Selena in 8th House

White Moon Selena
White Moon Selena

When Selena is in the Eighth house, it signifies a profound transformation in one's life, particularly in the areas of shared resources, intimacy, and the unconscious mind. Keep reading to explore the deeper meaning of this placement.

Selena in 8th House: Synastry, Natal, and Transit Meaning

By Sonya SchwartzLast updated on January 27, 2024

Selena's placement in the Eighth house has a significant impact on an individual's approach to topics such as shared finances, intimacy, and personal growth. Understanding its implications can provide valuable insights into one's psychological and emotional landscape, as well as their attitudes towards power dynamics and transformation.

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1. Overall Meaning of Selena in the Eighth House

Selena's placement in the Eighth house highlights a profound focus on transformation and the exploration of hidden depths. It signifies a deep connection to shared finances, intimate relationships, and the mysteries of the unconscious mind. This celestial configuration speaks volumes about an individual's journey through life, emphasizing the importance of merging resources and energies with others to achieve personal and spiritual growth.

Key Influences of Selena in the Eighth House:

  • Shared Finances and Resources: Individuals with Selena in this position often experience blessings and beneficial outcomes related to joint finances, inheritances, or investments. They have a knack for transforming shared assets into sources of strength and empowerment. Understanding the nuances of this influence can be further enriched by exploring the implications of Pluto in the Eighth House, as Pluto governs deep transformations and is the natural ruler of this house.

  • Intimacy and Deep Connections: Selena here illuminates the path to profound emotional and physical intimacy. It suggests a soulful merging with partners, where shared vulnerabilities become the cornerstone of strength and trust. The depth of these connections often leads to significant personal transformation.

  • Psychological Transformation: The Eighth House is also the realm of the subconscious, and Selena's presence here indicates a powerful drive to unearth hidden aspects of the self. This placement encourages individuals to confront and integrate their shadow side, facilitating profound psychological growth and healing.

  • Mystical and Occult Interests: A fascination with the mysteries of life and death, as well as an attraction to mystical or occult knowledge, is often marked by this placement. Selena in the Eighth House can indicate an intuitive understanding of life's cyclical nature and a deep interest in exploring these themes.

Practical Applications:

  • Financial Planning with a Partner: Engage in open discussions about finances and future planning. This placement suggests success through collaborative investments or managing shared resources.

  • Embrace Vulnerability: In relationships, allow yourself to be vulnerable. Deep connections and transformation come from sharing your innermost fears and desires.

  • Explore the Unconscious: Consider practices like meditation, journaling, or therapy to explore your subconscious mind and integrate shadow aspects.

  • Study Mysticism: Delving into subjects like astrology, tarot, or even psychology can provide valuable insights and foster personal growth.

Related Astrological Insights:

For those with Selena in the Eighth House, examining the placement of Neptune in the Eighth House can offer additional clarity on how intuition and spirituality play into their transformative experiences. Similarly, understanding the role of the South Node in the Eighth House can shed light on past life experiences or inherited traits that influence current challenges and transformations.

Overall, Selena in the Eighth house emphasizes the need for individuals to delve into the depths of their psyche, embrace transformation, and empower themselves through the exploration of shared resources and intimate connections. This journey is not only about merging with others but also about confronting and integrating the hidden aspects of oneself, leading to profound personal evolution.

2. Natal Meaning of Selena in the Eighth House

When Selena is present in an individual's Eighth house in their natal chart, it reveals a profound influence on their emotional landscape and their attitudes towards power dynamics and transformation. It suggests an individual who is drawn to explore the mysteries of life and deeply connect with others at a profound level.

The Eighth house in astrology is traditionally associated with transformation, sexuality, death, rebirth, and shared resources. Selena's placement here amplifies the individual's innate intuition and adds a layer of psychic sensitivity to the way they interact with these themes. This can manifest in several key areas:

  • Emotional Depth and Intimacy: Individuals with Selena in the Eighth house possess an intense emotional depth, allowing them to form bonds that are deeply transformative. Their relationships are often characterized by a sense of soulful connection and emotional merging with partners. This placement may also indicate a talent for helping others through transformative healing processes, acting as a guide or mentor during times of change.

  • Interest in the Mystical: There's a fascination with the mysteries of life and death, leading these individuals to explore esoteric subjects, such as astrology, tarot, and the occult. Their intuitive insights can be profound, offering them and those around them a deeper understanding of the unseen forces that shape our existence.

  • Power Dynamics and Shared Resources: Selena in the Eighth house also touches on themes of power, control, and shared resources. These individuals may have a knack for managing joint finances or navigating inheritances and investments. They understand the power dynamics at play in close relationships and are adept at negotiating these with sensitivity and insight.

  • Transformation and Personal Growth: Perhaps most significantly, this placement denotes a life marked by significant transformations. These individuals are likely to go through many rebirths, each time emerging stronger and more in tune with their authentic selves. Their journey is one of continuous self-discovery, often facilitated by their encounters with the hidden aspects of life and the psyche.

In terms of compatibility with other placements, individuals with Selena in the Eighth house might find a harmonious connection with those who have prominent placements in water signs or other transformative houses. For example, a partner with Pluto in the Fourth House could share their depth of emotional experience and understanding of transformation as a personal and familial theme.

Additionally, exploring how Selena interacts with other points in the chart, such as Venus in the Tenth House, can provide insights into how these deep transformative energies influence one's career aspirations and public image, blending the personal and professional in profound ways.

Overall, the natal placement of Selena in the Eighth house signifies a transformative journey of self-discovery, where individuals are likely to experience intense emotional connections and navigate the depths of their psyche in order to achieve personal growth.

3. Synastry Meaning of Selena in Someone Else's Eighth House

When Selena is located in someone else's Eighth house in synastry, it suggests an intense and transformative bond between the individuals. This placement deepens the connection on an emotional and psychological level, fueling the desire to share resources and intimately merge their lives. The Eighth house, traditionally associated with Scorpio, deals with themes of transformation, death, rebirth, and other people's resources, including both material and emotional investments.

Emotional and Psychological Depth

  • Emotional Intimacy: With Selena in the Eighth house, there's a profound emotional depth to the relationship. Partners may feel a strong psychic connection, often understanding each other's feelings and thoughts without needing to speak.
  • Psychological Exploration: This placement encourages partners to explore their deepest fears, secrets, and desires together. It's a journey into the psychological "underworld," where they can heal and transform through the power of their relationship.

Shared Resources and Financial Intimacy

  • Material Sharing: The Eighth house governs shared resources and finances. Selena's influence here suggests a willingness to merge assets and resources, indicating a deep level of trust.
  • Emotional Support: Beyond material wealth, this placement emphasizes emotional support through life's transformative phases, such as major life changes or crises.

Trust and Power Dynamics

  • Deep Trust: The presence of Selena in the Eighth house of synastry symbolizes a bond built on deep mutual trust. Partners are likely to feel safe sharing their most intimate selves.
  • Power Dynamics: This house also relates to power dynamics in relationships. With Selena here, there's a potential for healing power struggles through empathy and understanding.

Challenges and Transformative Potential

  • Intensity of Emotions: The intensity of this placement can be overwhelming, bringing up issues related to jealousy, possessiveness, or control. However, it also holds the key to transcending these issues through mutual respect and love.
  • Transformation: Challenges faced together in this placement can lead to profound personal and relationship growth. It's about dying to old ways of being and being reborn into something more profound and meaningful.

Synastry Aspects to Consider

  • Aspects to Selena: The aspects formed between Selena in the Eighth house and other planets in the synastry chart can modify how this energy is expressed. For instance, positive aspects with Venus or Jupiter might enhance harmony and growth, while challenging aspects with Mars or Pluto could intensify power struggles but also the potential for transformation.

For those interested in further exploring the implications of house placements in synastry, consider reading about Venus in the Third House for insights into how communication and intellect can enhance emotional connections, or Jupiter in the Fifth House to understand the role of joy, creativity, and children in a relationship.

In synastry, Selena's placement in the Eighth house fosters a transformative and potentially profound connection, urging the individuals to navigate the depths of their shared emotions and embrace the transformative power that arises from their intimate union.

4. Transit Meaning of Selena in the Eighth House

When Selena transits through an individual's Eighth house, it marks a period of intense transformation and self-discovery. This transit invites individuals to explore their relationship with shared resources, delve into their psychological depths, and embrace personal growth through profound changes.

The Eighth house in astrology is often associated with transformation, shared resources, and the deeper, more mysterious aspects of life. It's a place where we confront our fears, our desires, and our need for intimacy. When Selena, a symbol of purity, light, and clarity, moves through this house, it illuminates these dark corners, offering us a chance to clean house in both a literal and metaphorical sense.

Key Areas Affected by Selena's Transit in the Eighth House:

  • Shared Resources and Finances: Selena's transit here may prompt a reevaluation of how you handle shared finances, inheritances, or investments. It's a time to clear any debts—emotional or financial—and to seek clarity and purity in your financial dealings with others. This period may also bring unexpected financial gains or benefits through partnerships.

  • Intimacy and Transformation: This transit encourages a deep dive into your intimate relationships. Selena's light can help clarify what you truly seek in terms of closeness and shared experiences. It's an excellent time for healing past traumas and improving your emotional connections with others.

  • Personal Growth and Self-Discovery: The transformative energy of the Eighth house, combined with Selena's clarity, offers a unique opportunity for profound personal growth. It's a time to shed old skins, release past patterns, and emerge renewed. This process might involve confronting fears or secrets and using them as fuel for your personal evolution.

Practical Tips for Navigating Selena's Transit in the Eighth House:

  • Embrace Transparency: In matters of shared resources and intimacy, strive for honesty and clarity. It's the best time to have those deep conversations and to bring hidden things to light.

  • Focus on Healing: Use this period for emotional and psychological healing. Practices like therapy, meditation, or any activity that helps you explore your inner world can be particularly beneficial.

  • Plan for the Future: Given the Eighth house's association with legacies and inheritances, this transit is an excellent time to think about your financial future and to make plans that reflect your true values and desires.

During this transit, exploring the relationship between personal transformation and shared resources can be enlightening. For further reading on navigating shared resources, you might find insights in the article on Venus in the Eighth House, which explores the dynamics of love and money. Additionally, understanding the psychological underpinnings of your desires and fears can be deepened by reading about Pluto in the Twelfth House, which delves into the subconscious drives and the shadow self.

During Selena's transit through the Eighth house, individuals are encouraged to confront their deepest fears, release emotional attachments that no longer serve them, and embrace the transformative power within themselves to create a more authentic and fulfilling life.

5. What Does the Eighth House Represent?

The Eighth house is an enigmatic and profound area of the natal chart, ruling over themes of shared resources, intimacy, transformation, and psychological exploration. It represents the hidden and often unconscious aspects of our lives, as well as the deeper connections we form with others. This house is where we confront our innermost fears, desires, and the psychological dynamics that shape our interactions with the world around us.

Significance and Themes

The Eighth house is often referred to as the house of rebirth, death, and transformation. It deals with everything that is hidden beneath the surface, including the mysteries of life and death. This house governs our experiences with change, particularly those that are profound and life-altering. The key themes associated with the Eighth house include:

  • Shared Resources: This includes financial partnerships, inheritances, and investments. It's about the resources we share or receive from others, highlighting the bonds formed through these exchanges.
  • Intimacy and Sexual Connections: The deep, intimate bonds we form with others fall under the Eighth house. It's not just about physical intimacy but also emotional and psychological connections.
  • Transformation: Personal growth and transformation are central to this house. It's about shedding old skins to emerge renewed, often after facing challenging or life-changing experiences.
  • Psychological Exploration: The Eighth house encourages us to dive deep into our subconscious, uncovering hidden fears, desires, and motivations.

Ruling Planet

Traditionally, the Eighth house is associated with Pluto, the planet of transformation, power, and regeneration. Pluto's energy emphasizes the themes of rebirth and deep psychological exploration inherent to the Eighth house. This planet's influence prompts us to confront the darker aspects of our psyche and the universe, leading to profound personal growth and transformation.

Areas of Life Governed

The Eighth house impacts various areas of our lives, from our approach to finances and intimacy to how we deal with loss and transformation. Here's how this house influences different aspects:

  • Financial: Joint finances, taxes, debts, and inheritances are governed by this house. It's about the money and resources that come through others.
  • Emotional: The emotional bonds and connections that go beyond the surface level, including the psychological aspects of intimacy.
  • Spiritual: Encounters with the metaphysical, including interests in the occult, astrology, and life after death.
  • Psychological: The process of personal transformation through confronting one's shadow self, leading to profound change.

Astrological Bodies in the Eighth House

Planetary placements in the Eighth house have a significant impact on how an individual experiences its themes. For instance, Mars in the Eighth house can indicate a person with intense desires, a strong will, and possibly a penchant for navigating through life's challenges with resilience. Meanwhile, someone with Venus in the Eighth house might experience deep, transformative relationships, finding beauty and value in the process of change and rebirth.


Overall, the Eighth house guides us towards transforming our lives through deep introspection, embracing vulnerability, and establishing meaningful connections based on trust, intimacy, and shared resources. It's a powerful house that challenges us to look beyond the surface and explore the depths of our existence, leading to profound personal growth and enlightenment.

6. Selena Meaning in Astrology

Selena, also known as the Moon's Black Moon Lilith, is an astrological point that represents the Divine Feminine and the primal, untamed aspects of our psyche. It symbolizes our connection to intuition, sensuality, and our ability to reclaim our personal power. In astrology, Selena is often overlooked, but its significance can deeply influence an individual's chart, offering insights into their emotional and psychic realms.

Connection to the Moon's Nodes

  • North Node: Represents our karmic paths and the lessons we are here to learn. Selena's alignment with the North Node can indicate a spiritual journey towards embracing the untamed aspects of our nature. For more on the North Node, see North Node in Ninth House.
  • South Node: Reflects our past life talents and abilities, as well as potential over-reliances or addictions. When Selena interacts with the South Node, it suggests a need to release old patterns related to the suppression of the feminine or intuitive aspects of oneself.

Role as a Divine Protector

Selena, in mythology, is considered a guardian of those who seek to embrace their true, uninhibited selves. It serves as a beacon for navigating through societal expectations and norms to discover one's authentic path. This protective quality is especially poignant when considering individuals who feel disconnected from their intuitive and emotional selves.

Influence on Emotional and Psychic Realms

  • Intuition: Selena's placement in a chart can highlight areas where intuition can be most effectively harnessed. It points to where we might find our psychic abilities most pronounced or where we can develop them further.
  • Sensuality: Reflecting the untamed aspect of our psyche, Selena's position can also indicate how and where we express our sensuality and raw, unfiltered aspects of our personality.
  • Personal Power: By embracing the qualities represented by Selena, individuals can reclaim their personal power, often suppressed by societal or external pressures.

Selena in the Eighth House

When Selena finds its place in the Eighth House, it amplifies its natural tendencies towards exploring the hidden, deeper aspects of our psyche. The Eighth House is traditionally associated with transformation, sexuality, and the occult. With Selena here, there's a powerful invitation to delve into these realms:

  • Transformation: Encourages profound personal growth by confronting and integrating shadow aspects.
  • Sexuality: Offers a path to understanding and embracing one's sexual power and the complexities of intimacy.
  • Occult: Opens channels to the mystical, providing a gateway to explore astrology, tarot, and other esoteric knowledge.

Integrating Selena's energy when it resides in the Eighth House can lead to a powerful metamorphosis, unlocking doors to deep, personal transformation and empowerment.

Selena's influence in astrology encourages us to explore the depths of our emotions, confront our shadows, and embrace our authenticity, empowering us to navigate the mysteries of life with grace and wisdom.

7. Selena in the Eighth Meaning for Each Sign

Selena's placement in the Eighth house has different effects on each zodiac sign, highlighting various aspects of their relationship with shared resources, intimacy, and transformation. The specifics of how this placement manifests depend on the characteristics and tendencies of each sign.

Aries: For Aries, Selena in the Eighth house intensifies their already passionate nature, driving them towards deep, transformative relationships. They may find themselves more drawn to exploring the psychological aspects of intimacy, leading to powerful emotional experiences.

  • Taurus: Taurus individuals with this placement seek stability in shared resources and value deep, sensual connections. Their approach to transformation is gradual, seeking to build lasting bonds that evolve over time.

Gemini: Gemini's curiosity extends to the mysteries of the Eighth house with Selena's influence. They engage in intellectual exploration of themes related to death, rebirth, and the occult, often communicating openly about these topics in relationships.

  • Cancer: For Cancer, this placement deepens their emotional bonds, making them more protective and nurturing towards their partners. Their intuitive understanding of change and transformation helps them navigate the complexities of shared resources and intimacy.

Leo: Leo's natural charisma is magnified in matters of intimacy and shared resources. They approach these areas with confidence and generosity, seeking to be both powerful and benevolent in their close relationships.

  • Virgo: Practical and analytical, Virgo uses Selena's placement to meticulously understand and manage shared resources. They seek purity and perfection in their intimate connections, often focusing on healing and service.

Libra: Libra's quest for balance and harmony extends into the Eighth house, seeking fairness and equality in shared resources. Their relationships are characterized by a deep desire for emotional and spiritual connection.

  • Scorpio: Naturally ruling the Eighth house, Scorpio finds Selena's placement here intensifies their depth, passion, and power in relationships. They are drawn to exploring the mysteries of life and death, often experiencing profound transformations.

Sagittarius: With an adventurous spirit, Sagittarius uses this placement to explore philosophical and spiritual dimensions of intimacy and transformation. They seek meaning in their connections, often through shared adventures or beliefs.

  • Capricorn: Capricorn approaches shared resources and transformation with caution and responsibility. They seek to build lasting structures and legacies through their intimate connections, often focusing on practical and material outcomes.

Aquarius: Aquarius finds unique and unconventional ways to approach intimacy and shared resources. They value freedom and innovation in their connections, often exploring alternative or avant-garde methods of transformation.

  • Pisces: For Pisces, Selena in the Eighth house deepens their emotional and psychic connections. They seek soulful bonds, often experiencing relationships as mystical or transcendent encounters.

To further understand how Selena's placement interacts with other planetary influences, consider exploring Vesta in the Ninth House for insights into how devotion and focus on higher learning can influence your transformative experiences. Additionally, Chiron in the Eighth House can provide a deeper understanding of healing and personal growth through challenges in these areas.

The placement of Selena in the Eighth house for each sign provides insights into the distinctive ways individuals from different zodiac signs approach the exploration of their unconscious mind, seek emotional connections, and engage in transformative experiences.

8. Wrapping it up

Selena's placement in the Eighth house signifies a powerful journey of transformation and personal growth. It urges individuals to embrace the mysteries of life, delve into the depths of their psyche, and forge intimate connections based on trust and vulnerability. This final wrap-up aims to underscore the transformative essence of Selena in the Eighth house and its role in fostering deep, meaningful relationships, personal evolution, and the exploration of shared resources and intimacy.

Throughout the article, we've explored several key points:

  • The Significance of Transformation: Selena in the Eighth house heralds a period of significant personal change. This placement is about dying to the old self to be reborn anew, mirroring the cyclical nature of life and death.

  • Exploring Shared Resources: This astrological position emphasizes the importance of navigating shared resources, whether material, emotional, or spiritual. It teaches the value of mutual support and the strength found in vulnerability.

  • Deepening Intimacy: With Selena in this house, there's a compelling drive to connect on a profound level. It's not just about physical closeness but emotional and psychological intimacy, where secrets are shared, and true bonds are formed.

  • Psychological Exploration: Individuals are encouraged to embark on a journey into their psyche. This can mean confronting fears, exploring hidden desires, and understanding the self at a deeper level.

  • Empowerment through Transformation: Ultimately, this placement is about finding power in transformation. It's about emerging stronger, more authentic, and more in tune with one's true self and desires.

To further enrich your understanding of how Selena's placement interacts with other celestial bodies and influences, consider exploring these related articles:

By understanding and working with the symbolic energy of Selena in the Eighth house, individuals can embark on a profound exploration of their inner selves, leading to empowerment, personal transformation, and the creation of authentic and meaningful connections with others. This journey, while challenging, offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and self-discovery, making it a deeply rewarding aspect of one's astrological chart.

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