31 Signs That A Taurus Man Likes And Loves You

Find out the 31 must know facts of a Taurus Man’s behavior when he likes you.
By Jennifer FosterLast updated on September 6, 2023
31 Signs That A Taurus Man Likes And Loves You

If there is one thing that can be said about the Taurus Man and have it been completely true – it’s the fact that he holds all his cards to his chest. Until he is ready to let you know what he is thinking and feeling? He is the shyest boy in town and can actually come across as standoffish. This is his way of protecting himself and his heart because the Taurus Man only shows his true feelings when he feels comfortable enough to let his guard down.

So wondering about that Taurus Man in your life? Wondering how to tell if a Taurus Man likes you or what the signs are when a Taurus Man has a crush on you? Then keep reading.

Signs To Know If A Taurus Man Likes You More Than A Friend

1. He Shows Signs Of Being Possessive

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#1 can be both a turn-on and a turnoff.

One surefire way to know that your Taurus Man is crushing on you big time is by how possessive or defensive he is when it comes to you. He won’t be appreciative of anyone bothering you or hitting on you, even when you guys aren’t together in the romantic sense. This can be a turnoff at times but it’s ultimately done with you in mind.

2. Slow And Steady Approach

#2 is when you can see the subtle differences in his actions.

When you are on the fence on whether or not your Taurus hunny is crushing on you in that way? Just watch his actions. This man will take a slow and steady approach to winning you over and if he is suddenly interested in your opinion, protective, and loves to shoot you his lady-killer smile? Then he’s hooked and just waiting to gauge your interest as well.

3. He’s Going To Open Up When He’s Around You

#3 is definitely a sure sign of his interest.

The Taurus Man doesn’t open up and bring people into his orbit unless he’s truly serious about the relationship – it doesn’t matter if he has a romantic interest or a friendly one or even a work-related interest; you don’t get to see any of his inner thoughts unless you are on his mind.

4. He Wants To See You More Often

Couple in love talking smiling at home while being truly happy

#4 warms the heart and the soul.

When he is truly interested in you, he will go out of his way to spend time with you and see you more often. It doesn’t matter if he gets to see you in a work-related setting, a social gathering or in a one-on-one situation (his favorite) – he will make the time to see you and put effort into each meeting.

5. He Becomes More And More Confident

#5 is good for both you and him.

Confidence is something that he has trouble displaying unless he is truly comfortable in your presence. He will instead appear equal parts standoffish and shy as he don’t like to bring attention to himself at any cost. If suddenly he is appearing more and more confident when you are around and spending time in his company? You have him hooked.

6. He Takes You Seriously

#6 shows a big part of his personality.

He is quite protective over his relationships and will be the biggest rock (and supporter) that his lover has. He takes all her ideas seriously and supports them 110% while encouraging her to go after her dreams; being there every step of the way to making them a reality.

7. He Keeps His Commitment

Man and woman cuddling on the couch

#7 is a deal-breaker.

Scared that he will not follow through on his promises? Have you been hurt in the past and found yourself alone at an event after your significant other promised to show? Well with the Taurus Man, this will never happen. He keeps all his commitments and will gladly be on your arm whenever you need him.

8. He Is Extremely Possessive

#8 can be annoying and irritating (but secretly make you melt at times).

Jealousy is something that the Taurus Man does quite well and while sometimes this makes you melt, there are other times that you want to scream with his possessive behavior. It stems completely from a good place full of love and protectiveness but after time you might find this stifling. Just talk to your Taurus Man about this!

9. He Is Touchy/Feely

Man kissing the woman on her forehead

#9 brings butterflies to your stomach.

What is better than the littlest significant touches from your significant other? A sweet forehead kiss, grasping your fingers while you walk into the grocery store, and standing behind you with his arms wrapped around your shoulders – this is what you can expect from him when he is head over heels.

10. He Will Suddenly Act Shy Around You

#10 can make you second guess yourself.

Hanging around with a Taurus Man and suddenly out of the blue he is extremely shy? Wondering what happened for him to lose interest in your budding friendship? This change in behavior is actually a sure sign that he is interested in taking the friendship to another level as he will lose his confidence while trying to tell you that he wants more.

11. His Eyes Will Give Him Away

#11 shows how true the saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul” is.

If you are wondering about the feelings and inner workings of the Taurus Man in your life, stop wondering and watch his facial expression – or more importantly, his eyes. He will not be able to hide his lust, love, and more from his eyes and this is where you will see the feelings he is brewing.

12. He Will Get To Know Your Schedules And Routines

Woman eating cake and man holding a glass of wine

#12 will give you a warm, cuddly feeling.

Is your Taurus Man suddenly showing up when you are just about to go to break while you are working? Does he show up at your house with pizza and drinks after you told him that you had no plans for the weekend except to eat your weight in food and relax? This is how the Taurus Man showcases his interest – by learning your schedules and routines.

13.  He Becomes A Risk Taker

#13 is a complete 180° change from previous behavior.

Dependable and steady is two of the most concrete terms to use when it comes to describing a Taurus Man. So when you suddenly see the one in your life becoming a risk taker and becoming more outgoing? This is because your presence gives him confidence to try new things as long as you are by his side.

14. His Smile Will Say It All

#14 goes hand in hand with #11.

Remember how we said his facial expressions tell all when it comes to the Taurus Man? Well this practice extends not only to his eyes but also to his smile. Does it light up when you approach? Are you the lucky recipient of the bigger smiles he lets out? This is because he is completely vibing with your energy and presence.

15. He Will Ask You Personal Questions

#15 is a definite tell-a-tale sign of his interest.

Loving young couple using smartphone in kitchen

The Taurus Man don’t have time for games, pointless gestures, or even the time to learn more about someone they aren’t compatible with. Whether you are a friend or lover, he shows his interest by asking personal questions. This is because he wants to know more about the company he keeps and learn more about the person that captivated his attention.

16. Arrange Everything For You

#16 can be either endearing or overwhelming – depending on your personality.

When your Taurus Man suddenly picks up the plans for the weekend, packing lunches for your workday, and similar endeavors; then he is trying to show you just how interested he truly is. When he is interested in you in a more-than-friends way, then the more shyer he will get. That is why he will do little things to show you without telling you how much he wants to grow the bond.

17. He Wants To Know All About You

#17 is a great bonding exercise.

One way that the Taurus Man showcases how interested he is in you is when he suddenly starts asking a lot of questions. And not just surface questions but the type of questions that allows him to learn all about you – your fears, your dreams, your regrets, your visions. He wants to know you from the earliest age you can remember to the moments before you met him.

18. A Taurus Man Will Share His Luxurious Lifestyle With You

Portrait of young perfect couple lay

#18 is about indulging and making memories.

The Taurus Man is the type of man that sets a financial goal and meets it. He wants his financial future safe and secure with all his obligations met each month but once that happens? Then he loves to indulge and spend the rest of money making memories, traveling the world, and finding beauty. When he brings you along for the ride? That’s a sure sign he’s feeling more than friendly vibes.

19. He Invites You Inside His Circles

#19 brings you closer to who he really is.

When he starts to bring you into his social circles? Then prepare yourself to be even further immersed into his life. He is just as protective over his friends that he is over his relationships, so if he is starting to merge the two? He is truly crushing on you. His friends know him better than anyone so if he wants them to know you? He’s serious.

20. He’s Protective

#20 warms the heart and makes you feel safe.

One thing that is known for all Taurus star signs – both male and female – is just how protective they can be when it comes to their own people. They are the type of people that will stand by your side and in your corner, regardless of the situation. So when the Taurus Man in your life starts to show a more protective side in regards to you? He’s hooked.

21. He Wants To Keep You Entertained At All Times

Side view of happy man in sunglasses embracing girlfriend with coffee cup outdoors

#21 shows off his funny-loving side.

Most people consider a Taurus a downer, a brooder, the type of person that doesn’t know how to loosen up and have fun. This is true when the Taurus person doesn’t have a bond or know the other people in a social situation that well but once you know him at his core? Watch out for the fun times ahead and he is sure to pull you along for the ride.

22. They Will Let Their Guard Down

#22 is another way he shows how much he likes you.

The Taurus Man doesn’t let anyone see his vulnerable side until he is sure he can trust them completely. The ones that he lets in are those he plans to have in his life for a long time to come. So when the Taurus Man in your life starts letting you in past the walls and lowers his guard? He sees you in his future.

23. He Boasts About You Or Quotes You When He Talks

#23 shows the impact you have had on his life.

Any Taurus Man has trouble taking the spotlight due to his reserved nature but when he has the floor? He is quick to acknowledge those in his life that make the biggest impacts. Whether he is bragging and boasting of your latest accomplishments or you’ve turned him onto a new idea or thing – he will definitely be giving the credit where it’s due.

24. He Concerns Himself With Your Financial Well-Being

Happy young couple talking to each other at home

#24 shows that he is thinking of a future with you.

Has the Taurus Man in your life taken a sudden interest in your finances? Does he offer advice or tips for growing a savings account? How about the fact that he tells you when he sees a deal for something that he thinks you could benefit from? This is because he wants you to have a secure financial future like he is making for himself – you are in his future plans.

25. Becomes A Close Friend

#25 is the first step towards a romantic relationship.

Before the Taurus Man commits to someone, he wants to see who they truly are and how they will fit into his life. He wants to see how this person meshes with his friends and family members before moving to a more serious commitment. Which is why his motto would be to grow the friendship first before moving into lover territory. So that Taurus Man in your life suddenly becomes your best friend? There’s a reason for that.

26. He Brings The Traditional Romance

#26 shows you what a romantic man truly is.

The Taurus Man is a traditional, hopeless romantic at heart and once you are in his orbit as his lover; then prepare to be wooed. We are talking flowers on any random day, a new mix of your favorite songs in your vehicle, and a candlelit dinner for two over the long weekend. You will not have any reason to doubt this man’s love and affection for you.

27. He Is Taking Lots Of Practical Care Of You

couple man and woman kissing in the park.

#27 is how the little things that matter the most come into play.

It’s not just about the grand romantic gestures for this Taurus Man; it’s also the little things that have practical connotations about them that also shows you just how much he truly cares. Think things like having your gas tank filled up in your car, dinner on the table when you work a long day, fresh sheets on the bed – the little practical things.

28. He Makes More Effort To Communicate

#28 brings you both closer together for the long-term.

Not sure if your Taurus Man is truly crushing on you or if he is even into you? Then listen to how he speaks to you. Better yet – concentrate on how much he speaks to you. A Taurus Man that is crushing and vibing on a woman in his life will go out of his way to communicate with them. Whether it is a funny meme or joke sent to your email, or a conversation thread with close friends – he makes the effort? He’s into you.

29. He Pays You Thoughtful Compliments

#29 is his way of endearing himself to you.

Compliments don’t come naturally to the Taurus Man in the form of just saying something for the sake of saying it. Compliments from this man are legit and true, because it’s his nature to be honest and straightforward. Suddenly getting more compliments? On everything from your hair to your outfit to that latest promotion at work? Crush alert!

30. It Will Feel Like He Is Deliberately Ignoring You

Man and woman in conflict

#30 can be a heartbreaker – unintentionally.

A distant and standoffish Taurus Man is actually a mask for insecurity and nervousness when it comes to the woman he is looking to grow a relationship with. The amount of shyness that he will feel when testing the waters to move your relationship to the next step makes him take a step back and determine his plan. This is the man that has everything thought out, so this is what he is doing.

31. He Will Give You Chocolates And Flowers Like A Secret Admirer

#31 is his way of showing he cares and gauging your reaction.

Remember how we talked about the Taurus Man being nervous and shy? Well when he is wanting to gauge your reaction and interest, he will pull out the moves of a secret admirer. This means chocolates and flowers delivered at work, your apartment, and more just to see if you are in the headspace to engage in a relationship.


As you can see, that shy and distant Taurus Man is only that way for a single reason – he wants you. He is displaying all the signs that this Taurus Man is into you but remember! Don’t play games or try to manipulate your way into his arms; just be your authentic self and watch as his walls come down over time.

Did you enjoy this list? Have any other signs that the Taurus Man in your life likes and loves you? Then we want to know in the comment section below and while you’re there? Hit that share button if you want so that others can find out just what that Taurus Man in their life is up to.

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