Trevor Noah headshot

Trevor Noah

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
February 20th, 1984

Trevor Noah's Birth Chart & Zodiac Sign

By Sonya SchwartzLast updated on February 3, 2024

Trevor Noah

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
February 20th, 1984
Pisces Sun
Libra Moon
Taurus Rising

Trevor Noah is a renowned comedian, television host, and author, best known for his role as the host of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program. Born in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Noah's career has been marked by his insightful and often humorous commentary on global politics and societal issues. His mixed-race heritage and experiences growing up in apartheid South Africa have significantly influenced his comedy and public speaking, making him a unique voice in the entertainment industry. Noah's zodiac sign is Pisces, which is often associated with empathy, artistic talent, and a deep sense of humanity.

Planet Positions

This section lists the positions of planets at the time of Trevor Noah's birth. It includes in which signs they were, including the degrees, and in which houses they were. Any sign with an (R) behind it was in retrograde at that time.
Sun in 0° 57' Pisces (10th House)
Juno in 18° 1' Taurus (12th House)
Mars in 18° 28' Scorpio (6th House)
Moon in 18° 46' Libra (5th House)
Ceres in 20° 3' Pisces (10th House)
Pluto (R) in 2° 3' Scorpio (6th House)
Venus in 1° 30' Aquarius (9th House)
Vesta in 14° 27' Gemini (1st House)
Chiron in 27° 53' Taurus (1st House)
Pallas in 21° 32' Aquarius (9th House)
Pholus in 16° 50' Aries (11th House)
Saturn in 16° 22' Scorpio (6th House)
Uranus in 13° 15' Sagittarius (7th House)
Vertex in 20° 33' Capricorn (8th House)
Jupiter in 6° 15' Capricorn (8th House)
Mercury in 17° 35' Aquarius (9th House)
Neptune in 0° 56' Capricorn (8th House)
Ascendant in 20° 50' Taurus (1st House)
Midheaven in 25° 18' Aquarius (10th House)
Descendant in 20° 50' Scorpio (7th House)
Imum Coeli in 25° 18' Leo (4th House)
North Node (R) in 12° 14' Gemini (1st House)
South Node (R) in 12° 14' Sagittarius (7th House)
Part of Fortune in 8° 38' Capricorn (8th House)
Black Moon Lilith in 7° 51' Pisces (10th House)
White Moon Selena in 26° 17' Leo (4th House)

Overall Chart Impression

Trevor Noah's birth chart reveals a complex and multifaceted personality, deeply influenced by the water and air elements, suggesting a blend of emotional depth and intellectual brilliance. The Sun in Pisces in the 10th house highlights his public visibility and career in the entertainment industry, driven by creativity and compassion. The Moon in Libra in the 5th house emphasizes his need for harmony and balance, as well as a natural inclination towards the arts and entertainment. Mercury in Aquarius in the 9th house reflects his innovative thinking and ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and humor. The presence of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio in the 6th house indicates a powerful drive, resilience, and the ability to transform challenges into strengths. The chart also shows a significant emphasis on the 8th and 9th houses, suggesting themes of transformation, philosophy, and a quest for deeper truths. Trevor's chart is a testament to his ability to navigate and articulate the complexities of human experience with both sensitivity and intellect.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Trevor Noah's Pisces Sun sign imbues him with empathy, creativity, and a deep connection to the collective human experience, driving his career in storytelling and comedy. His Libra Moon enhances his relational dynamics, giving him a natural charm and a keen sense of justice and fairness, which is often reflected in his work. The Taurus Ascendant grounds his Pisces Sun and Libra Moon, adding a layer of practicality, determination, and an appreciation for the sensual and material aspects of life. This combination of signs contributes to Trevor's ability to connect with a wide audience, using humor and insight to explore and comment on societal issues.

Personality Through The Lens Of Astrology

Trevor Noah's birth chart offers a fascinating lens through which to view his personality and life achievements. The interplay of his astrological placements sheds light on his unique blend of humor, empathy, and intellect.

1. Empathetic Storyteller

Sun in Pisces in the 10th house is indicative of Trevor's ability to empathize with a wide range of human experiences, which he skillfully incorporates into his storytelling. This placement suggests a career that is not only public but also deeply connected to the collective psyche, allowing him to resonate with diverse audiences around the world.

2. Intellectual Humorist

With Mercury in Aquarius, Trevor possesses a quick wit and an ability to perceive and communicate complex ideas in an accessible and humorous manner. This placement contributes to his success as a comedian and television host, where his intellectual agility and unique perspectives shine.

3. Champion for Justice

The Moon in Libra in the 5th house highlights Trevor's innate sense of fairness and his desire to create balance and harmony. This is evident in his comedic work, where he often tackles social and political issues, advocating for justice and equality.

4. Resilient Transformer

Mars and Saturn in Scorpio in the 6th house underscore Trevor's resilience and his ability to confront and transform challenges. This aspect of his personality is reflected in his journey from a challenging upbringing in apartheid South Africa to international fame, using his experiences as a catalyst for growth and change.

Chart Patterns

This section provides an overview of Trevor Noah's chart patterns identified in their natal chart, ranging from Grand Trines, Yods, T-Squares, Kites, Mystic Rectangles, Thors Hammers, and many other relevant patterns.

No chart patterns are present in Trevor Noah's birth chart.

Planet Aspects

This section provides an overview of each of the aspects found in Trevor Noah's chart. It includes the major aspects as well as the minor aspects between all planets, asteroids, and other important points in their natal chart.

Major Aspects

Sun sextile Jupiter orb: 5° 17'
Sun sextile Neptune orb: 0° 1'
Sun trine Pluto orb: 1° 6'
Sun conjunction Black Moon Lilith orb: 6° 54'
Sun square Chiron orb: 3° 4'
Sun opposition White Moon Selena orb: 4° 41'
Sun conjunction Midheaven orb: 5° 39'
Sun opposition Imum Coeli orb: 5° 39'
Moon trine Mercury orb: 1° 11'
Moon sextile Uranus orb: 5° 31'
Moon trine North Node orb: 6° 32'
Moon trine Pallas orb: 2° 46'
Moon trine Vesta orb: 4° 19'
Moon opposition Pholus orb: 1° 55'
Moon trine Midheaven orb: 6° 33'
Moon square Vertex orb: 1° 47'
Mercury square Mars orb: 0° 53'
Mercury square Saturn orb: 1° 13'
Mercury sextile Uranus orb: 4° 20'
Mercury trine North Node orb: 5° 21'
Mercury sextile South Node orb: 5° 21'
Mercury square Juno orb: 0° 26'
Mercury conjunction Pallas orb: 3° 57'
Mercury trine Vesta orb: 3° 8'
Mercury sextile Pholus orb: 0° 44'
Mercury square Ascendant orb: 3° 15'
Mercury square Descendant orb: 3° 15'
Mercury conjunction Midheaven orb: 7° 44'
Mercury opposition Imum Coeli orb: 7° 44'
Venus square Pluto orb: 0° 34'
Venus trine Chiron orb: 3° 36'
Mars conjunction Saturn orb: 2° 6'
Mars trine Ceres orb: 1° 36'
Mars opposition Juno orb: 0° 27'
Mars square Pallas orb: 3° 4'
Mars square White Moon Selena orb: 7° 49'
Mars opposition Ascendant orb: 2° 22'
Mars conjunction Descendant orb: 2° 22'
Mars square Midheaven orb: 6° 51'
Mars square Imum Coeli orb: 6° 51'
Mars sextile Vertex orb: 2° 5'
Jupiter conjunction Neptune orb: 5° 18'
Jupiter sextile Pluto orb: 4° 11'
Jupiter sextile Black Moon Lilith orb: 1° 37'
Jupiter conjunction Part of Fortune orb: 2° 24'
Saturn trine Ceres orb: 3° 41'
Saturn opposition Juno orb: 1° 39'
Saturn square Pallas orb: 5° 9'
Saturn opposition Ascendant orb: 4° 28'
Saturn conjunction Descendant orb: 4° 28'
Saturn sextile Vertex orb: 4° 11'
Uranus opposition North Node orb: 1° 1'
Uranus conjunction South Node orb: 1° 1'
Uranus square Black Moon Lilith orb: 5° 24'
Uranus square Ceres orb: 6° 49'
Uranus opposition Vesta orb: 1° 12'
Uranus trine Pholus orb: 3° 36'
Neptune sextile Pluto orb: 1° 7'
Neptune trine White Moon Selena orb: 4° 39'
Neptune sextile Midheaven orb: 5° 38'
Neptune trine Imum Coeli orb: 5° 38'
Neptune conjunction Part of Fortune orb: 7° 42'
Pluto trine Black Moon Lilith orb: 5° 48'
Pluto sextile White Moon Selena orb: 5° 47'
Pluto trine Midheaven orb: 6° 45'
North Node opposition South Node orb: 0° 0'
North Node square Black Moon Lilith orb: 4° 23'
North Node square Ceres orb: 7° 50'
North Node conjunction Vesta orb: 2° 13'
North Node sextile Pholus orb: 4° 37'
South Node square Black Moon Lilith orb: 4° 23'
South Node square Ceres orb: 7° 50'
South Node opposition Vesta orb: 2° 13'
South Node trine Pholus orb: 4° 37'
Black Moon Lilith square Vesta orb: 6° 36'
Black Moon Lilith sextile Part of Fortune orb: 0° 47'
Ceres sextile Juno orb: 2° 2'
Ceres square Vesta orb: 5° 37'
Ceres sextile Ascendant orb: 0° 46'
Ceres trine Descendant orb: 0° 46'
Ceres sextile Vertex orb: 0° 30'
Juno square Pallas orb: 3° 30'
Juno conjunction Ascendant orb: 2° 49'
Juno opposition Descendant orb: 2° 49'
Juno square Midheaven orb: 7° 17'
Juno square Imum Coeli orb: 7° 17'
Juno trine Vertex orb: 2° 32'
Pallas trine Vesta orb: 7° 5'
Pallas square Chiron orb: 6° 22'
Pallas opposition White Moon Selena orb: 4° 45'
Pallas sextile Pholus orb: 4° 41'
Pallas square Ascendant orb: 0° 42'
Pallas square Descendant orb: 0° 42'
Pallas conjunction Midheaven orb: 3° 47'
Pallas opposition Imum Coeli orb: 3° 47'
Vesta sextile Pholus orb: 2° 24'
Chiron square White Moon Selena orb: 1° 37'
Chiron conjunction Ascendant orb: 7° 3'
Chiron opposition Descendant orb: 7° 3'
Chiron square Midheaven orb: 2° 35'
Chiron square Imum Coeli orb: 2° 35'
Chiron trine Vertex orb: 7° 20'
White Moon Selena square Ascendant orb: 5° 27'
White Moon Selena square Descendant orb: 5° 27'
White Moon Selena opposition Midheaven orb: 0° 59'
White Moon Selena conjunction Imum Coeli orb: 0° 59'
Pholus square Vertex orb: 3° 42'
Ascendant opposition Descendant orb: 0° 0'
Ascendant square Midheaven orb: 4° 28'
Ascendant square Imum Coeli orb: 4° 28'
Ascendant trine Vertex orb: 0° 17'
Descendant square Midheaven orb: 4° 28'
Descendant square Imum Coeli orb: 4° 28'
Descendant sextile Vertex orb: 0° 17'
Midheaven opposition Imum Coeli orb: 0° 0'

Minor Aspects

Sun sesquiquadrate Moon orb: 2° 48'
Sun semisextile Venus orb: 0° 32'
Sun semisquare Pholus orb: 0° 53'
Moon semisextile Mars orb: 0° 18'
Moon quintile Neptune orb: 0° 10'
Moon quincunx Ceres orb: 1° 18'
Moon quincunx Juno orb: 0° 45'
Moon quincunx Ascendant orb: 2° 4'
Mercury semisquare Neptune orb: 1° 39'
Venus quintile Mars orb: 1° 2'
Venus semisextile Neptune orb: 0° 34'
Venus sesquiquadrate Vesta orb: 2° 3'
Venus quintile Descendant orb: 1° 20'
Mars quincunx Pholus orb: 1° 37'
Jupiter quintile Ceres orb: 1° 49'
Jupiter semisquare Pallas orb: 0° 17'
Jupiter biquintile Chiron orb: 2° 21'
Jupiter sesquiquadrate Ascendant orb: 0° 25'
Jupiter semisquare Descendant orb: 0° 25'
Saturn semisquare Neptune orb: 0° 26'
Saturn quincunx Vesta orb: 1° 56'
Saturn quincunx Pholus orb: 0° 28'
Uranus quintile Midheaven orb: 0° 4'
Neptune sesquiquadrate Juno orb: 2° 5'
Neptune biquintile Chiron orb: 2° 57'
Neptune quincunx Chiron orb: 3° 3'
Pluto sesquiquadrate Ceres orb: 2° 60'
Pluto sesquiquadrate Vesta orb: 2° 37'
North Node quintile White Moon Selena orb: 2° 3'
North Node quintile Imum Coeli orb: 1° 5'
North Node biquintile Vertex orb: 2° 19'
North Node quincunx Part of Fortune orb: 3° 35'
South Node quintile Pallas orb: 2° 42'
South Node quintile Midheaven orb: 1° 5'
Black Moon Lilith quintile Juno orb: 1° 50'
Black Moon Lilith quintile Ascendant orb: 0° 59'
Ceres semisextile Pallas orb: 1° 28'
Ceres quintile Part of Fortune orb: 0° 35'
Juno semisextile Pholus orb: 1° 11'
Pallas semisextile Vertex orb: 0° 59'
Vesta quintile White Moon Selena orb: 0° 10'
Vesta quintile Imum Coeli orb: 1° 8'
Vesta biquintile Vertex orb: 0° 6'
White Moon Selena biquintile Vertex orb: 0° 16'
White Moon Selena sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune orb: 2° 39'
Pholus biquintile Descendant orb: 2° 1'
Pholus quincunx Descendant orb: 3° 59'
Ascendant sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune orb: 2° 48'
Midheaven semisquare Part of Fortune orb: 1° 40'
Imum Coeli biquintile Vertex orb: 1° 15'
Imum Coeli sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune orb: 1° 40'

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