Does a Taurus Man Like to be Chased? Signs, Dos, and Don’ts

Check out this guide to pursuing a Taurus man as a love interest so you don’tscare him away.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
Does a Taurus Man Like to be Chased? Signs, Dos, and Don’ts

The Taurus Man is a predictable man who is always steadfast in his beliefs and stubborn to a fault. He will test your patience and try your nerves but once he is your romantic partner? You have a solid ally in your corner, a person who will never judge or hurt you, and a person who will always have your back.

But the Taurus Man can be hard to get and harder to keep as he doesn’t do short-term relationships – he wants something that is going to be long-term, he wants a partner that can match his interests, and he wants a partner that will  be the home, as well as the security, that he craves.

With all that being said, the question still lingers. Does the Taurus Man like to be chased? Or does he prefer to do the chasing? How to get a Taurus Man to make the first move? Let’s find out together.

Does a Taurus Man Like to be Chased?

Man kissing the woman on her forehead

The Taurus Man tends to stick to traditional roles when it comes to a relationship dynamic. He would prefer to be the chaser, not the chased. He takes his time to figure out if the woman that caught his eye is worth the time to pursue a relationship and sometimes while he is contemplating this? He is quite distant and standoffish. During this stage, you can engage in some light flirting and chasing but if this makes him withdraw even more? Then he isn’t that interested in nurturing a romantic relationship with you. If he is still responding but he isn’t overly open to communication; then you do have a fighting chance because he is the type to go 100% radio silent rather than hurt someone outright by telling them he just doesn’t see them that way.

This man will also prefer a more subtle approach to flirting than an over-the-top and blatant one, so keep that in mind if you are going to engage in some races when it comes to winning his heart. Be fun and dirty, engage his senses, and keep the conversations light. Don’t offer him an ultimatum or try to tell him how things are going to work. He wants, and needs, to come to these realizations on his own without anyone offering their two cents.

He is quite the romantic and passionate creature at heart so use this to your advantage, and show him how compatible you could be in this area. Offer to spend time with him in a one-on-one setting of his choice with an activity of his choice to show him that you are willing to work with his characteristics without wanting to be out on the social scene all the time.

Examine a Taurus Man in Love First




Ruled by Venus



The Taurus Man in love allows his stubborn and distant nature to melt away once he feels comfortable enough with his partner. He is affectionate, he is touchy-feely, and he is the most loyal man you could ask for. He will be in your corner always to cheer you on, he is willing to work on his stubborn nature to meet you halfway, and he will even engage in more social activities to make his love a happy lady indeed.

Don’t even start with the bedroom antics of the Taurus Man – as this bull enjoys foreplay like he’ll never get it again, with his passionate and sensual nature coming out full force when the lights go down. Open to new things once he is comfortable enough to let his walls down; he will use this time to explore and find out what makes his lady match him in passion. You will be his main focus and not the endgame; and he loves to start the foreplay early. Think brushing any stray hair behind your ears, entwining your fingers with his, and nuzzling into your neck to compliment you on wearing his favorite scent. The thing is? He will go wild when you reciprocate with the same behaviors. Show him you want him, body and soul, by engaging in deep conversation and then showing him the affectionate behaviors he shows you on a daily basis.

What Not To Do!

1. Don’t try to make him jealous

Ex-husband jealous with his ex-wife new found relationship.

#1 is a major turnoff

The Taurus Man will be turned off by a woman who sets out to make him jealous by engaging in flirtation with another person right in front of him or tries to tell him about all the suitors that she has lined up. This shows him that you have a knack for drama and enjoys stirring the pot, so to speak – two things he can definitely do without in his life.

2. Never bombard him with messages

#2 is part of his practical nature

Bombarding him with numerous text messages will cause him to withdraw further into his shell than he already is. While he is gauging and determining if he wants to grow his relationship with you – he is going to be standoffish and distant. This is part of his core processing mechanisms which means that pushing him to talk will clam him up even more.

3. Do not move too quickly

#3 will scare him off

Moving too fast for the Taurus Man will definitely throw up some red flags and make him step back – a couple feet at least. He wants to ensure that the woman he lets into his life is going to be there for a while, so he will take his time to make sure the compatibility is there.

Stubborn and steadfast with his feet firmly planted in the ground means that he isn’t the type to fall head over heels within a couple of dates so pushing him for a commitment is a major stop sign to him. Let him discover your bond at his own pace and the rewards will be plentiful.

What YOU Should DO to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You?

1. Wear Red

Handsome man helping to sit down attractive woman in red dress

#1 is like waving a flag

Much as his sign states – this bull is definitely intrigued by the color red. Wearing it is like waving the proverbial flag in front of him and will make him want to chase you. It is also one of the most common colors associated with passion and sensuality; which is his personality to the tee once unleashed and unlocked in your presence.

2. Pick a signature scent

#2 engages his senses

Remember how we said that the Taurus Man loves to use all of his senses in his daily life and he is quite the tactile man? Well use that to your advantage and choose a scent that is subtle, down-to-earth and wear it around him with confidence. Lean into him and let him get a whiff of your perfume, body wash, or shampoo. He will associate this scent with you and want more.

3. Use the same sensory words that he does

#3 brings forth a bond

Using the same sensory words that the Taurus Man does shows him that you also know your mind and what you like, want, and desire. These sensory words can be used in innocent conversation, such as describing your favorite food dishes or favorite beverage, or it can be used in slightly naughtier conversations, such as when the heat is rising, the bond is growing, and his passionate sign is coming out to (fore) play.

4. Don’t try to make him jealous

Jealous Boyfriend recovering his Girlfriend from another Boy

#4 is guaranteed to backfire

One instant way to make the Taurus Man turned off and not one bit interested in seeing if you two could mesh together in a romantic sense? By trying to make him jealous. This is the man who doesn’t enjoy drama or mind games so watching that play out in front of him? Is a surefire way to turn him away.

5. Be independent

#5 is sexy to the Taurus Man

While he loves to be the protector and your strongest ally in battle, he doesn’t want to always have to save the damsel in distress. Show him your independence and that you can fight your own battles when the chips fall. Show him that you are willing to waltz away for the weekend to check out a new hiking trail even if no one else is interested. Show him that you value his opinions and knowledge but the ultimate final decision is your call.

6. Be feminine

#6 brings out his sensual side

A woman who is comfortable in her femininity and enjoys dressing up with the right outfit, the right shoes, and a woman who enjoys treating herself to a spa day to get the works done is quite sexy to the Taurus Man. When he sees that this feminine flower is the type to treat herself to the finer things in life? He will be jumping at the bit to experience them with you.

7. Show your confidence

Confident woman in glamour dress

#7 ties closely with #6

We just spoke about showing your feminine side but while you are getting in touch with that part of yourself? Also showcase your confidence side. Be comfortable in your skin and know your worth. Stand up for yourself while still being kind but assertive and show him that you are willing, capable, and prepared to take on whatever life throws your way.

8. Appeal to his senses

#8 brings it all full circle

This man is the type to be super aware of his surroundings and will engage all his senses to find what he is looking for. Appeal to his sensory nature and use it to your advantage. Use his favorite scent, give him subtle brushes on the arm while talking or draw attention to your hands by tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, and don’t forget to compliment him on his attention to detail.

9. Show off your passions

#9 brings out his passionate side as well

If there is one thing set in stone when it comes to the Taurus Man – it’s his passionate nature that comes from being ruled by Venus. This sensual bull loves to take charge in the bedroom and in his life; wanting to spend his time with his favorite people, places, and things. Show him your passionate side when it comes to the same and watch him salivate.

10. Show your intelligence

Loving young couple using smartphone in kitchen

#10 is quite attractive to him

He loves nothing more than spending time with his loved ones in a casual and relaxed setting while discussing everything from current and past pop culture to current events in your hometown (or country, etc.). Give your opinions on each topic and while you are engaging in conversation with him? Let your intelligent mind shine and show him that you can hold your own when it comes to discussions.

11. Subtly flirt with him

#11 brings the chase closer to the finish line

When you take the time to subtly flirt with the Taurus Man, he realizes that you are interested in him and you want to genuinely know more about him or compliment him. Over-the-top and blatant flirting can come off as contrived to this man so subtle is the key to winning him over. Think light touches, laughing at his jokes, and light text messaging.

12. Create a routine

#12 appeals to the Taurus Man’s basic nature

This homebody loves nothing more than spending time with his loved one while cuddled on the couch or puttering around the garden. He is a man of habit, a man of routine, and a man who knows exactly what he is meant to be doing day after day. Create a routine with him and stick to it to show him you understand and can work with this aspect of his personality.

13. Be affectionate

Top view of of attractive girlfriend and handsome boyfriend laying in bed

#13 brings out his playful side

Showing affection to the Taurus Man, genuine heartfelt affection, is like petting a dog. They don’t want to beg for it but they love when you scratch their ears and rub their belly. You don’t have to do that with the Taurus Man but being affectionate and tactile goes a long way with this man as he responds well to touches (perks of his sensual nature).

14. Keep him moving

#14 shows you have his best interests at heart

Keep him moving when it comes to his downtime and also encourage him to go after his goals. Be his support system and the one to offer the encouragement he wants (even if he won’t admit it!). This man needs support and love as much as the rest of us, even if he is more closed off about it.


The Taurus Man isn’t hard to figure out once he lets you into his heart, and his mindset. He is loyal, stubborn, committed, eager to please, a passionate lover, and the man who is willing to do whatever it takes to make something last. While he enjoys being subtly chased, let him do the chasing once he comes to the realization that this is going somewhere and this has the real potential to be something amazing.

Tell us in the comments below what tricks or tips you’ve learned from being with a Taurus Man and while there? Hit that little share button if you so desire.

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