Austin Butler headshot

Austin Butler

Anaheim, California, United States
August 17th, 1991 at 11:47 PM

Austin Butler's Birth Chart & Zodiac Sign

By Sonya SchwartzLast updated on February 3, 2024
Austin Butler headshot
Credit: Glenn Francis
License: cc-by-sa-4.0

Austin Butler

Anaheim, California, United States
August 17th, 1991 at 11:47 PM
Birthtime accuracy: excellent
Leo Sun
Sagittarius Moon
Taurus Rising

Austin Butler is a renowned actor hailing from Anaheim, California, United States. Born on August 17th, 1991, Butler has captivated audiences with his versatile acting skills and charismatic presence on screen. He is best known for his roles in television and film, showcasing a wide range of characters that highlight his acting prowess. Butler's zodiac sign is Leo, a fact that shines through in his confident and magnetic personality, both on and off the screen.

Planet Positions

This section lists the positions of planets at the time of Austin Butler's birth. It includes in which signs they were, including the degrees, and in which houses they were. Any sign with an (R) behind it was in retrograde at that time.
Sun in 24° 51' Leo (4th House)
Juno (R) in 17° 17' Capricorn (9th House)
Mars in 21° 4' Virgo (5th House)
Moon in 6° 51' Sagittarius (7th House)
Ceres in 4° 33' Scorpio (6th House)
Pluto in 17° 41' Scorpio (6th House)
Venus (R) in 2° 1' Virgo (4th House)
Vesta in 4° 28' Leo (3rd House)
Chiron in 3° 10' Leo (3rd House)
Pallas in 8° 2' Libra (5th House)
Pholus in 26° 6' Cancer (3rd House)
Saturn (R) in 1° 55' Aquarius (9th House)
Uranus (R) in 10° 15' Capricorn (8th House)
Vertex in 26° 22' Libra (6th House)
Jupiter in 24° 35' Leo (4th House)
Mercury (R) in 1° 22' Virgo (4th House)
Neptune (R) in 14° 23' Capricorn (9th House)
Ascendant in 25° 49' Taurus (1st House)
Midheaven in 7° 34' Aquarius (10th House)
Descendant in 25° 49' Scorpio (7th House)
Imum Coeli in 7° 34' Leo (4th House)
North Node in 18° 25' Capricorn (9th House)
South Node in 18° 25' Cancer (3rd House)
Part of Fortune in 13° 49' Aquarius (10th House)
Black Moon Lilith in 12° 41' Capricorn (8th House)
White Moon Selena in 21° 34' Virgo (5th House)

Overall Chart Impression

Austin Butler's birth chart reveals a fascinating blend of creativity, intellect, and emotional depth. With his Sun in Leo in the 4th house, Austin's personality is marked by a strong sense of identity and a deep connection to his roots and family. This placement also suggests a natural inclination towards the dramatic arts, where he can express his vibrant Leo energy.

The presence of Mercury (Retrograde), Venus (Retrograde), and Mars in Virgo in the 4th and 5th houses, respectively, highlights his meticulous approach to his craft and a perfectionist streak. These placements in Virgo suggest a person who is detail-oriented, analytical, and dedicated to honing his skills.

Jupiter in Leo, conjunct his Sun, amplifies his charismatic presence and generosity, making him a natural performer who is both confident and likable. The Saturn (Retrograde) in Aquarius in the 9th house indicates a disciplined approach to expanding his horizons, possibly through unconventional roles or projects that challenge societal norms.

The chart also shows a significant emphasis on Capricorn energies, with Uranus, Neptune (both Retrograde), and the North Node in the 8th and 9th houses. This suggests a transformative journey in his career, marked by unexpected turns and deep, introspective growth.

Overall, Austin Butler's chart is a testament to his dynamic personality, artistic talent, and the potential for profound personal and professional evolution.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Austin Butler's Sun in Leo bestows upon him a radiant and generous personality, with a flair for the dramatic and a desire to be in the spotlight. His Moon in Sagittarius in the 7th house adds a layer of adventurous spirit and a quest for deeper meaning in life, relationships, and his career. This Moon placement also suggests an optimistic outlook and a love for freedom and exploration.

His Rising sign in Taurus grounds his Leo and Sagittarius energies, providing a stable and practical approach to achieving his goals. This combination of Sun, Moon, and Rising signs creates a unique blend of creativity, intellect, and determination, driving him towards success in his personal and professional life.

Personality Through The Lens Of Astrology

Austin Butler's birth chart offers a rich tapestry of astrological influences that shape his personality and life path. Here, we explore how these celestial factors manifest in his character and career.

1. Charismatic Presence

Sun in Leo bestows Austin with an undeniable charisma and a magnetic presence, both essential traits for his acting career. His performances are marked by a natural confidence and a commanding presence that captivates audiences. This Leo energy is evident in his breakthrough roles, where he effortlessly embodies characters that require a strong, dynamic presence.

2. Perfectionist Approach

The Virgo placements (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in Austin's chart highlight his meticulous and detail-oriented approach to his craft. This perfectionist streak is evident in his dedication to fully inhabiting his roles, often immersing himself in extensive research and preparation to deliver authentic and compelling performances.

3. Adventurous Spirit

Austin's Moon in Sagittarius reflects his adventurous spirit and desire for growth. This placement suggests a love for travel, exploration, and taking on new challenges, both in his personal life and career. It's this adventurous spirit that likely drives him to seek out diverse and challenging roles that push the boundaries of his acting abilities.

4. Grounded Determination

With his Rising sign in Taurus, Austin possesses a grounded determination and a practical approach to his ambitions. This Taurus energy complements his Leo sun and Sagittarius moon, providing the stability and persistence needed to achieve long-term success in the competitive world of acting.

Chart Patterns

This section provides an overview of Austin Butler's chart patterns identified in their natal chart, ranging from Grand Trines, Yods, T-Squares, Kites, Mystic Rectangles, Thors Hammers, and many other relevant patterns.

No chart patterns are present in Austin Butler's birth chart.

Planet Aspects

This section provides an overview of each of the aspects found in Austin Butler's chart. It includes the major aspects as well as the minor aspects between all planets, asteroids, and other important points in their natal chart.

Major Aspects

Sun conjunction Mercury orb: 6° 31'
Sun conjunction Venus orb: 7° 10'
Sun conjunction Jupiter orb: 0° 16'
Sun square Pluto orb: 7° 10'
Sun square Ascendant orb: 0° 58'
Sun square Descendant orb: 0° 58'
Sun sextile Vertex orb: 1° 31'
Moon square Mercury orb: 5° 29'
Moon square Venus orb: 4° 50'
Moon sextile Saturn orb: 4° 55'
Moon sextile Pallas orb: 1° 11'
Moon trine Vesta orb: 2° 22'
Moon trine Chiron orb: 3° 40'
Moon sextile Midheaven orb: 0° 44'
Moon trine Imum Coeli orb: 0° 44'
Mercury conjunction Venus orb: 0° 39'
Mercury conjunction Jupiter orb: 6° 46'
Mercury sextile Ceres orb: 3° 11'
Mercury square Ascendant orb: 5° 33'
Mercury square Descendant orb: 5° 33'
Mercury sextile Vertex orb: 5° 0'
Venus conjunction Jupiter orb: 7° 25'
Venus sextile Ceres orb: 2° 32'
Venus square Ascendant orb: 6° 12'
Venus square Descendant orb: 6° 12'
Venus sextile Vertex orb: 5° 39'
Mars trine Neptune orb: 6° 41'
Mars sextile Pluto orb: 3° 23'
Mars trine North Node orb: 2° 39'
Mars sextile South Node orb: 2° 39'
Mars trine Juno orb: 3° 47'
Mars conjunction White Moon Selena orb: 0° 30'
Mars sextile Pholus orb: 5° 2'
Mars trine Ascendant orb: 4° 45'
Mars sextile Descendant orb: 4° 45'
Jupiter square Pluto orb: 6° 55'
Jupiter square Ascendant orb: 1° 14'
Jupiter square Descendant orb: 1° 14'
Jupiter sextile Vertex orb: 1° 46'
Saturn square Ceres orb: 2° 38'
Saturn trine Pallas orb: 6° 6'
Saturn opposition Vesta orb: 2° 33'
Saturn opposition Chiron orb: 1° 15'
Saturn opposition Pholus orb: 5° 49'
Saturn trine Ascendant orb: 6° 6'
Saturn conjunction Midheaven orb: 5° 39'
Saturn opposition Imum Coeli orb: 5° 39'
Saturn square Vertex orb: 5° 33'
Uranus conjunction Neptune orb: 4° 8'
Uranus conjunction Black Moon Lilith orb: 2° 26'
Uranus sextile Ceres orb: 5° 42'
Uranus conjunction Juno orb: 7° 2'
Uranus square Pallas orb: 2° 13'
Neptune sextile Pluto orb: 3° 18'
Neptune conjunction North Node orb: 4° 2'
Neptune opposition South Node orb: 4° 2'
Neptune conjunction Black Moon Lilith orb: 1° 42'
Neptune conjunction Juno orb: 2° 55'
Neptune square Pallas orb: 6° 21'
Neptune trine White Moon Selena orb: 7° 11'
Pluto sextile North Node orb: 0° 44'
Pluto trine South Node orb: 0° 44'
Pluto sextile Black Moon Lilith orb: 5° 0'
Pluto sextile Juno orb: 0° 24'
Pluto sextile White Moon Selena orb: 3° 53'
Pluto square Part of Fortune orb: 3° 52'
North Node opposition South Node orb: 0° 0'
North Node conjunction Black Moon Lilith orb: 5° 44'
North Node conjunction Juno orb: 1° 7'
North Node trine White Moon Selena orb: 3° 9'
North Node opposition Pholus orb: 7° 41'
North Node trine Ascendant orb: 7° 24'
North Node square Vertex orb: 7° 57'
South Node opposition Black Moon Lilith orb: 5° 44'
South Node opposition Juno orb: 1° 7'
South Node sextile White Moon Selena orb: 3° 9'
South Node conjunction Pholus orb: 7° 41'
South Node trine Descendant orb: 7° 24'
South Node square Vertex orb: 7° 57'
Black Moon Lilith conjunction Juno orb: 4° 37'
Black Moon Lilith square Pallas orb: 4° 39'
Ceres square Vesta orb: 0° 5'
Ceres square Chiron orb: 1° 22'
Ceres square Midheaven orb: 3° 1'
Ceres square Imum Coeli orb: 3° 1'
Juno trine White Moon Selena orb: 4° 16'
Pallas sextile Vesta orb: 3° 33'
Pallas sextile Chiron orb: 4° 51'
Pallas trine Midheaven orb: 0° 27'
Pallas sextile Imum Coeli orb: 0° 27'
Pallas trine Part of Fortune orb: 5° 48'
Vesta conjunction Chiron orb: 1° 18'
Vesta opposition Midheaven orb: 3° 6'
Vesta conjunction Imum Coeli orb: 3° 6'
Chiron conjunction Pholus orb: 7° 4'
Chiron trine Descendant orb: 7° 21'
Chiron opposition Midheaven orb: 4° 24'
Chiron conjunction Imum Coeli orb: 4° 24'
Chiron square Vertex orb: 6° 49'
White Moon Selena sextile Pholus orb: 4° 32'
White Moon Selena trine Ascendant orb: 4° 15'
White Moon Selena sextile Descendant orb: 4° 15'
Pholus sextile Ascendant orb: 0° 17'
Pholus trine Descendant orb: 0° 17'
Pholus square Vertex orb: 0° 16'
Ascendant opposition Descendant orb: 0° 0'
Midheaven opposition Imum Coeli orb: 0° 0'
Midheaven conjunction Part of Fortune orb: 6° 15'
Imum Coeli opposition Part of Fortune orb: 6° 15'

Minor Aspects

Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus orb: 0° 24'
Sun biquintile North Node orb: 0° 26'
Sun sesquiquadrate Black Moon Lilith orb: 2° 50'
Sun quintile Ceres orb: 2° 18'
Sun biquintile Juno orb: 1° 34'
Sun semisquare Pallas orb: 1° 49'
Sun semisextile Pholus orb: 1° 15'
Mercury quincunx Saturn orb: 0° 33'
Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune orb: 1° 59'
Mercury sesquiquadrate North Node orb: 2° 3'
Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno orb: 0° 56'
Mercury semisextile Chiron orb: 1° 49'
Venus quincunx Saturn orb: 0° 6'
Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune orb: 2° 38'
Venus sesquiquadrate North Node orb: 1° 24'
Venus semisquare South Node orb: 1° 24'
Venus sesquiquadrate Juno orb: 0° 16'
Venus semisextile Chiron orb: 1° 10'
Mars semisquare Ceres orb: 1° 31'
Mars semisquare Vesta orb: 1° 36'
Mars sesquiquadrate Midheaven orb: 1° 30'
Mars semisquare Imum Coeli orb: 1° 30'
Mars biquintile Part of Fortune orb: 1° 15'
Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus orb: 0° 40'
Jupiter biquintile North Node orb: 0° 11'
Jupiter quintile Ceres orb: 2° 3'
Jupiter biquintile Juno orb: 1° 18'
Jupiter semisquare Pallas orb: 1° 34'
Jupiter semisextile Pholus orb: 1° 31'
Saturn quintile Pluto orb: 2° 14'
Uranus sesquiquadrate Ascendant orb: 0° 34'
Uranus semisquare Descendant orb: 0° 34'
Uranus quincunx Imum Coeli orb: 2° 41'
Uranus quintile Vertex orb: 1° 53'
Neptune quintile Ceres orb: 2° 10'
Neptune semisextile Part of Fortune orb: 0° 33'
North Node quintile Ceres orb: 1° 52'
Black Moon Lilith sesquiquadrate Ascendant orb: 1° 52'
Black Moon Lilith semisquare Descendant orb: 1° 52'
Black Moon Lilith semisextile Part of Fortune orb: 1° 9'
Ceres quintile Juno orb: 0° 45'
Pallas quintile Pholus orb: 0° 5'
Pallas sesquiquadrate Ascendant orb: 2° 47'
White Moon Selena sesquiquadrate Midheaven orb: 1° 1'
White Moon Selena semisquare Imum Coeli orb: 1° 1'
White Moon Selena biquintile Part of Fortune orb: 1° 44'
Ascendant quintile Imum Coeli orb: 0° 15'
Ascendant quincunx Vertex orb: 0° 33'
Descendant quintile Midheaven orb: 0° 15'
Descendant semisextile Vertex orb: 0° 33'

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