Selena in Scorpio

White Moon Selena
White Moon Selena
ScorpioOct 24 – Nov 21

When Selena is in Scorpio in the reader's birth chart, it signifies an intense and transformative energy that influences their personality and relationships. Keep reading to explore the profound impact of Selena in Scorpio.

Selena in Scorpio: Meaning & Traits

By Sonya SchwartzLast updated on October 26, 2023

Selena, the asteroid associated with self-worth and personal power, takes on a unique meaning when it aligns with the intense energy of Scorpio. This combination brings forth deep emotional insights, passionate desires, and the potential for profound transformation. Let's delve into the positive characteristics, challenges, and the influence of Selena in Scorpio on personal growth, relationships, and spirituality.

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1. Overall Meaning of Selena in Scorpio

Selena in Scorpio represents a powerful blend of intense emotions, profound transformation, and the exploration of one's deepest desires. Individuals with this placement experience a heightened awareness of their self-worth and possess an innate ability to tap into their personal power. This celestial configuration fosters a deep-seated desire to uncover hidden truths, making these individuals natural detectives of the human psyche.

Significance of Selena in Scorpio

In astrology, Selena is associated with personal value, self-esteem, and the ability to attract abundance. When positioned in Scorpio, a sign known for its intensity and depth, Selena's influence becomes more potent and transformative. This placement signifies a journey of self-discovery, where individuals are driven to dive deep into their subconscious to confront and heal their darkest fears and insecurities. This transformative process often results in a stronger sense of self-worth and a heightened ability to manifest one's desires.

Individuals with Selena in Scorpio are often drawn to experiences that challenge them emotionally and spiritually. They crave deep, soulful connections and are not afraid to explore the more complex, hidden aspects of their personalities. This intense desire for transformation can lead to profound personal growth and a greater understanding of their inner power.

Impact on Self-Worth and Personal Power

The transformative nature of Selena in Scorpio has a profound impact on an individual's sense of self-worth and personal power. This placement encourages individuals to embrace their authentic selves, even the parts they might find uncomfortable or challenging. Through this process of self-acceptance, they develop a stronger sense of self-worth and a more authentic expression of their personal power.

For example, if an individual has been suppressing their feelings or desires, Selena in Scorpio might prompt them to confront these hidden aspects of themselves. This process might be uncomfortable, but it ultimately leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of oneself.

Comparatively, Selena in Aries prompts individuals to assert their worth and pursue their desires fearlessly, while Selena in Pisces encourages a more compassionate, intuitive approach to self-worth and personal power.

Comparison to Other Scorpio Placements

Selena in Scorpio shares some similarities with other Scorpio placements. For instance, Pluto in Scorpio also signifies a deep desire for transformation and the ability to confront one's shadow side. However, while Pluto's influence is more about power dynamics and control, Selena's focus is on personal value and self-worth.

Similarly, Sun in Scorpio indicates a strong, intense personality, but it is more about the expression of the self, whereas Selena in Scorpio is about the exploration and acceptance of the self.

Overall, Selena in Scorpio empowers individuals to confront their shadow side, embrace their authentic selves, and embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation. This celestial configuration fosters a deep-seated desire to uncover hidden truths, making these individuals natural detectives of the human psyche. As a result, they are often able to manifest their desires in powerful ways, reflecting their deep understanding of their personal worth and power.

2. Positive Characteristics & Traits

Individuals with Selena in Scorpio possess a remarkable depth of emotions, which fuels their capacity for profound self-discovery and transformation. Their intuitive nature allows them to navigate the realms of the subconscious with ease, and their magnetic presence draws others towards them.

One of the most striking positive traits of these individuals is their emotional depth. They are not afraid to delve into the deepest corners of their feelings and emotions, exploring every nuance with a keen and discerning eye. This emotional depth often leads to a heightened level of self-awareness, allowing them to understand themselves and others on a profound level. This trait is often seen in those with Moon in Scorpio as well.

Another key characteristic of Selena in Scorpio individuals is their intuition. They are naturally attuned to the undercurrents of situations and people, allowing them to pick up on things that others might miss. This intuitive nature, combined with their emotional depth, makes them excellent at understanding and navigating complex emotional landscapes. This is a trait they share with those who have Mercury in Scorpio.

Their personal magnetism is another trait that sets them apart. They possess a certain allure that draws people towards them. This magnetic presence can manifest as charisma, mystery, or even a certain intensity that others find intriguing. This is a trait often found in individuals with Venus in Scorpio.

Finally, Selena in Scorpio individuals are known for their ability to embrace transformation. They are not ones to shy away from change, but rather, they seek it out, understanding that transformation is a necessary part of growth and evolution. They understand that in order to grow, one must be willing to shed old skins and embrace new beginnings. This ability to initiate and embrace transformation is also a trait commonly found in those with Pluto in Scorpio.

In summary, Selena in Scorpio blesses individuals with the gift of emotional depth, personal magnetism, and the ability to embrace and initiate transformative changes in their lives. These individuals are often deeply intuitive, emotionally aware, and possess a magnetic presence that draws others towards them. The lessons they learn from their deep emotional explorations and transformations can serve as a beacon of light for others navigating their own emotional depths.

3. Negative Characteristics & Challenges

While Selena in Scorpio offers immense potential for growth, it also brings forth certain challenges. Individuals with this placement may struggle with possessiveness and jealousy in relationships, as they deeply desire emotional intimacy and connection. This intensity of feeling can lead to a tendency to control their partners, as they fear losing the deep bond they crave.


One of the primary challenges of having Selena in Scorpio is the tendency towards possessiveness. This trait is often borne out of the deep emotional connection they seek in their relationships. They may feel threatened or insecure when their partner interacts with others, leading to a need to control or dominate. This possessiveness can strain relationships and lead to conflict. Understanding and managing this trait is crucial for those with this placement. You can learn more about this trait and how to manage it in our article on Selena in Cancer.


Closely tied to possessiveness is the trait of jealousy. This is not limited to romantic relationships but can extend to friendships and family relationships as well. Individuals with Selena in Scorpio may find themselves feeling envious of others' success or happiness, leading to feelings of resentment. This can be a significant hurdle to overcome, but with self-awareness and effort, it can be managed. Our article on Selena in Leo offers insights into managing jealousy.

Controlling Behavior

The desire for emotional intimacy and connection can lead to controlling behavior. This can manifest as a need to know every detail of their partner's life or dictating their actions and decisions. This controlling behavior can be damaging to relationships and self-esteem. It's important for individuals with this placement to recognize this behavior and work towards changing it. Our article on Selena in Aquarius provides strategies for managing controlling behaviors.

Need for Self-Mastery

Finally, individuals with Selena in Scorpio have a strong need for self-mastery. They desire to be in control of their emotions, actions, and life. This can lead to a constant struggle within themselves, as they strive for perfection and control. This internal struggle can lead to stress and anxiety. It's important for these individuals to learn to accept their imperfections and understand that it's okay to not always be in control. Our article on Selena in Virgo offers tips on how to achieve a healthy balance.

Therefore, individuals with Selena in Scorpio must actively work on maintaining a healthy balance between their intense emotions and the need for self-mastery. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth, but with understanding and effort, they can overcome these challenges and harness the full potential of their placement.

4. The Selena in Scorpio Woman

The Selena in Scorpio woman is a force to be reckoned with. Her powerful intuition and emotional depth allow her to penetrate to the core of any situation or person, making her an incredibly perceptive individual. This intense emotional nature is a cornerstone of her identity, often leading her to seek out transformative experiences that challenge her to evolve and grow.

A woman with Selena in Scorpio is not one to shy away from the darker aspects of life. Instead, she embraces them, using her profound understanding of the human psyche to navigate complex emotions and situations. She has a unique ability to see beyond the surface, making her an excellent judge of character. This characteristic is shared with those who have Ascendant in Scorpio, another placement that lends to deep introspection and understanding.

However, this emotional intensity can also be a challenge. The Selena in Scorpio woman can become overwhelmed by her own feelings, leading to periods of introspection and solitude. She may also struggle with trust issues, as her keen intuition can make her wary of others' intentions. Yet, these challenges also serve as catalysts for growth and self-discovery, pushing her to constantly evolve and transform.

Despite these challenges, the Selena in Scorpio woman has several strengths that set her apart:

  • Intuition: Her ability to understand people and situations on a deep level allows her to make insightful decisions and form meaningful relationships.
  • Resilience: Her ability to navigate difficult situations and emotions makes her incredibly resilient. She is not easily deterred and can handle adversity with grace and strength.
  • Transformative Influence: Her deep understanding of human nature and emotional depth can have a transformative impact on those around her. She inspires others to explore their own emotions and embrace their authentic selves.

The Selena in Scorpio woman's transformative influence is similar to the impact of individuals with Jupiter in Scorpio, who are known for their ability to inspire growth and transformation in others.

Overall, the Selena in Scorpio woman embodies the qualities of passion, mystery, and transformation, inspiring those around her to embrace their authentic selves and navigate the depths of their emotions. Her journey is one of constant evolution, driven by her desire to understand the world around her and the depths of her own psyche.

5. The Selena in Scorpio Man

The Selena in Scorpio man possesses an irresistible magnetism that draws others towards him. He exudes an air of mystery and depth, making him intriguing and captivating to those around him. This man is not for the faint-hearted as he embodies the intense and transformative energy of Scorpio, amplified by the powerful influence of Selena, the White Moon.

Characteristics of Selena in Scorpio Man

The Selena in Scorpio man is characterized by his:

  • Magnetic Personality: He is naturally charismatic, with a compelling aura that attracts others. This magnetism is a unique trait of Scorpio natives, making them irresistible to many.

  • Emotional Intensity: He experiences emotions deeply and intensely. This emotional intensity can be overwhelming, but it also provides him with a profound understanding of human nature.

  • Transformative Nature: He has a knack for personal transformation. His ability to reinvent himself is akin to the Phoenix rising from the ashes, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.

Challenges and Strengths

Despite his many strengths, the Selena in Scorpio man also faces his share of challenges. His emotional intensity can sometimes lead to turbulent relationships, as not everyone can handle the depth of his feelings. On the other hand, this emotional depth allows him to empathize with others on a profound level, making him an excellent friend and partner.

His transformative nature, while a strength, can also be a challenge. Constant change can be destabilizing, but it also provides opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Like the Mars in Scorpio man, he thrives in situations that require resilience and determination.


In conclusion, the Selena in Scorpio man harnesses his emotional intensity and personal power to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and inspiring others to do the same. His magnetic personality, emotional depth, and ability to undergo profound personal transformation make him a truly unique individual. With Selena in Scorpio, the man is a force to be reckoned with, embodying the transformative power of the Scorpio sign.

6. How Selena in Scorpio Affects Relationships

Selena in Scorpio has a profound impact on relationships, instilling them with intense passion, emotional depth, and an irresistible allure. Those with this placement seek deep emotional connections and require a partner who can handle their intensity.

Intense Passion

Selena in Scorpio is known for its intense passion. This asteroid's placement in the sign of the Scorpion amplifies emotional depth and intensity in relationships. This passion can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it can lead to deeply fulfilling emotional experiences. On the other hand, it can also lead to conflicts if not managed properly.

Emotional Depth

Scorpio is a water sign, associated with emotions and intuition. With Selena in this position, there is a heightened sense of emotional depth. Relationships are not taken lightly; they are profound and deeply meaningful. This can be seen in comparison to Selena in Gemini, where the focus is more on intellectual stimulation and communication.


While this placement can lead to intense and fulfilling relationships, it also brings its share of challenges. Scorpios are known for their jealousy and possessiveness, traits that can strain relationships. Moreover, the intensity of emotions can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to turbulent relationships.

The Need for Trust and Authenticity

Trust is crucial for those with Selena in Scorpio. They require authenticity and honesty in their relationships. Any hint of deceit can lead to serious problems. This need for trust and authenticity can be seen in other Scorpio placements as well, such as North Node in Scorpio, which emphasizes the importance of deep emotional bonds and trust.

Potential for Transformation

One of the most powerful aspects of Selena in Scorpio is the potential for transformation. Scorpio is a sign associated with rebirth and transformation, and this extends to relationships. Relationships with a Selena in Scorpio individual can lead to profound personal growth and transformation for both partners.

In summary, Selena in Scorpio influences relationships by urging individuals to embrace vulnerability, trust their instincts, and engage in transformative connections. The intensity and depth of emotions can be challenging, but they also provide the potential for deep emotional bonds and personal growth.

7. Personal Growth and Spirituality

Selena in Scorpio plays a pivotal role in an individual's personal growth and spiritual journey. It prompts deep self-discovery, encouraging individuals to delve into their subconscious, face their fears, and embrace their authentic selves. This position in the astrological chart signifies a powerful and transformative energy that can lead to profound changes in one's life.

Selena in Scorpio's influence is often likened to a journey into the underworld, where one must confront their deepest fears and hidden desires. This journey is not for the faint of heart, but those who undertake it are often rewarded with a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

This exploration of the subconscious, often referred to as the 'shadow self', is a key aspect of personal growth. The shadow self represents those parts of ourselves that we may not be comfortable acknowledging, but which nonetheless play a crucial role in our personality and behavior. By acknowledging and integrating these aspects of ourselves, we can become more authentic and whole.

This journey towards self-discovery and authenticity is often accompanied by a spiritual awakening. As we delve deeper into our subconscious and confront our fears, we often encounter spiritual truths that can transform our understanding of ourselves and the universe. This can lead to a profound sense of peace and fulfillment, as well as a greater alignment with our true purpose.

To better understand the influence of Selena in Scorpio, it can be helpful to compare it with similar astrological placements. For example, Pholus in Scorpio also speaks to a transformational journey, while Ceres in Scorpio emphasizes the nurturing aspect of this process.

  • Shadow Self Exploration: This involves acknowledging and integrating aspects of ourselves that we may not be comfortable with, leading to greater authenticity.
  • Spiritual Awakening: As we delve deeper into our subconscious, we often encounter spiritual truths that can transform our understanding of ourselves and the universe.
  • Alignment with True Purpose: Through this process, we can become more aligned with our true purpose, leading to a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Ultimately, Selena in Scorpio guides individuals towards spiritual transformation, empowering them to navigate the depths of their souls and emerge stronger, wiser, and more aligned with their true purpose. This journey may be challenging, but it is also deeply rewarding, offering the potential for profound personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

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