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Katy Perry

Santa Barbara, California, United States
October 25th, 1984 at 07:58 AM

Katy Perry's Birth Chart & Zodiac Sign

By Sonya SchwartzLast updated on February 3, 2024
Katy Perry headshot
Credit: Glenn Francis
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Katy Perry

Santa Barbara, California, United States
October 25th, 1984 at 07:58 AM
Birthtime accuracy: excellent
Scorpio Sun
Scorpio Moon
Scorpio Rising

Katy Perry is a renowned pop singer, songwriter, and television judge, best known for her vibrant personality, powerful vocals, and chart-topping hits such as 'I Kissed a Girl', 'Teenage Dream', and 'Firework'. Born on October 25th, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California, Perry has become one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Her dynamic stage presence and catchy tunes have earned her a massive global following. Katy's zodiac sign is Scorpio, a fact that shines through in her intense and passionate approach to both her music and personal life.

Planet Positions

This section lists the positions of planets at the time of Katy Perry's birth. It includes in which signs they were, including the degrees, and in which houses they were. Any sign with an (R) behind it was in retrograde at that time.
Sun in 2° 23' Scorpio (12th House)
Juno in 20° 12' Virgo (11th House)
Mars in 14° 25' Capricorn (3rd House)
Moon in 17° 57' Scorpio (1st House)
Ceres (R) in 21° 47' Taurus (7th House)
Pluto in 2° 5' Scorpio (12th House)
Venus in 6° 33' Sagittarius (1st House)
Vesta in 23° 6' Virgo (11th House)
Chiron (R) in 7° 37' Gemini (7th House)
Pallas (R) in 4° 50' Pisces (4th House)
Pholus (R) in 24° 41' Aries (6th House)
Saturn in 17° 5' Scorpio (1st House)
Uranus in 11° 25' Sagittarius (2nd House)
Vertex in 28° 22' Gemini (8th House)
Jupiter in 7° 49' Capricorn (2nd House)
Mercury in 11° 59' Scorpio (1st House)
Neptune in 29° 13' Sagittarius (2nd House)
Ascendant in 10° 47' Scorpio (1st House)
Midheaven in 16° 31' Leo (10th House)
Descendant in 10° 47' Taurus (7th House)
Imum Coeli in 16° 31' Aquarius (4th House)
North Node (R) in 27° 32' Taurus (7th House)
South Node (R) in 27° 32' Scorpio (1st House)
Part of Fortune in 26° 22' Scorpio (1st House)
Black Moon Lilith in 5° 38' Aries (5th House)
White Moon Selena in 1° 14' Libra (11th House)

Overall Chart Impression

Katy Perry's birth chart reveals a dominant Scorpio influence, with her Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn all nestled in this sign, forming a powerful stellium in the 1st house. This concentration of Scorpio energy in the house of self underscores her intense, passionate, and transformative nature. The presence of Pluto, also in Scorpio and the 12th house, amplifies her depth, resilience, and ability to connect with the collective unconscious through her music.

Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn highlight her ambitious drive and her knack for turning dreams into reality, a testament to her successful career. Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st house adds a love for freedom, adventure, and a touch of the philosophical to her values and relationships, while Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 2nd house suggest unconventional approaches to her resources and spirituality.

The Scorpio stellium's aspects to other planets, such as the Sun's sextile to Neptune, indicate a natural intuition and creativity, while the Moon's conjunction with Mercury in Scorpio enhances her emotional depth and communicative power. These placements and aspects together paint a picture of a person who is deeply emotional, transformative, and unafraid to explore the depths of the human experience.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Katy Perry's Sun in Scorpio gives her an intense, passionate, and sometimes mysterious personality. She is known for her transformative power, both personally and through her music. Her Moon in Scorpio further amplifies her emotional depth, intuition, and a strong desire for meaningful, transformative experiences. The Scorpio Rising (Ascendant) presents her to the world as a Scorpio through and through, adding to her magnetic, powerful, and sometimes intimidating persona. This combination of Sun, Moon, and Rising in Scorpio makes her a quintessential Scorpio, marked by a life of deep emotional experiences, transformations, and a constant quest for the truth beneath the surface.

Personality Through The Lens Of Astrology

Katy Perry's birth chart offers fascinating insights into her personality and life, reflecting her as a complex individual shaped by the stars. Let's explore how astrology mirrors her life and traits.

1. Intense Emotional Expression

Katy's Scorpio stellium, especially her Moon and Mercury in Scorpio, explains her intense emotional expression through her music. Songs like 'The One That Got Away' and 'By the Grace of God' showcase her ability to dive deep into emotional waters and emerge with powerful, relatable lyrics. This Scorpio influence allows her to connect with her audience on a deeply emotional level.

2. Transformation and Reinvention

The strong presence of Pluto in her 12th house, closely conjunct her Sun, signifies Katy's life theme of transformation and reinvention. From her gospel music roots to becoming a pop sensation, her career has been marked by significant transformations, mirroring the death and rebirth archetype of Scorpio. This aspect also suggests a person who finds strength in overcoming personal and professional challenges.

3. Charismatic Presence

Katy's Scorpio Ascendant contributes to her magnetic and charismatic presence, drawing people to her naturally. This placement, coupled with her Sun and Moon in the same sign, gives her a powerful aura that is both intriguing and commanding. It's this Scorpio magnetism that has helped her stand out in the crowded entertainment industry.

4. Adventurous Spirit

Venus in Sagittarius in her 1st house illuminates Katy's love for adventure, travel, and exploration of different cultures and philosophies. This placement reflects her open-minded approach to life and relationships, as well as her playful and humorous side, seen in upbeat tracks like 'California Gurls' and 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)'. Her Venus in Sagittarius drives her to explore and push the boundaries, both musically and personally.

Chart Patterns

This section provides an overview of Katy Perry's chart patterns identified in their natal chart, ranging from Grand Trines, Yods, T-Squares, Kites, Mystic Rectangles, Thors Hammers, and many other relevant patterns.

Stellium (1 Detected)

Sun in 2° 23' Scorpio
Moon in 17° 57' Scorpio
Mercury in 11° 59' Scorpio
Saturn in 17° 5' Scorpio
Pluto in 2° 5' Scorpio

Planet Aspects

This section provides an overview of each of the aspects found in Katy Perry's chart. It includes the major aspects as well as the minor aspects between all planets, asteroids, and other important points in their natal chart.

Major Aspects

Sun sextile Jupiter orb: 5° 26'
Sun sextile Neptune orb: 3° 10'
Sun conjunction Pluto orb: 0° 18'
Sun trine Pallas orb: 2° 28'
Sun opposition Pholus orb: 7° 41'
Sun trine Vertex orb: 4° 1'
Moon conjunction Mercury orb: 5° 58'
Moon sextile Mars orb: 3° 33'
Moon conjunction Saturn orb: 0° 52'
Moon opposition Ceres orb: 3° 50'
Moon sextile Juno orb: 2° 15'
Moon sextile Vesta orb: 5° 8'
Moon conjunction Ascendant orb: 7° 11'
Moon opposition Descendant orb: 7° 11'
Moon square Midheaven orb: 1° 26'
Moon square Imum Coeli orb: 1° 26'
Mercury sextile Mars orb: 2° 25'
Mercury sextile Jupiter orb: 4° 11'
Mercury conjunction Saturn orb: 5° 6'
Mercury trine Pallas orb: 7° 9'
Mercury conjunction Ascendant orb: 1° 13'
Mercury opposition Descendant orb: 1° 13'
Mercury square Midheaven orb: 4° 32'
Mercury square Imum Coeli orb: 4° 32'
Venus conjunction Uranus orb: 4° 52'
Venus trine Black Moon Lilith orb: 0° 55'
Venus square Pallas orb: 1° 43'
Venus opposition Chiron orb: 1° 4'
Venus sextile White Moon Selena orb: 5° 19'
Mars conjunction Jupiter orb: 6° 36'
Mars sextile Saturn orb: 2° 40'
Mars trine Ceres orb: 7° 22'
Mars trine Juno orb: 5° 47'
Mars sextile Ascendant orb: 3° 38'
Mars trine Descendant orb: 3° 38'
Jupiter sextile Pluto orb: 5° 44'
Jupiter square Black Moon Lilith orb: 2° 11'
Jupiter sextile Pallas orb: 2° 59'
Jupiter square White Moon Selena orb: 6° 35'
Jupiter sextile Ascendant orb: 2° 58'
Jupiter trine Descendant orb: 2° 58'
Saturn opposition Ceres orb: 4° 42'
Saturn sextile Juno orb: 3° 7'
Saturn conjunction Ascendant orb: 6° 19'
Saturn opposition Descendant orb: 6° 19'
Saturn square Midheaven orb: 0° 34'
Saturn square Imum Coeli orb: 0° 34'
Uranus trine Black Moon Lilith orb: 5° 47'
Uranus square Pallas orb: 6° 35'
Uranus opposition Chiron orb: 3° 48'
Uranus trine Midheaven orb: 5° 6'
Uranus sextile Imum Coeli orb: 5° 6'
Neptune sextile Pluto orb: 2° 52'
Neptune square Black Moon Lilith orb: 6° 25'
Neptune sextile Pallas orb: 5° 37'
Neptune square Vesta orb: 6° 7'
Neptune square White Moon Selena orb: 2° 1'
Neptune trine Pholus orb: 4° 32'
Neptune opposition Vertex orb: 0° 51'
Pluto trine Pallas orb: 2° 45'
Pluto opposition Pholus orb: 7° 24'
Pluto trine Vertex orb: 3° 43'
North Node opposition South Node orb: 0° 0'
North Node conjunction Ceres orb: 5° 45'
North Node trine Juno orb: 7° 20'
North Node square Pallas orb: 7° 18'
North Node trine Vesta orb: 4° 26'
North Node trine White Moon Selena orb: 3° 42'
North Node opposition Part of Fortune orb: 1° 11'
South Node opposition Ceres orb: 5° 45'
South Node square Pallas orb: 7° 18'
South Node sextile Vesta orb: 4° 26'
South Node sextile White Moon Selena orb: 3° 42'
South Node conjunction Part of Fortune orb: 1° 11'
Black Moon Lilith sextile Chiron orb: 1° 60'
Black Moon Lilith opposition White Moon Selena orb: 4° 24'
Black Moon Lilith square Vertex orb: 7° 16'
Ceres trine Juno orb: 1° 35'
Ceres trine Vesta orb: 1° 19'
Ceres square Midheaven orb: 5° 16'
Ceres square Imum Coeli orb: 5° 16'
Ceres opposition Part of Fortune orb: 4° 34'
Juno conjunction Vesta orb: 2° 54'
Pallas square Chiron orb: 2° 47'
Pallas trine Ascendant orb: 5° 56'
Pallas sextile Descendant orb: 5° 56'
Pallas trine Vertex orb: 6° 29'
Vesta square Vertex orb: 5° 16'
Vesta sextile Part of Fortune orb: 3° 16'
Chiron trine White Moon Selena orb: 6° 23'
White Moon Selena square Vertex orb: 2° 52'
White Moon Selena sextile Part of Fortune orb: 4° 52'
Pholus sextile Vertex orb: 3° 40'
Ascendant opposition Descendant orb: 0° 0'
Ascendant square Midheaven orb: 5° 45'
Ascendant square Imum Coeli orb: 5° 45'
Descendant square Midheaven orb: 5° 45'
Descendant square Imum Coeli orb: 5° 45'
Midheaven opposition Imum Coeli orb: 0° 0'

Minor Aspects

Sun quintile Mars orb: 0° 2'
Sun quincunx Black Moon Lilith orb: 3° 15'
Sun biquintile Chiron orb: 0° 45'
Sun semisextile White Moon Selena orb: 1° 9'
Moon sesquiquadrate Black Moon Lilith orb: 2° 40'
Moon semisquare White Moon Selena orb: 1° 44'
Mercury semisextile Uranus orb: 0° 34'
Mercury biquintile Black Moon Lilith orb: 0° 22'
Mercury sesquiquadrate Vertex orb: 1° 22'
Venus semisextile Jupiter orb: 1° 16'
Venus quintile Vesta orb: 1° 27'
Venus quintile Imum Coeli orb: 2° 2'
Mars quintile Pluto orb: 0° 20'
Mars sesquiquadrate North Node orb: 1° 53'
Mars semisquare South Node orb: 1° 53'
Mars biquintile Chiron orb: 0° 48'
Mars quincunx Midheaven orb: 2° 7'
Jupiter sesquiquadrate Ceres orb: 1° 2'
Jupiter quincunx Chiron orb: 0° 11'
Jupiter biquintile Midheaven orb: 2° 43'
Saturn semisquare White Moon Selena orb: 0° 51'
Uranus quintile White Moon Selena orb: 1° 49'
Uranus sesquiquadrate Pholus orb: 1° 44'
Uranus semisextile Ascendant orb: 0° 38'
Uranus quincunx Descendant orb: 0° 38'
Neptune quincunx North Node orb: 1° 41'
Neptune semisextile South Node orb: 1° 41'
Neptune biquintile Ceres orb: 1° 26'
Neptune sesquiquadrate Midheaven orb: 2° 18'
Pluto quincunx Black Moon Lilith orb: 3° 33'
Pluto biquintile Chiron orb: 0° 28'
Pluto semisextile White Moon Selena orb: 0° 51'
North Node semisextile Vertex orb: 0° 50'
South Node quincunx Pholus orb: 2° 51'
South Node quincunx Vertex orb: 0° 50'
Black Moon Lilith semisquare Ceres orb: 1° 9'
Black Moon Lilith semisextile Pallas orb: 0° 48'
Black Moon Lilith biquintile Ascendant orb: 0° 51'
Juno biquintile Pholus orb: 1° 31'
Juno biquintile Imum Coeli orb: 2° 19'
Juno quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 3° 41'
Pallas quincunx White Moon Selena orb: 3° 36'
Vesta quincunx Pholus orb: 1° 35'
Vesta sesquiquadrate Descendant orb: 2° 41'
Vesta biquintile Imum Coeli orb: 0° 34'
Chiron quincunx Ascendant orb: 3° 9'
White Moon Selena semisquare Midheaven orb: 0° 18'
White Moon Selena sesquiquadrate Imum Coeli orb: 0° 18'
Pholus quincunx Part of Fortune orb: 1° 40'
Ascendant sesquiquadrate Vertex orb: 2° 35'
Vertex quincunx Part of Fortune orb: 2° 0'

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