According to the U.S., What Are the Most Undateable Signs?

Want to know which zodiac signs Americans are least likely to date? We're looking into the results of a recent survey to find out which signs are considered the hardest to date
By Victoria CarbajalLast updated on March 20, 2024
According to the U.S., What Are the Most Undateable Signs?

Love and astrology have long shared an intertwined relationship, but recent research reveals that not all zodiac signs receive equal opportunities in the realm of romance. A comprehensive study conducted by OnePoll for Diamondère, surveying 2,000 Americans, has unearthed intriguing insights. It appears that certain signs are labeled as less dateable than others, with Geminis claiming the top spot in this regard.

Survey Revelations

The survey sheds light on the skepticism faced by Geminis, along with Cancers, Taureans, Aries, and Leos, in the dating world. Despite this perceived obstacle, it's intriguing to note that a significant portion of Americans regularly seek relationship advice through astrology, with almost half of the respondents admitting to checking their horoscopes regularly.

Interestingly, the survey also underscores Americans' belief in the uniqueness of relationships, rejecting the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach. Additionally, participants expressed struggles with finding the perfect gift, often resorting to personalized items such as birthstone jewelry to add a touch of individuality.

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The Quest for the Perfect Gift

Personalized gifts, such as charm bracelets and engraved rings, are particularly cherished, according to Anish Godha, President of Diamondère. He emphasizes the significance of these unique gestures in fostering deep connections between partners.

Furthermore, the survey unveils Americans' romantic aspirations, with many yearning for movie-like moments such as kisses in the rain or enchanting proposals. However, Godha reminds us that true magic lies in the small, everyday gestures of love.


Despite the stigma associated with certain signs, it's essential to recognize that astrology merely serves as a guide. Love transcends the confines of star signs, and while some may avoid Geminis or other 'undateable' signs, true connections cannot be confined by astrological boundaries.

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