Which Celebrity You Should Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

See below a cosmic buffet of Hollywood hotties!
By Victoria CarbajalLast updated on March 21, 2024
 Which Celebrity You Should Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ever wonder which zodiac sign(s) you’re most compatible with? We’ve all been there. Admit it: Thanks to astrology, you’ve legitimately gone out of your way to avoid your most incompatible prospects. I mean, how could you not? And now, we’re giving you exclusive access to Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors…some of which may or may not be married!

Aries – Zac Efron

Eat your little heart out, Aries. You can’t deny the facts, and this Libra dreamboat is all you and more, betch. Although, you’re also compatible with fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. So, Jason Momoa is most definitely an option. #JustSaying

Why Zac Efron for Aries? Zac Efron embodies the charm, confidence, and adventurous spirit that resonate deeply with Aries individuals. As a fire sign, Aries seeks excitement and thrives on spontaneity, making them a perfect match for the dynamic and charismatic Zac. Plus, his Libra charm adds a touch of balance to Aries' fiery nature, creating a harmonious and passionate connection.

Gemini – Jake Gyllenhaal

Sigh. What’s not to love? Jake Gyllenhaal is the Sagittarius heartthrob you’ve so desperately been looking for. Although, you’re also compatible with fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius, which means Harry Styles can get it, too! Need I say more?

Why Jake Gyllenhaal for Gemini? Jake Gyllenhaal's charm, intelligence, and versatility make him irresistible to the multifaceted Gemini. As a Sagittarius, Jake shares Gemini's love for adventure and exploration, keeping the relationship dynamic and exciting. Additionally, his compatibility with fellow air signs ensures a deep intellectual connection and stimulating conversations that Gemini craves.

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Leo – Michael B. Jordan

This Aquarius stud is just what the doctor ordered for you, Leo. Sexy is an understatement. However, you’re also compatible with fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, or perhaps another Leo? IDK about you, but Chris Hemsworth is a hell yes.

Why Michael B. Jordan for Leo? Michael B. Jordan's Aquarius charm and charisma captivate the attention of Leo individuals, who thrive on passion and excitement. Aquarius' independent nature complements Leo's confidence, creating a dynamic and electrifying connection. Plus, their shared love for adventure and spontaneity keeps the relationship fresh and exhilarating.

Virgo – Justin Bieber

Admit it, Virgo: you’re a belieber, aren’t you? No worries, it’s never too late to say S-O-R-R-Y. Also, despite your oh-so-cosmic compatibility with dreamy Pisces, you’re also well-matched with fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. Diego Luna, maybe?

Why Justin Bieber for Virgo? Justin Bieber's Pisces charm and artistic nature appeal to the sensitive and compassionate side of Virgo individuals. Despite their differences, Virgo finds solace in Pisces' emotional depth and creativity. Additionally, Justin's journey towards self-improvement resonates with Virgo's desire for perfection and personal growth, making them an intriguing and compatible match.

Libra – Charlie Hunnam

Hubba hunnam! No need to thank me, Libra. This Aries masterpiece is the knight and shining armor you dreamt of your entire life. Plus, he’s not the only hottie you’re compatible with. Fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius work just fine, aka John Mayer, perhaps?

Why Charlie Hunnam for Libra? Charlie Hunnam's Aries confidence and passion ignite the spark of attraction in Libra individuals, who appreciate his boldness and adventurous spirit. Libra values harmony and balance in relationships, and Charlie's assertiveness complements this with a sense of excitement and adventure. Together, they create a dynamic and passionate partnership filled with love and adventure.

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Taurus – Drake

Drizzy Drake is the smoldering Scorpio you’ve been waiting for all your life, betch. God’s plan, literally. However, you’re also very well-matched with fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. In other words, Chris Pine will also suffice.

Why Drake for Taurus? Drake's magnetic presence and Scorpio intensity appeal to the sensuality and depth that Taurus craves in a partner. Taurus individuals value loyalty and stability, qualities that align with Scorpio's passionate and committed nature. Together, they create a powerful and enduring bond built on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.

Scorpio – Robert Pattinson

Admit it, betch: you’d totally let Robert Pattinson pull an Edward Cullen on your Bella Swan. You wouldn’t get enough of this Taurus dreamboat, and I don’t blame you. BTW, fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces aren’t too far behind, but I still suggest you pull a YOU on you with another Scorpio. Penn Badgley, maybe?

Why Robert Pattinson for Scorpio?

Robert Pattinson's Taurus sensuality and magnetic allure captivate the intense and passionate nature of Scorpio individuals. Scorpio is drawn to Robert's mysterious and enigmatic persona, finding his depth and complexity irresistible. Additionally, Taurus' loyalty and devotion align with Scorpio's desire for a deep emotional connection, making them a powerful and magnetic match. Together, they share a profound bond built on trust, passion, and mutual understanding.

Sagittarius – Chris Evans

I get it, you’re not into the whole “commitment” thing, but Chris Evans is obviously the exception, right? But don’t be fooled by that adorable smirk—this Gemini stud will run circles around you. However, you’re also compatible with fellow fire signs Aries and Leo. Meaning, Ian Somerhalder will also work.

Why Chris Evans for Sagittarius?

Chris Evans' Gemini charm and wit appeal to the adventurous and free-spirited nature of Sagittarius individuals. Sagittarius values independence and spontaneity, qualities that Chris embodies with his lively and dynamic personality. Despite their differences, they share a deep connection based on mutual respect and admiration for each other's unique qualities. Together, they embark on exciting adventures and share endless laughter, creating a relationship filled with joy and spontaneity.

Capricorn – Ed Westwick

Gossip Girl fan or not, Ed Westwick is forever Chuck Bass vibes, aka the Cancer prince you’ve so desperately yearned for all your life. BTW, you’re also compatible with fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo, which means Dwayne Johnson could very well be your rock. (I crack myself up.)

Why Ed Westwick for Capricorn?

Ed Westwick's Cancer sensitivity and emotional depth resonate with the practical and ambitious nature of Capricorn individuals. Capricorn admires Ed's ability to balance vulnerability with strength, finding his loyalty and devotion endearing. Additionally, Cancer's nurturing nature complements Capricorn's drive for success, creating a supportive and nurturing partnership. Together, they navigate life's challenges with resilience and understanding, building a strong foundation for their relationship.

Aquarius – Shawn Mendes

Dearest Aquarius: let me introduce you to your Leo love, and dreamy match made in heaven. BTW, not only is Shawn Mendes totally adorable, he’s also everyone and their mother’s forever man crush. However, fellow air signs Gemini and Libra also make the cut, AKA Luke James is a total hottie.

Why Shawn Mendes for Aquarius?

Shawn Mendes' Leo charm and charisma capture the attention of the independent and visionary Aquarius individual. Aquarius admires Shawn's confidence and creativity, finding his passion for music and art inspiring. Additionally, Leo's warmth and generosity complement Aquarius' humanitarian nature, creating a partnership filled with love and understanding. Together, they embrace each other's individuality and celebrate their shared dreams and aspirations, creating a bond that transcends conventional boundaries.

Pisces – James Harden

You’re welcome, betch. Is this the Virgo hottie you requested? Admit it, Pisces: you love a man who’s good on his feet, and James Harden just so happens to be good with his hands, too. Remember, you’re also compatible with fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, and well…Ryan Gosling is a Scorpio. K, bye.

Why James Harden for Pisces?

James Harden's Virgo practicality and dedication appeal to the compassionate and imaginative nature of Pisces individuals. Pisces finds James' work ethic and attention to detail admirable, as they share a mutual desire for success and fulfillment. Additionally, Virgo's grounded nature complements Pisces' dreamy disposition, creating a balanced and harmonious partnership. Together, they support each other's goals and dreams, building a relationship based on trust, loyalty, and mutual admiration.

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Cancer – Bradley Cooper

This Capricorn stallion is everything you need to get over your daddy issues, Cancer. Also, move over, Gaga! Anyway, you’re still very much compatible with fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces. In other words, say hello to New York Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Touchdown, betch!

Why Bradley Cooper for Cancer? Bradley Cooper's Capricorn stability and maturity provide the grounding and security that Cancer seeks in a partner. Cancer individuals value emotional depth and connection, and Bradley's Capricorn nature complements this with his responsible and nurturing demeanor. Together, they create a loving and supportive partnership rooted in mutual understanding and emotional intimacy.

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