets unearthed such as quickly as they are hidden when the water (which sustains and fuels the fish) deems it so.

The fish is a symbol of obscurity in your life, allowing you the inherent abilities to dictate what is important to you and what isn’t on your radar in terms of importance.

For those who are hoping to start a family or grow their current family – good news when you are affiliated with the fish as it is a symbol of fertility and femininity.

Fish Symbolism Based on Cultures

Fish symbolism can change based on the culture in which it is studied. For example, the generic symbolism of the fish as a spirit animal is one of mystery and creativity. This is the same across cultures but when you dig deeper; these meanings take on more or less importance.

For example, ancient Indian beliefs state that the God Vishnu saved humanity by changing the world where there was a threat of a mighty, land, and human threatening flood on the horizon. So those that share a kinship with the fish will find themselves with the power to save themselves from the temptations and excesses that surround you in today’s society. You are also able to extend this power to your family and friends, helping them resist the temptations that could arise in a society that can deter them or turn them from their path in life.

In Native and Indigenous cultures – the fish has been a principal source of food for those who live off the land. It provides a meat portion to the meals, it offers substance and nourishment, and they pay tribute to it as such. Salmon, for example, are worshipped as medicine animals so those who identify the fish as their spirit animal tend to use their intuition to alleviate ailments or disease. They are associated with the shamans or the medicine people of the tribe.

Fish and Feng Shui

Clown fish

When paired with the water element, fish represent a number of things such as good fortune and prosperity in a great abundance. You can easily bring the symbols of feng shui and fish into your home by adding an aquarium with things such as goldfish or koi.

Having a Fish as Your Spirit Animal

Having a fish as your spirit animal means you are open and receptive to the messages of the future. You possess deeper than average intelligence with a strong intuition that hasn’t let you down yet. You are able to determine when someone is being dishonest with their feelings, and you can sense when someone is putting on a happy act (while screaming inside).

This higher awareness brings forth a stronger thought process and those who are affiliated with the fish are independent enough to avoid jumping on the bandwagon of something for a good time. They tend to stop and weigh the pros and cons of each situation, while asserting their independence enough to tell someone, “No, that really doesn’t work for me”.

Why is the Fish Spirit Totem Important?

Whenever a totem spirit comes into your life – they are there to offer advice, suggestions, and guidelines on how to handle something in your life. They tend to appear in subliminal ways such as dreams, reoccurring themes in your life, and random thoughts regarding your spirit animal making its way to your subconscious.

Those with fish spirit totem abilities tend to feel a powerful connection and kinship with the Water element. This element is quite powerful without the fiery rage and brimstone of the Fire element. Those with water element affinities tend to be calm, cool, collected, and fluid – adapting to their environment with ease. They are mysterious (as the ocean hides many secrets) and they are creative by nature (as the water can carve the most exquisite pictures on rocks and sand).

When to Call on Your Fish Spirit Animal

woman meditating on top of mountain

The best time to call upon your fish spirit animal is when you are craving or desiring a change in your life. You could be finding yourself stagnant, standing in place while everyone around you is moving forward with their lives.

You need a boost of your confidence, you are hoping people are going to take your side, and you need to be in control of your environment – both at home and work. You could also be searching for reassurance that the goals you have set in place will make a difference to your life, whether it be on a professional, personal, or private level.

It is during times of doubt and upset that your fish spirit animal can offer guidance and love so call on them, trust in them, and watch for all messages to arrive – both literal and subliminally. Things always happen for a reason, it’s your decision on how you react to them.

Does the Fish Appear in Your Dreams? What Does it Mean?

The meaning of the fish appearing in your dreams can be two completely different things as it depends on the state of the fish.

For those who dream about energetic and healthy schools of fish swimming towards a common destination; this is a symbol of moving forward and keep plugging through. This could mean in a bad spot in a personal relationship, during tough times at work, or through a challenge you’ve instilled upon yourself.

For those who dream about a dead fish or fish made up of skeletal parts; this is a warning from the higher powers that there are tough and dark times on the horizon. This dream symbolizes the awareness and intuition the water elements possess as they know something is changing in the air, but they can’t pinpoint it as of yet. They know that it won’t be pleasant, and it will be hard to handle but they know ultimately, they will continue to swim for their freedom or happiness.

Dream Interpretations and Analysis of Seeing Different Types of Fishes

We just spoke about the state of the fish that could appear in your dreams, but we didn’t talk yet about what you are doing with the fish. While lively fishes symbolize a positive future and to keep moving forward and dead fishes are symbolic of a dark time ahead – these fishes are swimming on their own.

What does it mean then if you are interacting with the fish?

  • Big schools of fish in clean, transparent water – incoming wealth in terms of financial success or an influx of happiness for your personal life.

  • Dining on a meal of fish – this symbolizes that you are in denial about your feelings and that there is definitely turmoil in your personal life (typically romantic).

  • Fishes that have been pulled out of the water and gasping for air – when you dream this style of fish, you are finding yourself floundering when it comes to a work/life balance. You are overwhelmed and you feel as if you are drowning without enough air to breathe.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to the breakdown of the fish as your spirit animal and that you are walking away with a deeper appreciation of how much your spirit animal means in your life. To recap, those who have the fish spirit animal are very intuitive and independent, they are able to adapt to their surroundings, and they are resilient in the face of adversity. Be proud to identify and relate to the fish as your spirit animal – after all, they’ve been guardians of the oceans for millennia.

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