Reneé Rapp

Huntersville, North Carolina, United States
January 10th, 2000

Reneé Rapp's Birth Chart & Zodiac Sign

By Sonya SchwartzLast updated on February 4, 2024

Reneé Rapp

Huntersville, North Carolina, United States
January 10th, 2000
Capricorn Sun
Pisces Moon
Aries Rising

Reneé Rapp is an emerging talent best known for her powerful voice and dynamic acting skills. Born on January 10th, 2000, in Huntersville, North Carolina, United States, Rapp has quickly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her rise to fame began with her winning performance in the 2018 Jimmy Awards, catapulting her into the spotlight. Reneé is widely recognized for her role as Leighton Murray in the HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls, showcasing her versatility as an actress. With a Capricorn zodiac sign, Reneé embodies the determination, ambition, and practicality often associated with her astrological sign, making her a force to be reckoned with both on and off the stage.

Planet Positions

This section lists the positions of planets at the time of Reneé Rapp's birth. It includes in which signs they were, including the degrees, and in which houses they were. Any sign with an (R) behind it was in retrograde at that time.
Sun in 19° 45' Capricorn (10th House)
Juno in 11° 26' Capricorn (9th House)
Mars in 5° 6' Pisces (11th House)
Moon in 3° 38' Pisces (11th House)
Ceres in 6° 15' Libra (6th House)
Pluto in 11° 46' Sagittarius (8th House)
Venus in 12° 44' Sagittarius (8th House)
Vesta in 10° 44' Sagittarius (8th House)
Chiron in 12° 38' Sagittarius (8th House)
Pallas (R) in 11° 48' Leo (5th House)
Pholus in 5° 53' Scorpio (7th House)
Saturn (R) in 10° 17' Taurus (1st House)
Uranus in 15° 17' Aquarius (11th House)
Vertex in 9° 16' Libra (6th House)
Jupiter in 25° 46' Aries (1st House)
Mercury in 16° 28' Capricorn (10th House)
Neptune in 3° 32' Aquarius (10th House)
Ascendant in 21° 15' Aries (1st House)
Midheaven in 12° 36' Capricorn (10th House)
Descendant in 21° 15' Libra (7th House)
Imum Coeli in 12° 36' Cancer (4th House)
North Node in 3° 41' Leo (4th House)
South Node in 3° 41' Aquarius (10th House)
Part of Fortune in 5° 7' Gemini (2nd House)
Black Moon Lilith in 24° 29' Sagittarius (9th House)
White Moon Selena in 3° 31' Sagittarius (8th House)

Overall Chart Impression

Reneé Rapp's birth chart reveals a Capricorn Sun in the 10th house, highlighting her ambitious nature and a strong drive for success in her career. The presence of Mercury in Capricorn in the same house further emphasizes her disciplined approach to her craft and her ability to communicate her artistic vision effectively.

With the Moon in Pisces in the 11th house, Reneé possesses a deep emotional sensitivity and intuition, which she channels into her performances, allowing her to connect with audiences on a profound level. The Mars in Pisces placement in the same house suggests a gentle assertiveness in pursuing her dreams and an imaginative approach to her work.

Jupiter in Aries in the 1st house bestows upon her a pioneering spirit and a natural flair for taking initiative, while the Saturn Retrograde in Taurus in the 1st house indicates a need to build a solid foundation for her ambitions, sometimes facing delays or reevaluations of her goals.

Her chart is marked by a significant number of aspects in Sagittarius and Aquarius, suggesting a love for freedom, exploration, and a forward-thinking attitude. These placements, combined with her dominant Capricorn energy, paint a picture of a determined individual with a unique artistic vision and the perseverance to bring her dreams to fruition.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Reneé's Capricorn Sun sign imbues her with ambition, discipline, and a pragmatic approach to life. This earth sign's influence is evident in her career-focused mindset and her ability to set long-term goals.

Her Pisces Moon adds a layer of emotional depth and empathy, enabling her to connect with others on an emotional level and infuse her performances with genuine feeling.

With an Aries Ascendant, Reneé projects confidence and assertiveness, often taking the lead in her endeavors. This fire sign rising gives her a dynamic and pioneering spirit, complementing her Capricorn Sun's structured approach with spontaneity and courage.

Personality Through The Lens Of Astrology

Reneé Rapp's astrological chart offers fascinating insights into her personality and life path. The interplay of her Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, along with the positions of other planets, provides a comprehensive view of her character. Let's explore how astrology reflects in her life and personality.

1. Ambitious and Career-Focused

Capricorn Sun in the 10th house is a testament to Reneé's ambition and dedication to her career. This placement is often found in individuals who are driven to achieve their goals and are willing to work hard to make their dreams a reality. Reneé's rapid rise in the entertainment industry and her commitment to her craft exemplify the quintessential Capricorn determination.

2. Emotionally Expressive and Intuitive

The Pisces Moon in the 11th house endows Reneé with a deep emotional reservoir and a strong intuition, which she skillfully channels into her performances. This placement allows her to connect with her audience on a profound level, making her portrayals all the more compelling and relatable.

3. Confident and Assertive

Reneé's Aries Ascendant lends her a natural confidence and assertiveness. This fiery energy complements her disciplined Capricorn Sun by adding a dynamic and spontaneous flair to her personality. It's this blend of determination and boldness that enables her to take on challenging roles and navigate the competitive world of entertainment with grace.

4. Creative and Imaginative

With Mars in Pisces in the 11th house, Reneé possesses a creative and imaginative spirit. This placement suggests a gentle yet passionate approach to pursuing her artistic endeavors. Her ability to infuse creativity into her work, whether acting or singing, showcases the imaginative qualities of Mars in Pisces.

Chart Patterns

This section provides an overview of Reneé Rapp's chart patterns identified in their natal chart, ranging from Grand Trines, Yods, T-Squares, Kites, Mystic Rectangles, Thors Hammers, and many other relevant patterns.

No chart patterns are present in Reneé Rapp's birth chart.

Planet Aspects

This section provides an overview of each of the aspects found in Reneé Rapp's chart. It includes the major aspects as well as the minor aspects between all planets, asteroids, and other important points in their natal chart.

Major Aspects

Sun conjunction Mercury orb: 3° 17'
Sun square Jupiter orb: 6° 1'
Sun square Ascendant orb: 1° 30'
Sun square Descendant orb: 1° 30'
Sun conjunction Midheaven orb: 7° 9'
Sun opposition Imum Coeli orb: 7° 9'
Moon conjunction Mars orb: 1° 28'
Moon square Vesta orb: 7° 6'
Moon square White Moon Selena orb: 0° 7'
Moon trine Pholus orb: 2° 16'
Moon square Part of Fortune orb: 1° 30'
Mercury trine Saturn orb: 6° 11'
Mercury conjunction Juno orb: 5° 2'
Mercury square Ascendant orb: 4° 47'
Mercury square Descendant orb: 4° 47'
Mercury conjunction Midheaven orb: 3° 52'
Mercury opposition Imum Coeli orb: 3° 52'
Mercury square Vertex orb: 7° 12'
Venus square Mars orb: 7° 38'
Venus sextile Uranus orb: 2° 33'
Venus conjunction Pluto orb: 0° 58'
Venus trine Pallas orb: 0° 56'
Venus conjunction Vesta orb: 2° 0'
Venus conjunction Chiron orb: 0° 6'
Venus sextile Vertex orb: 3° 29'
Venus opposition Part of Fortune orb: 7° 37'
Mars sextile Saturn orb: 5° 11'
Mars square Pluto orb: 6° 40'
Mars square Vesta orb: 5° 38'
Mars square Chiron orb: 7° 32'
Mars square White Moon Selena orb: 1° 35'
Mars trine Pholus orb: 0° 47'
Mars trine Imum Coeli orb: 7° 30'
Mars square Part of Fortune orb: 0° 1'
Jupiter square Neptune orb: 7° 46'
Jupiter square North Node orb: 7° 55'
Jupiter square South Node orb: 7° 55'
Jupiter trine Black Moon Lilith orb: 1° 17'
Jupiter conjunction Ascendant orb: 4° 31'
Jupiter opposition Descendant orb: 4° 31'
Saturn square Uranus orb: 4° 60'
Saturn square Neptune orb: 6° 46'
Saturn square North Node orb: 6° 36'
Saturn square South Node orb: 6° 36'
Saturn trine Juno orb: 1° 9'
Saturn square Pallas orb: 1° 31'
Saturn opposition Pholus orb: 4° 24'
Saturn trine Midheaven orb: 2° 19'
Saturn sextile Imum Coeli orb: 2° 19'
Uranus sextile Pluto orb: 3° 31'
Uranus opposition Pallas orb: 3° 29'
Uranus sextile Vesta orb: 4° 33'
Uranus sextile Chiron orb: 2° 39'
Uranus sextile Ascendant orb: 5° 58'
Uranus trine Descendant orb: 5° 58'
Uranus trine Vertex orb: 6° 1'
Neptune opposition North Node orb: 0° 9'
Neptune conjunction South Node orb: 0° 9'
Neptune trine Ceres orb: 2° 44'
Neptune sextile White Moon Selena orb: 0° 1'
Neptune square Pholus orb: 2° 22'
Neptune trine Vertex orb: 5° 44'
Neptune trine Part of Fortune orb: 1° 36'
Pluto sextile Ceres orb: 5° 31'
Pluto trine Pallas orb: 0° 2'
Pluto conjunction Vesta orb: 1° 2'
Pluto conjunction Chiron orb: 0° 52'
Pluto sextile Vertex orb: 2° 30'
Pluto opposition Part of Fortune orb: 6° 39'
North Node opposition South Node orb: 0° 0'
North Node sextile Ceres orb: 2° 34'
North Node trine Vesta orb: 7° 3'
North Node trine White Moon Selena orb: 0° 10'
North Node square Pholus orb: 2° 12'
North Node sextile Vertex orb: 5° 35'
North Node sextile Part of Fortune orb: 1° 26'
South Node trine Ceres orb: 2° 34'
South Node sextile White Moon Selena orb: 0° 10'
South Node square Pholus orb: 2° 12'
South Node trine Vertex orb: 5° 35'
South Node trine Part of Fortune orb: 1° 26'
Black Moon Lilith trine Ascendant orb: 3° 14'
Black Moon Lilith sextile Descendant orb: 3° 14'
Ceres square Juno orb: 5° 11'
Ceres sextile Pallas orb: 5° 33'
Ceres sextile Vesta orb: 4° 29'
Ceres sextile White Moon Selena orb: 2° 45'
Ceres square Midheaven orb: 6° 21'
Ceres square Imum Coeli orb: 6° 21'
Ceres conjunction Vertex orb: 3° 0'
Ceres trine Part of Fortune orb: 1° 8'
Juno sextile Pholus orb: 5° 33'
Juno conjunction Midheaven orb: 1° 10'
Juno opposition Imum Coeli orb: 1° 10'
Juno square Vertex orb: 2° 10'
Pallas trine Vesta orb: 1° 4'
Pallas trine Chiron orb: 0° 50'
Pallas square Pholus orb: 5° 55'
Pallas sextile Vertex orb: 2° 33'
Vesta conjunction Chiron orb: 1° 54'
Vesta conjunction White Moon Selena orb: 7° 13'
Vesta sextile Vertex orb: 1° 28'
Vesta opposition Part of Fortune orb: 5° 37'
Chiron sextile Vertex orb: 3° 22'
Chiron opposition Part of Fortune orb: 7° 31'
White Moon Selena sextile Vertex orb: 5° 45'
White Moon Selena opposition Part of Fortune orb: 1° 37'
Pholus trine Imum Coeli orb: 6° 43'
Ascendant opposition Descendant orb: 0° 0'
Midheaven opposition Imum Coeli orb: 0° 0'
Midheaven square Vertex orb: 3° 20'
Imum Coeli square Vertex orb: 3° 20'
Vertex trine Part of Fortune orb: 4° 9'

Minor Aspects

Sun semisquare Moon orb: 1° 8'
Sun semisquare Mars orb: 0° 21'
Sun semisquare White Moon Selena orb: 1° 15'
Sun quintile Pholus orb: 1° 52'
Sun sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune orb: 0° 22'
Moon semisextile Neptune orb: 0° 6'
Moon quincunx North Node orb: 0° 3'
Moon semisextile South Node orb: 0° 3'
Moon quintile Black Moon Lilith orb: 2° 52'
Moon quincunx Ceres orb: 2° 38'
Moon sesquiquadrate Descendant orb: 2° 37'
Moon biquintile Vertex orb: 0° 22'
Mercury semisextile Uranus orb: 1° 11'
Mercury quintile Pholus orb: 1° 25'
Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter orb: 1° 58'
Venus quincunx Saturn orb: 2° 27'
Venus semisextile Juno orb: 1° 18'
Venus semisextile Midheaven orb: 0° 8'
Venus quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 0° 8'
Mars semisextile Neptune orb: 1° 35'
Mars quincunx North Node orb: 1° 25'
Mars semisextile South Node orb: 1° 25'
Mars quintile Black Moon Lilith orb: 1° 23'
Mars quincunx Ceres orb: 1° 9'
Mars semisquare Ascendant orb: 1° 9'
Mars sesquiquadrate Descendant orb: 1° 9'
Mars biquintile Vertex orb: 1° 50'
Jupiter quintile Uranus orb: 1° 31'
Jupiter sesquiquadrate Pluto orb: 0° 60'
Jupiter sesquiquadrate Vesta orb: 0° 2'
Jupiter sesquiquadrate Chiron orb: 1° 52'
Jupiter biquintile White Moon Selena orb: 1° 45'
Saturn quincunx Pluto orb: 1° 29'
Saturn sesquiquadrate Black Moon Lilith orb: 0° 48'
Saturn biquintile Ceres orb: 1° 58'
Saturn quincunx Vesta orb: 0° 27'
Saturn quincunx Chiron orb: 2° 21'
Saturn quincunx Vertex orb: 1° 1'
Uranus quintile White Moon Selena orb: 0° 13'
Uranus quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 2° 41'
Pluto semisextile Juno orb: 0° 20'
Pluto semisextile Midheaven orb: 0° 50'
Pluto quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 0° 50'
Black Moon Lilith sesquiquadrate Pallas orb: 2° 19'
Ceres semisextile Pholus orb: 0° 22'
Juno quincunx Pallas orb: 0° 22'
Juno semisextile Vesta orb: 0° 42'
Juno semisextile Chiron orb: 1° 12'
Juno biquintile Part of Fortune orb: 0° 19'
Pallas quintile Descendant orb: 2° 33'
Pallas quincunx Midheaven orb: 0° 48'
Pallas semisextile Imum Coeli orb: 0° 48'
Vesta semisextile Midheaven orb: 1° 52'
Vesta quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 1° 52'
Chiron semisextile Midheaven orb: 0° 2'
Chiron quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 0° 2'
White Moon Selena sesquiquadrate Ascendant orb: 2° 44'
Pholus quincunx Part of Fortune orb: 0° 46'
Ascendant semisquare Part of Fortune orb: 1° 8'
Descendant sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune orb: 1° 8'
Midheaven biquintile Part of Fortune orb: 1° 29'

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