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Ed Sheeran

Halifax, England, United Kingdom
February 17th, 1991

Ed Sheeran's Birth Chart & Zodiac Sign

By Sonya SchwartzLast updated on February 4, 2024
Ed Sheeran headshot
Credit: Harald Krichel
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Ed Sheeran

Halifax, England, United Kingdom
February 17th, 1991
Aquarius Sun
Aries Moon
Cancer Rising

Ed Sheeran is a globally renowned singer-songwriter known for his soulful music and compelling lyrics. Born on February 17th, 1991, in Halifax, England, Sheeran has carved a niche for himself in the music industry with his unique blend of pop, folk, and acoustic music. His rise to fame can be attributed to his distinct voice, relatable songs, and dynamic performances. Ed Sheeran's personality is often described as down-to-earth and approachable, traits that endear him to fans worldwide. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, which is known for its creativity, independence, and humanitarian spirit.

Planet Positions

This section lists the positions of planets at the time of Ed Sheeran's birth. It includes in which signs they were, including the degrees, and in which houses they were. Any sign with an (R) behind it was in retrograde at that time.
Sun in 28° 19' Aquarius (10th House)
Juno in 11° 54' Capricorn (7th House)
Mars in 8° 47' Gemini (12th House)
Moon in 1° 34' Aries (11th House)
Ceres in 3° 22' Scorpio (5th House)
Pluto in 20° 22' Scorpio (6th House)
Venus in 23° 59' Pisces (11th House)
Vesta in 22° 5' Taurus (12th House)
Chiron (R) in 22° 7' Cancer (2nd House)
Pallas (R) in 20° 36' Virgo (4th House)
Pholus (R) in 10° 1' Cancer (1st House)
Saturn in 1° 13' Aquarius (8th House)
Uranus in 12° 21' Capricorn (7th House)
Vertex in 15° 8' Scorpio (6th House)
Jupiter (R) in 6° 6' Leo (3rd House)
Mercury in 18° 32' Aquarius (9th House)
Neptune in 15° 48' Capricorn (7th House)
Ascendant in 1° 13' Cancer (1st House)
Midheaven in 22° 46' Aquarius (10th House)
Descendant in 1° 13' Capricorn (7th House)
Imum Coeli in 22° 46' Leo (4th House)
North Node (R) in 27° 43' Capricorn (8th House)
South Node (R) in 27° 43' Cancer (2nd House)
Part of Fortune in 4° 27' Leo (3rd House)
Black Moon Lilith in 22° 31' Sagittarius (6th House)
White Moon Selena in 25° 58' Leo (4th House)

Overall Chart Impression

Ed Sheeran's birth chart reveals a fascinating blend of creativity, emotional depth, and intellectual prowess. With his Sun in Aquarius in the 10th house, Sheeran is a natural-born innovator, using his music to connect with a global audience. The Moon in Aries in the 11th house adds a fiery, passionate, and independent streak to his personality, driving him to carve his own path in the music industry. Mercury in Aquarius enhances his ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way, a hallmark of his songwriting.

The presence of Venus in Pisces in the 11th house speaks to his empathetic nature and ability to resonate with the emotional experiences of others through his music. Mars in Gemini in the 12th house suggests a restless energy and a need for variety, which is reflected in his diverse musical influences and styles. The Retrograde Jupiter in Leo in the 3rd house indicates a strong desire for self-expression and a generous spirit, albeit with a tendency to revisit and refine his creative projects.

Significant aspects such as the Grand Trine between Venus, Pluto, and Chiron, and the Golden Yod involving Mars, Uranus, and Venus, highlight his transformative impact on the music scene and his ability to heal and inspire through his art.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Ed Sheeran's Sun in Aquarius gives him an innovative and humanitarian outlook, driving his desire to connect with people through music. His Moon in Aries lends him an energetic and independent spirit, fueling his passion for creating music that resonates on a personal level. The Rising sign in Cancer adds a nurturing and emotional depth to his personality, making him deeply empathetic and sensitive to the world around him. This combination of Sun, Moon, and Rising signs creates a unique blend of creativity, independence, and emotional intelligence that defines Sheeran's approach to life and music.

Personality Through The Lens Of Astrology

Ed Sheeran's birth chart offers a window into the astrological influences that shape his personality and career. His chart is a testament to the power of astrology in understanding the complexities of human character and destiny.

1. Creative Innovator

Sun in Aquarius and Mercury in Aquarius position Ed as a visionary artist, constantly pushing the boundaries of music. His innovative use of looping pedals in live performances is a perfect example of Aquarian ingenuity. This aspect also explains his ability to write songs that appeal to a wide audience, blending genres and themes in a way that feels both fresh and familiar.

2. Emotional Depth

The Venus in Pisces placement imbues Ed with a deep sense of empathy and emotional intelligence. This is evident in his heartfelt lyrics and the emotional depth of his music, which often explores themes of love, loss, and hope. Songs like 'Photograph' and 'Thinking Out Loud' showcase his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level, a hallmark of Venus in Pisces.

3. Independent Spirit

Ed's Moon in Aries gives him a fiercely independent streak. This is reflected in his decision to move to London at a young age to pursue his music career, as well as his choice to take a year-long hiatus from social media to travel and find inspiration. His Aries Moon drives him to follow his own path and live life on his own terms.

4. Empathetic Connector

With his Rising sign in Cancer, Ed possesses a natural ability to connect with others on a deeply emotional level. This is seen in his charitable work and his genuine interactions with fans. His Cancer Rising explains his nurturing demeanor and his commitment to using his platform to support various causes, reflecting his empathetic nature and desire to make a positive impact.

Chart Patterns

This section provides an overview of Ed Sheeran's chart patterns identified in their natal chart, ranging from Grand Trines, Yods, T-Squares, Kites, Mystic Rectangles, Thors Hammers, and many other relevant patterns.

Golden Yod (1 Detected)

Mars in 8° 47' Gemini
Uranus in 12° 21' Capricorn
Venus in 23° 59' Pisces

Grand Trine (1 Detected)

Venus in 23° 59' Pisces
Pluto in 20° 22' Scorpio
Chiron in 22° 7' Cancer

Planet Aspects

This section provides an overview of each of the aspects found in Ed Sheeran's chart. It includes the major aspects as well as the minor aspects between all planets, asteroids, and other important points in their natal chart.

Major Aspects

Sun square Pluto orb: 7° 57'
Sun sextile Black Moon Lilith orb: 5° 48'
Sun trine Ceres orb: 5° 3'
Sun square Vesta orb: 6° 14'
Sun opposition White Moon Selena orb: 2° 22'
Sun trine Ascendant orb: 2° 53'
Sun sextile Descendant orb: 2° 53'
Sun conjunction Midheaven orb: 5° 33'
Sun opposition Imum Coeli orb: 5° 33'
Moon conjunction Venus orb: 7° 35'
Moon trine Jupiter orb: 4° 33'
Moon sextile Saturn orb: 0° 21'
Moon sextile North Node orb: 3° 50'
Moon trine South Node orb: 3° 50'
Moon square Ascendant orb: 0° 21'
Moon square Descendant orb: 0° 21'
Moon trine Part of Fortune orb: 2° 53'
Mercury square Pluto orb: 1° 50'
Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith orb: 3° 59'
Mercury square Vesta orb: 3° 33'
Mercury opposition White Moon Selena orb: 7° 25'
Mercury conjunction Midheaven orb: 4° 14'
Mercury opposition Imum Coeli orb: 4° 14'
Mercury square Vertex orb: 3° 25'
Venus trine Pluto orb: 3° 36'
Venus sextile North Node orb: 3° 45'
Venus trine South Node orb: 3° 45'
Venus square Black Moon Lilith orb: 1° 28'
Venus opposition Pallas orb: 3° 23'
Venus sextile Vesta orb: 1° 54'
Venus trine Chiron orb: 1° 52'
Venus square Ascendant orb: 7° 14'
Venus square Descendant orb: 7° 14'
Mars sextile Jupiter orb: 2° 41'
Mars trine Saturn orb: 7° 34'
Mars sextile Part of Fortune orb: 4° 20'
Jupiter opposition Saturn orb: 4° 53'
Jupiter square Ceres orb: 2° 44'
Jupiter conjunction Part of Fortune orb: 1° 39'
Saturn conjunction North Node orb: 3° 29'
Saturn opposition South Node orb: 3° 29'
Saturn square Ceres orb: 2° 9'
Saturn opposition Part of Fortune orb: 3° 14'
Uranus conjunction Neptune orb: 3° 27'
Uranus conjunction Juno orb: 0° 27'
Uranus opposition Pholus orb: 2° 20'
Uranus sextile Vertex orb: 2° 47'
Neptune sextile Pluto orb: 4° 34'
Neptune conjunction Juno orb: 3° 54'
Neptune trine Pallas orb: 4° 48'
Neptune trine Vesta orb: 6° 17'
Neptune opposition Chiron orb: 6° 19'
Neptune opposition Pholus orb: 5° 47'
Neptune sextile Vertex orb: 0° 40'
Pluto trine South Node orb: 7° 21'
Pluto sextile Pallas orb: 0° 14'
Pluto opposition Vesta orb: 1° 43'
Pluto trine Chiron orb: 1° 45'
Pluto square White Moon Selena orb: 5° 35'
Pluto square Midheaven orb: 2° 24'
Pluto square Imum Coeli orb: 2° 24'
Pluto conjunction Vertex orb: 5° 15'
North Node opposition South Node orb: 0° 0'
North Node square Ceres orb: 5° 38'
North Node trine Pallas orb: 7° 7'
North Node trine Vesta orb: 5° 38'
North Node opposition Chiron orb: 5° 37'
North Node opposition Part of Fortune orb: 6° 43'
South Node square Ceres orb: 5° 38'
South Node sextile Vesta orb: 5° 38'
South Node conjunction Chiron orb: 5° 37'
South Node conjunction Part of Fortune orb: 6° 43'
Black Moon Lilith square Pallas orb: 1° 55'
Black Moon Lilith trine White Moon Selena orb: 3° 27'
Black Moon Lilith sextile Midheaven orb: 0° 15'
Black Moon Lilith trine Imum Coeli orb: 0° 15'
Ceres trine Pholus orb: 6° 39'
Ceres trine Ascendant orb: 2° 9'
Ceres sextile Descendant orb: 2° 9'
Ceres square Part of Fortune orb: 1° 5'
Juno opposition Pholus orb: 1° 53'
Juno sextile Vertex orb: 3° 14'
Pallas trine Vesta orb: 1° 29'
Pallas sextile Chiron orb: 1° 31'
Pallas sextile Vertex orb: 5° 28'
Vesta sextile Chiron orb: 0° 2'
Vesta square White Moon Selena orb: 3° 53'
Vesta square Midheaven orb: 0° 41'
Vesta square Imum Coeli orb: 0° 41'
Vesta opposition Vertex orb: 6° 57'
Chiron trine Vertex orb: 6° 59'
White Moon Selena sextile Ascendant orb: 5° 15'
White Moon Selena trine Descendant orb: 5° 15'
White Moon Selena opposition Midheaven orb: 3° 12'
White Moon Selena conjunction Imum Coeli orb: 3° 12'
Pholus trine Vertex orb: 5° 7'
Ascendant opposition Descendant orb: 0° 0'
Midheaven opposition Imum Coeli orb: 0° 0'
Midheaven square Vertex orb: 7° 38'
Imum Coeli square Vertex orb: 7° 38'

Minor Aspects

Sun semisquare Uranus orb: 0° 58'
Sun semisextile North Node orb: 0° 36'
Sun quincunx South Node orb: 0° 36'
Sun semisquare Juno orb: 1° 25'
Sun biquintile Chiron orb: 0° 12'
Moon semisquare Mercury orb: 1° 59'
Moon quincunx Ceres orb: 1° 48'
Moon biquintile White Moon Selena orb: 0° 24'
Moon biquintile Imum Coeli orb: 2° 47'
Moon sesquiquadrate Vertex orb: 1° 26'
Mercury quincunx Pallas orb: 2° 4'
Mercury quincunx Chiron orb: 3° 35'
Mercury biquintile Pholus orb: 2° 32'
Mercury sesquiquadrate Ascendant orb: 2° 20'
Venus quintile Mars orb: 2° 48'
Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter orb: 2° 52'
Venus quintile Uranus orb: 0° 22'
Venus quintile Juno orb: 0° 5'
Venus quincunx White Moon Selena orb: 1° 59'
Venus semisextile Midheaven orb: 1° 12'
Venus quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 1° 12'
Mars biquintile Uranus orb: 2° 26'
Mars quincunx Uranus orb: 3° 34'
Mars biquintile Neptune orb: 1° 1'
Mars biquintile Ceres orb: 0° 35'
Mars biquintile Juno orb: 2° 53'
Mars quincunx Juno orb: 3° 7'
Mars semisquare Chiron orb: 1° 40'
Mars semisextile Pholus orb: 1° 14'
Mars quintile Imum Coeli orb: 1° 59'
Jupiter sesquiquadrate Black Moon Lilith orb: 1° 25'
Jupiter semisquare Pallas orb: 0° 30'
Jupiter quintile Vesta orb: 2° 1'
Jupiter biquintile Descendant orb: 1° 6'
Saturn quintile Pluto orb: 1° 10'
Saturn quincunx Ascendant orb: 0° 0'
Saturn semisextile Descendant orb: 0° 0'
Uranus sesquiquadrate White Moon Selena orb: 1° 23'
Neptune quintile Ceres orb: 0° 26'
Neptune biquintile Imum Coeli orb: 0° 58'
North Node quincunx White Moon Selena orb: 1° 46'
North Node quincunx Ascendant orb: 3° 29'
North Node quintile Vertex orb: 0° 36'
South Node biquintile Black Moon Lilith orb: 0° 48'
South Node semisextile White Moon Selena orb: 1° 46'
South Node quincunx Descendant orb: 3° 29'
Black Moon Lilith quincunx Vesta orb: 0° 26'
Black Moon Lilith quincunx Chiron orb: 0° 24'
Ceres quintile Imum Coeli orb: 1° 24'
Juno sesquiquadrate White Moon Selena orb: 0° 56'
Pallas quintile Pholus orb: 1° 25'
Pallas quincunx Midheaven orb: 2° 10'
Pallas semisquare Part of Fortune orb: 1° 9'
Vesta quintile Part of Fortune orb: 0° 22'
Chiron quincunx Midheaven orb: 0° 39'
Chiron semisextile Imum Coeli orb: 0° 39'
White Moon Selena semisquare Pholus orb: 0° 57'
Pholus sesquiquadrate Midheaven orb: 2° 14'
Ascendant sesquiquadrate Vertex orb: 1° 5'
Descendant semisquare Vertex orb: 1° 5'
Descendant biquintile Part of Fortune orb: 2° 46'
Descendant quincunx Part of Fortune orb: 3° 14'

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